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Continued Series

Chasing Treasure: Part Seven

It took them three days to reach the island. They could have gone faster, perhaps, but after losing two map pieces to the Comte's crew (if the lupe and elephante had in fact been working for the Comte, which seemed likely) Bannok was being cautious.

by aethelar
The Ardors and Agonies of Witchcraft: Part Six

Seneca arrived in Moltara just past noon the next day, her mind weighing heavily with the tale Bella had passed on to her. In a selfish way, she supposed she wasn’t just worried for Colly and Erzo and Multint, but for herself, and for her cousins. She worried what would come of Alless, after the mistakes she had made.

by hybatsu
An Uprising of Sweepers: Part Seven

“Make one move, and I will make sure you won’t move ever again.” Well! Even if the brute behind her didn’t say so, she wouldn’t. Also, she comes up with plans better when she is in situations like this. Though judging from the expressions of those watching from below, this situation doesn’t look good and won’t be easy to wriggle out from.

by yin_yin_7
The Neovian Misadventure of Will and Biggs: Part Four

Biggs tapped his little Buzz claws on the fizz bottle as they walked. “Why did you bring that infernal thing!?” ” Copperkettle’s is near Prigpants’, I’d like him to take a look at it.” Will scowled and growled while flicking his tails.

by general_grievious__
Nothing To Sneeze At: Part Two

Fire flowed out of her in torrents, a wave of flame. The monster shrieked, but it was a thing of slime and snot, and ultimately the only harm she’d done was set the library on fire. “Oh my faeries what monstrosity is this--”

by drifbilim
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"Being Special" by geneames1
MrTibbles gazed into the mirror and sighed despondently at the fuzzy little petpet who gazed back at him. As far as Tyrannian Meepits went MrTibbles knew he was entirely average. Not especially big or small; fur no more luxuriant than the millions of others who looked just like him; big eyes no more or less unblinking than any other Meepit in Neopia. He wished there was something special about him - something that made him stand out from the crowd, but there wasn't anything that he could see. He sighed again. "MrTibbles!" His head whipped around - his owner Yadkin was calling for him! MrTibbles hurried to the kitchen, which was where the cry had emanated from. He poked his head through the door, and his eyes widened in surprise as he stared at his owner. The Island Poogle stood elbows deep in a bowl of flour, a puff of powder in the air around his head and a helpless expression on his face. As soon as he saw MrTibbles staring at him Yadkin smiled in relief. "Milk!" cried Yadkin. MrTibbles frowned slightly in confusion, and scratched his head with his right paw. "I am making a loaf of Peachbread," Yadkin elaborated, gesturing at the bowl in front of him with a thrust of his chin and wiping a smear of flour off his cheek with the back of his left paw (unknowingly leaving a new smear of flour in its place) "and I just realized I am out of milk. I can't finish the recipe without it! Please take some neopoints out of the petty cash jar and run to the Neopian Grocery for me. I need one carton of Kau Kau Farm milk. You can take enough extra neopoints to buy yourself something from the chocolate shop as a reward, but be quick about it. I don't want my dough to dry out!" MrTibbles nodded, sketched a small salute in the air, and hurried to the cash jar which sat on a low bookshelf in the living room. He took 400 neopoints and tucked it carefully in the tiny money belt he wore around his waist. Trotting outside he gently closed the door behind him.

Other Stories


A Father's Love
It was a Sunday. Sundays were special for the two of them and always had been. The rest of the week was taken up by school, by work, by meetings and playdates and things that were just for them. But Sunday was special. Sunday was their day.

by emblo93


Never Give Up!
Ollie the blue Pteri loved the fact that he could fly. It was a trait that wasn't out of the ordinary around Neopia, because a lot of pets and of course the Faeries could fly. However, Ollie was different.

by extreme_butterfly


An Interview at the Coffee Cave
Because the Month of Celebrating is approaching quickly, and the weather in Neopia is starting to get quite chilly, this reporter has been drinking more than her fair share of coffee lately – and not just because it’s the only thing that keeps her pen on the page!

by lunarchronicles


Getting Rid of the Stigma of Being a Reseller
I want people to be excited to sell their items to me; I want to make deals with people that make both buyer and seller happy. How can I do that when nobody wants to deal with resellers because of that bad reputation the name drags along behind it?

by emberfusion


Petpet Rock!?
This is NOT what I meant.

Also by Lyndsey4657

by pinksrainbow


Bad Luck Aisha #2
Did... did you just...

Also by spurstrap

by suixx

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