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Continued Series

Desert Requiem: Part Twelve

By good fortune, there was an entrance to the Temple of a Thousand Tombs near the vicinity of Tuzra. By an even greater stroke of fortune, the entrance was only a few hours from Ramseth's Vault. They arrived at the chamber well before midnight.

by kalnya
The Price of Greatness: Part Three

A feeling of foreboding hangs over you, and your throat constricts in response. The dull whir of a fan blade echoes from a nearby chamber. You run towards it without knowing why. The end of the hallway brings you to a junction with hundreds of possible paths.

by xxskyisfallingxx
The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Five

Pharazon opened his eyes to cold daylight. Above him stretched tangled, budding tree branches, and past them a cloudy sky. He had no idea what he was doing lying on a muddy forest floor. Where was he?

by cosmicfire918
Janet and Jane: The Case of the Amnesiacs: Part Six

I should've seen it. Even with my amnesia, I should've seen that Dee was Jackie. She was pretending to have amnesia. She responded to the name Jackie. She had a better grip of what was going on than I did. I should've known something was up with her. It was too obvious.

by chasing_stars44
Undead Rising: Part Four

It had been a long time since Bernard had been to Faerieland. The last time he went was when he was very little, and that was when Faerieland was still up in the clouds. Since then Faerieland sat in a crater in the ground west of the Haunted Woods.

by yoshisislandbandit
Defender Scarlet Shadow in the Deathly Mission: Part Two

The coordinates led to a place around the middle of the Lost Desert, so the figure's story matched up so far. Now Sopherie just needed to go there and see if there was actually a tomb at those coordinates. Sopherie got some sleep in the afternoon and waited until it was after dark, then she dressed into her Defender uniform

by orisasda
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"An Artful Heart" by kittiesthebest
Ever since Kasey Kacheek was a baby, he had always loved the arts. He first visited the art centre at the age of five. Fascinated by the glow of the campfire dancing across the Aishas' faces, he'd listen shyly as they wove fantastic tales of mountains, beasts, and the brave Neopets who conquered them. He'd listen as the Chia paperboy hollered headlines and handed out copies of The Neopian Times. Kasey loved the smell of fresh ink and the fancy typeface, and though he couldn't read very well yet, he traced his paw across the blocks of text and invented his own stories to fill in the gaps. But his favorite attraction was the art gallery. He walked around for what seemed like hours, dragging his mother along by the hand when he spotted something special. Abstract Nimmos, pointillistic landscapes, captivating faerie portraits; it was more than Kasey could ever dream of. It came as no surprise to Mrs. Kacheek when her son begged her to sign him up for art class. On his first day, Kasey put on his favorite green cap, grabbed his red JubJub lunchbox, and swung a pack full of art supplies over his shoulder. His mother walked him to the art centre, where he passed the storytelling circle, the paperboy, and the art gallery before arriving at a room deep in the catacombs. Mr. Blumaroo had a lively spirit, and he had no trouble engaging his class of a dozen children. Everyone was provided an easel and a blank, pristine pad to paint on. "Come to the front of the room for your paints," Mr. Blumaroo instructed. "Today you'll just be painting whatever you want, and then you'll share it with the class." On his way to the table littered with various brushes and bottles of bright paint, Kasey bumped into one of his classmates. This Cybunny looked very different from any he'd even seen. She sported beautiful rainbow stripes , and her furry neck was splotched with random colors, like a fluffy paint palette.

Other Stories


The World Beyond Meerca Chase
“Game over! Here are your Neopoints!” Alistair grinned until the latest player walked away, carrying a pouch of shiny Neopoints, and then sighed and placed his head in his paws. This was not an easy task for a Meerca, but he managed it somehow.

by lunarchronicles


Too Good to be True
Taking a sip of his morning coffee, Dr. Frank Sloth let out a sigh and began his morning ritual of sorting through his mail. A group of pesky Grundos had thought it’d be funny to sign him up to a variety of mailing lists. Even with his vast power and influence, he’d had been so far unsuccessful in stopping it.

Also by bananacheesemonkey96

by tegasaur


Things That Are Magic To Our Ears!
I thought that a fun idea for a Neopian Times article would be all the times that we jump up and down with joy every time a player does something heroic, generous or kind. What are the ways in which our fellow players fill us with gratefulness and excitement?

by indulgences


How To Be A Successful PC Trader: Realistic Version
Just a guide about PC trading with a side of salt. :D

by jokerless


King Laughing
When Vivi tries to give wise advise...

by innosently


Chihiro vs Neopia #3
Guess you didn't know where to draw the line, huh.

by notquitesanitary

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