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Continued Series

The Adventures of Trina: The Glass Key: Part Eleven

I’ve never gone down so many stairs in my life. By now I must have ran down at least thirty floors worth of white walls and white stairs—each floor indistinguishable from the last—and there was no end in sight. Finally, I came to a door. I figured that even if it’s not an exit, it would be a nice place to hide and regain my energy.

by ummagine3284
Eye of the Crokabek: Part Five

The next day dawned bright and clear. Not that that made any difference to anyone living in Moltara, of course.

by reiqua
Janet and Jane: The Case of the Rough Waters: Part Three

Working on a pirate ship wasn't as bad as I thought it would be – still wasn't fun, but it wasn't exactly terrible. Swab the deck, cook the food, make sure everyone was getting along, that was only a few of my jobs. It was tiring

by chasing_stars44
Sakhmet Stories - The Witch And The Thief: Part Two

"We'll need supplies. And with half the town in a dowdy slump, I doubt the market will serve us any good." Nephthysma paused, and she sighed heavily, knowing what she was about to say next.

by iamnotaaron
Sylva's Spirit: Origins: Part Three

Sylva vowed to not say a word to any of the crew about the stranger looking at him .As the day blended into night, makeshift beds were formed out of leaves on the beach. It was cold in the evenings, and leaves didn't do much to keep the heat in. Eliza had approached Sylva, her face bittersweet, thankful to be alive and sad at the situation. The two sat down in the sand, now cool under their paws.

by jrayeb3
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"Rawr, the Fiercest Tasu" by amethyst_81
"Shoy, do you think I'm fierce?" The query arose from a small speckled Faerie Tasu whose crystal blue eyes looked expectantly up at his best friend, Shoy, aka shoyrusrock_2004. “Fierce, Rawr? How many times have I told you that faeries aren't fierce? Faeries are graceful and elegant, soft-spoken, and charming. We flit, we don't...pounce!" Shoy admonished as he caught Rawr by the scruff mid-pounce. “I'm pretty sure I've seen Jhudora pounce a few times before...," muttered Rawr under his breath. "It's just that all the other Tasus are so tough - petpets get out of their way when they see them coming. I'm a Tasu too, but...but I can't even scare away a cloud!” Rawr whined as he tried to push away the tiny Strale that floated up alongside him. Shoy gently put Rawr down on tree branch and took a deep breath. "Rawr, being able to intimidate others and scare them out of your way is not a sign of being fierce or respected, it means that you're a bully. People don't respect bullies; they may fear them, but they don't respect them. Tell me, who do you think is the fiercest of all Neopets?” “Why, Kougras of course!" Rawr replied with a cocky tone of voice as he flashed his claws and arched his back in an imitation that nearly sent him flying off his tree branch. "Everyone knows that Kougras are the greatest warriors in Neopia! Us felines gotta stick together," Rawr said with an exaggerated toss of his head.

Other Stories


Two Cups of Islandberry Juice
“So I have this idea.” Aristotle A. Avinroo didn’t have to look up from the game screen; multitasking was his strong point. “Do tell,” he said.

by amulet_strawberry


The Retracticity Core
The day starts with breakfast, like it always does. Borovan doughnuts today, imported from Neopia, just a rainbow ride away from Roo Island. Jeronie makes coffee for herself, musing while she does.

Also by applefaerie99

by crazy_holly_ii


Springtime Customization Options
As the weather switches back and forth between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, many Neopians are busy trying to update their Neopets’ old customizations. Below, I will list a few of the most stunning (and of course my favorite) spring-themed backgrounds, clothing, and other essential accessories!

by aphrasia


Underoffering on the PC: Crime or Struggle?
The Pound Chat (PC) is a scary place, to a newcomer it’s positively terrifying. Once you learn the lingo and get used to bumping with a smiley or full stop, you might be forgiven for thinking your trial ends there. “But wait!”, you hear the PC cry. What about… values?

by rayoceanweaver


Petpet Doppelgangers
The resemblance is uncanny!

by gumgum101230


Bumble Brawn
Bumble Beams proves challenging for Battledome veterans.

by fatefulwings

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