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Continued Series

Agent of the Sway: Rogue - Part Seven

"Destroy her!" the Duchess shouted with uncharacteristic emotion. "It must be a trick! Do whatever you must!"

by herdygerdy
The Scientist's Apprentice: Part Seven

"So, what do you think of Hartwick Hall now that you've been here a few days?"

by vanessa1357924680
Janet and Jane: The Case of the Museum at Midnight - Part Two

"I'm the ghost of the museum and I've been noticing things moving around and disappearing without me doing anything..."

by chasing_stars44
The Prophetess's Tale: Part Four

"You got this," Charlie said, but Cheyenne didn't feel as though she got it at all. She pulled the hood over her eyes, as though closing off her vision would make her invisible.

by encroached
Scarab Queen: Part Three

It crashed against the wall behind her, and she heard a cry of, "Look at what you did, you idiot! You nearly killed the queen!"

by saphira_27
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"Usuki Singing Stars #24: Two for Tea" by downrightdude
Patricia gazed at the lace-trimmed invitation and then looked up at Lola, who had just given it to her and waiting patiently for a reply. "You're having an actual tea party this weekend, Lola?"

Other Stories


Usuki Singing Stars #24: Two for Tea
I, Lola, courteously invite you, Patricia, to attend a very special tea party this Saturday at noon...

by downrightdude


August's Wish
"Wow! I can't believe we're finally in Shenkuu!" May exclaimed, his bushy tail swinging behind him as he swiveled every which way.

by themaybird


Cottontailcat's Guide to Adoption
You have less than four pets... and you're ready for another.

by cottontailcat


The Joy Of Customizing Rukis
Let's face it, there are some pets that are just well known for being easy and fun to customize...

by myrtles


Sketch Borovan- Have you heard?
No, I haven't.

by izzywizard


Winter/Summer, Summer/Winter
It's not easy having different seasons to your owner.

by acquta

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