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Continued Series

Children of the Lonely Stars: Part Four

"We'd better be ready โ€“ gravity will be light, but this landing's still going to be rough."

by saphira_27
Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Of Beauty and Brawn - Part Four

"Do not engage," Loraine's voice ordered over the communicator. "Keep tabs on both as inconspicuously as possible, but do not engage. Backup is coming."

by kristykimmy
The Lost Child: Part Two

"Who is this kid?" Lure asked, waving one hand vaguely at Angela.

"She's a Torch," Vicki said, wondering if omitting her surname originally had been a slip-up...

by 77thbigby

Deception, Suspicion, Alliance and Missions: Part Three

Today was the day; the day he would seek his revenge.

by absdafabs
Run on The Neopoint: Part Two

Mr. Keiths couldn't believe his eyes. He had always considered the Stock Market to be a very safe place...

by rider_galbatorix
Legal Legend: Turnabout Beginnings - Part Three

We exited the courtroom for the recess. Charlie and I needed to talk to our client before court reconvened...

by anti_guy
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"The Zebie Show" by goodsigns
Her Cloud Zebie, Vladimir, was waiting for her at the edge of the yard. He bleated happily when he spotted her, his little tail wagging in excitement. Sulza knelt down and opened her arms, and Vlad nearly charged into them. "What a good boy," Sulza cooed. "Guess what? You're going to be in a show!"

Other Stories


Cocoa Beans
The clearest incident he could remember was when he first put a handful of chocolate in his mouth as his owner giggled and asked for his opinion.

by sampleneopian


Home: a Lupe's Story
I was once a beautiful blue Lupe.

by earthpuppy


The Best of Brightvale
The Great King himself! Bask in all his glory! But no, he really is a pretty cool king.

by fr0zenpeanut


Coal War Tactics โ€“ Things Are Heating Up In Neovia
Come explore another of the deep tunnels stretching under Neovia โ€“ this time the Grand Neovian Mine.

by inthebeginning01


Lost Desert Humor
Sands like a joke to me...

by classicmess


Skeith Shaming
Some Skeiths just don't know how to control their appetite! :/

by saintpotter

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