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Continued Series

The Merchant's Mayhem: Part Ten

"You're going to mess it up. I know exactly what I'm going to say, and I don't need you to ruin it all."

by crazy_4_sushi
The Golden Quill: Part Six

Fyora stared at Xaz and Zax, now both painted faerie. "I can't believe you guys did this for me!"

by ewagon
Agent of the Sway: Recovery - Part Two

Clayton read through the documents he had been supplied with as the carriage made its way to the Haunted Woods. Neovia, it seemed, had once been a relatively peaceful and normal town...

by herdygerdy
Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Seven

Setarian spun away at the last second and held the sword as he normally would have: "Too high." With all the force he could muster, the former Darigan swatted away Jeran's sword.

by parody_ham
Child of the Drenched: Return to the Depths - Part Seven

Child opened her eyes and looked around the unfamiliar surroundings. She was lying in a strange bedroom in a windowless cave. For a moment she panicked, worried something had happened to her mothers.

by kristykimmy
The Cross-Painted Curse: Part Four

As the battle raged around the mysterious Obelisk, the battle at home had reached a standstill. None of us wanted to set Lorelai off...

by swimmingstar01
Concerning Smugglers: Part Three

There was a banging at the door. Kip opened his eyes groggily.

Also by whitefriar

by kadface

Those Left Behind: Part Two

"So you and Lapnir were in Hephen's band of thieves together?"

by frazeocity
Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part Three

"This is much more fun than being cooped up in Ms. Aquina's class all day!" said Sirena. "Am I right, girls?"

by downrightdude
The Great Game: Golden Quill Edition - Part Two

"If you're talking about the quill that was stolen from the Neopian Bank, I don't have it. What would I want with that quill?"

Also by rielcz

by secant

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"Where the Wind Blows Wild" by saphira_27
Kanrik leaned against a wall, surveying the little town of Brilforge. It wasn't particularly remarkable in any way – there were many towns like it nestled in the passes of the Great Mountains, the spine of Neopia's biggest continent...

Other Stories


There were two things that Nibs Alabaster never left his neohome without: a working retractable pen, and a small notepad that he kept in his jacket's pocket.

by psychedelicreature


The Plushie
The first moments of a plushie's life are a scattered, confused thing --- or at least this particular plushie's memories are.

by quantumphysicist


Mid-Altador Cup Crisis?
There are two ways to go about getting yourself back on track with the motivation to finish through to the end of the Cup and I'll go through both of them.

by usukii


Altador Cup Kindness
Respect is a vital part to everyone's enjoyment of this year's Altador Cup.

by _xx_dusty_xx_


Pea Chia Woes - "Sling Me A Slushie"
The Altador Cup is here, Ookie!

Also by bittersweet52

by krazybabeh


Mysterious Treasure Part 3
Good thing I can float.

Drawing by tehcannoned

by a13xl

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