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Continued Series

The Remnant: Part Eight

All concerns of Mr. Sly and whatever nefarious thing he might be planning were rather far from Lockwood's mind. A ball was being held at Meridell Castle...

by jokerhahaazzz
Aria of the Aeons: Part Seven

Sayang stared at the ceiling of her room. Dawn was approaching.

by kittengriffin
Meridell at War: Part Five

"We're here on official business. There have been reports of Darigan soldiers in the area."

by herdygerdy
The Prophecy Faeries 3: Linisa's Return - Part Six

When the faeries awoke the following morning, they felt considerably more refreshed...

by alex313
The Squire and the Scholar: Part Two

"So, what are we not to do once we don't sneak out of the castle?"

by saphira_27
The Citadel Quest: Part Five

"For far too long, it has been Meridell's tragic failure to take rather than ask, to wage war rather than engage in fair trade."

by peirigill
Worlds Apart: Part Four

Jaden crept down to the kitchens and was filling up a bag with food when she was surprised by a gentle tap on her shoulder.

"You going to pay for that?"

by tanikagillam

Happily Ever After?: Part Four

"Nikole, I don't know what you were thinking! How could you just throw away a paint job like that?"

by majikel
The Return: Part Four

It was true, I was sending off a pretty clear, "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, I DON’T CARE" kind of vibe, but inside, I did want someone to hang out with.

by hersheykis96
Name and All: Part Three

Turning to the adoption Uni, Alicia asked, "Miss Rose, could you please pull up the paperwork? I've found the pet I want to adopt."

by bluecloud300
The Family Reunion: Part Three

"The Meet Skye Tyler event isn't until Thursday, I'm afraid," she said instead of a 'hello'.

by thediractor
Crossed Paths and Blades: Part Two

"If I know Garin, and I do, we won't see him till dawn because he'll be busy getting into trouble... again."

by medit92
Mission For Knowledge: Part Three

There was one month left before Rain would be sitting in a classroom on Mystery Island...

by halloweens_lady
Confessions Of A Musically Inclined Hissi: Part Two

I considered him my best friend. But the nagging fear still remained: what if one day he realized just how uncool I was?

by pandora
Life of a Lab Rat: Part Three

Teri sighed. "Oh, Flint. If you get a good zap, I'll treat us all to some gourmet ice cream."

by poogleluver345
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