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Continued Series

Illusions of Grandeur: Part Eight

I coughed and croaked out, "Not what you expected?"

by kittengriffin
Ties That Bind: Part Nine

The Gelert frowned. "Now you're catching on."

by merlynia
Hot Herb Tea and a Happy Ending: Part Eight

It was impending destiny.

by ellbot1998
The Case of the Missing Eye: Part Three

I had five suspects, with separate motives and opportunities.

by patt788
The Witching Hour: Part Three

Rosaline watched silently as Lillian filled a backpack with supplies for their journey.

by icy_catalyst
The Usuki Singing Stars #2: A Surprise for Lola - Part Four

"There is no way I'm going to the Pound with you guys," she assured them. "I am so not going to see Mr. Freaky and actually stay there for you, Lola, just because you can't suck in your girly feelings."

by downrightdude
I'll be Home for Christmas: Part Two

Standing at the base of Terror Mountain and looking up is a daunting sight that can take the wind right out of you and replace your stomach with butterflies. It's even worse when the weather is terrible.

by fuzzymonkey31
Ninja Faellie Diaries: Part Two

"Then why did you leave a decoy in your bed?" Chris asked, holding up the pink Doglefox plushie. "You were trying to make me think you were still asleep!"

by luna4400
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...?: Part Two

What would her friend say now? So you saved him from the Pound, only to, not even a year and a half later, dump him there yourself? I trusted you with him, Phersephi!

by thediractor
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"We Truly Were" by nirette
Felicia collapsed beside me and stroked my hair. "Detective Alpini dug up some news; Dejordanii took himself to the pound. He is, and it's the law, with a new owner now." She sighed loudly. "I scheduled a visit with his new parent. We'll see him tomorrow." A tear fell down my pink fur. "Why did he leave?" I sobbed, tossing the rose petal away. It fluttered to the ground and landed in a pool of water, where it...

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Weather is easy to predict when you know what to look for.

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