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Continued Series

Murgoh: Part Ten

Orthas hesitated. "But…what if something's happened to her? What if Kelthar's Lupes…" He cut himself short, as if afraid of the idea...

by zephandolf
Hubrid's Attempted Hero Heist: Part Nine

Gilly turned from the fire and a kettle of what they hoped was soup and raised an eyebrow. "And just what would Edna want with the Sword of Skardsen?"

Also by schefflera

by ikkin_with_attitude

A Hero's Journey: Part Four

"The kingdom shall see the dawn of a new ruler!" proclaimed the advisor. "Meridell is now mine!"

by precious_katuch14
The Petpet Detectives: Case of the Absent Anubis - Part Eight

"Told you," whispered Damien. I hated that he was right...

by playmobil_is_my_life
Searching For Paradise: Part Seven

Tye's parents began searching for their youngest daughter the next day...

by cpmtiger
To Be a Pirate: Part Six

"You!" one of them roared, seeing him. "Land-dwellers are expressively forbidden to come to Maraqua. Consider yourself our prisoner."

by lolazgirl
Sleeping Beauty: Part Four

Neoschool. I couldn't go. I just couldn't. I had to think of a way to get out of it - and fast. "I can't," I moaned. "I'm sick."

by ruff_zette
Behind the Mystery of the Kougra's Paw: Part Three

All that could be viewed for miles around was water, and that was how it had been for days now. They were blessed with strong winds and clear skies, but Hali was growing restless, eager to catch up to Fire Paw...

by inanti
Taking the Long Way: Part Three

"So then are you going to tell me why you followed me to Sakhmet? And why you were skulking behind me the entire way back?"

by senya
Midnight over Meridell - Chapter II: Part Three

"Guys, didn't I tell you not to be seen?" Ingibong said...

by ratling_guardian
The Five Kaus: Part Two

"You can't expect your pet to gain a large dose of strength without there being a huge release of energy in the process. Your pet is fine. Now let the smoke clear so that we can see the results."

by jacob133
As the Clouds Clear: Part Two

"That’s exactly it! I can’t figure it out. Is it even possible that there are two islands, exactly identical, where it never stops raining, grey pets run amuck, and pets trapped there are doomed to fade to grey?"

by puppy200010
Green Genies and H.A.M.S.: Part Two

As his head cleared, he began to notice some things. First, he was tied down to a chair with a thick rope...

by buddy33774
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"What Goes Around Comes Around... Punk" by imaqtpie398
As she approached the counter, she was silently going over what to say. Excuse me, ma'am. I really want that Icklesaur over there, but I'm one neopoint short. Could you make an exception, please? Excuse me, ma'am. I'm one neopoint short to buy that Icklesaur. Can we haggle?

Other Stories


It's a Slorg's Life
In Bugga's Slorgs, there were many people and their neopets looking at them and all of Bugga's Slorg items. Someone, take me home, he thought...

by greenjunglekitty


The Baby Problem
Mistletoe pouted. "I can't!" she grumbled. "Don't know howta swim."

by grapesourhorse


Interviwing Hannah and Armin
How... interesting.

by little_hamsters365


Welcoming in the Year of the Dog
Though you, my fellow owners, are important, it is the pets that deserve the limelight, the Lupes, Gelerts, Wockies, Bori, Poogles, Zafaras and Kyrii.

by evony_cye


Slorg Slime #1
They are everywhere!

by theicyworm


Petpet Ownerowner
An interesting way to get rid of bugs...

by magnoliaprincess

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