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Stuff and Orvinn's Excellent Adventure - Part 5

Part 5 of 6!

by christie500018
Blossoms~ The Talk Part 3

I think we can help each other out.

by twillieblossom
3D Eyrie Pop-up Card (Printable Craft)

This 3D pop-up card tutorial features a stately Eyrie design

by jaylahcat
BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 2

Payback time.

by shellshocks
Dreaming Old Memories - Part 2

The dawn of consciousness... Written by 1jediboy, illustrated by hamster_z

by hamster_z
Kadfacts - Part One

Learn all about your favorite feline petpet! Made in collaboration with armadalover305

by praline01
A *Disgruntled* Guide to Pyramids

Results may vary!

by neoreturnee
Completely Smart - Designated Baby

That is quite enough!

by ms_meepit
Different Ways to Become an Elderly Pet #1

Part 1 of how to become an elderly pet! collab with hoppip_grass and dichotic

by montro2000pokemon
Spot the Differences

7 errors beep beep! Collab with fernandomf and javascripter

by diblila
A Mutant Mistake

I don't think it worked properly... Collab with im_not_a_wrapper and chantluigi

by fizztop
What DO You Do!?!?

Do I look like King Skarl to you?

by heartswold
Charity Corner Troubles

After Charity Corner changed its rules, neopets had to improvise and use the items they had been wrongly hoarding!

by makiee_
Nothing is Free in Life

Cough up the neopoints, Coltzan! collaboration with Siellan

by animalese
Donations for Dacardia

Captain Rourke receives the Neopian donations to rebuild Dacardia. Collab with fishmas and sunbathr

by acara_575
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"The Haunting of Zios" by xghoul447
An unsettling creak can be heard during nightfall on a local family farm. It wakes up Jackson, a spotted Lupe and the owner of the farm. "What is that?" Jackson wonders and gets up to check. But first, he grabs the materials he needs. An out-of-shape flashlight and a brown-vintage coat. "Honey, where are you going at this time at night?" Asks half-asleep Martha, the Green Lupe. "I have been up all night, thanks to this noise," he replied. Martha sighed. "I think I know why this is happening." "What?" Jackson grasps. Jackson took a pause and asks. "What do you mean?" "This property... is not what you think it is." Martha tells him. "It's um... haunted by the old owner, and every year on September 29th, we are cursed by him in some way..." She grabs a book...

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The Haunting of Zios
A simple farm family must survive a night of horror as they realize their house is haunted...

by xghoul447


Splash into Lutari Island!
Learn all about some stories and culture of Lutari Island from one of it's residents!

by axomus


Great Grarrls: Grarrg!
Grarrls are a fantastic species. So great, in fact, that I thought it only appropriate that we talk about one of the greatest Grarrls in Neopian history! Collab with sylas23

by aephigaming


The Best Underrated Premium Collectibles
This article is meant to point out some lovely collectibles that don't get the recognition they deserve!

by painted_dreams87


Maeryc and the Wish-Granter's Code
Maeryc is occupied trying to help his friends, but Ceila wants to explore Mystery Island...

by dewdropzz


A Hero's Ballad
A nerve wracked Rohane must face his fears singing at The Shady Sepulcher Inn...

by parody_ham

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