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A Relic of the Past

A rocky purchase...

by _brainchild_
Neovian Gothic

it's prime real estate!

by charybdis7
The Unique Gothic Way

Gothic style also by Neschulz

by sthephanie
A grave misunderstanding...

Nothing better than making new friends!Art by ciarza, story by riss_chan

by ciarza
It's Probably Just a Phase

There's always a balance between light and dark...

by lucycat123
Neovian Gothic: Edge Edition

Goth...ic?Art by tifnkittygrundler

by kaddisti
Random Oddness: Neovian Gothic

The crumpetmonger's happy accident.

by mistyqee
T3h Praedius

Praedius meets the new guy.

by arttimo
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Writing a Gothic Story: Just Add Monocles!

It was a dark and stormy night… Two authors, one, a fashionista with a flair for the dark side, the other an enthusiastic Zafara with a flair for the silly side. Together they have a flair for the flair-y side. This daring duo will teach you all the ways to write the best gothic story.

Other Stories


Ilere, the haunting of the woods
Dusk began to fill the evening air, as Haunted Woods enveloped in the dark shadow of night, making the atmosphere more creepy and dangerous than it had previously been before the sun began to set. collab with tarons

by devotedly


The Shadow
I’ve been here now for two days, quite alone. I feel that it is imperative I write down an accurate record of what I have witnessed should I meet any unfortunate circumstances.

by havittaa


The Neovian Printing Press's Gothic Selection
Neovian Gothic. A term that sounds specific but the actual definition is ambiguous.

by pikachu315111


The Flower Language of Neovia
Flower Language is not a means of communication widely seen outside of Neovia - sure, here and there you might find a land that attaches some meaning to a specific plant, but nothing to this extent.

by mollyscribbles


Avatar Goldmine
As Rysony and Harry flew above Meridell, Rysony’s smile couldn’t have been any wider.Edited by rabbits_forever

by wizzkid_


All hat, no dragon
Night in Neovia did not fall so much as roll over and settle more deeply into the dense, foggy gloom that veiled the formerly cursed town even by daytime.

by liouchan

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