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A Relic of the Past

A rocky purchase...

by _brainchild_
Neovian Gothic

it's prime real estate!

by charybdis7
The Unique Gothic Way

Gothic style also by Neschulz

by sthephanie
A grave misunderstanding...

Nothing better than making new friends!Art by ciarza, story by riss_chan

by ciarza
It's Probably Just a Phase

There's always a balance between light and dark...

by lucycat123
Neovian Gothic: Edge Edition

Goth...ic?Art by tifnkittygrundler

by kaddisti
Random Oddness: Neovian Gothic

The crumpetmonger's happy accident.

by mistyqee
T3h Praedius

Praedius meets the new guy.

by arttimo
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Neovian Gothic Special: Tour de Neovia

Greetings, readers! I am Alabaster Chesterdrawers, proud proprietor of the antique shop in the town of Neovia. We may have met before, if you’re the sort to procure ornate chandeliers, fancy mirrors and other home decor that fit the gothic aesthetic.

Other Stories


Those Who Live In Neovia
Kenny knew there were stories about that place. These stories were vague, but they existed nonetheless.

by dinduidindo


Night paired eternally over Neovia. The fog hid the trees from far away. It was a strange winter. Most Nenovians stayed inside their homes, waiting for the season to be over.

by graevyard


The Flower Language of Neovia
Flower Language is not a means of communication widely seen outside of Neovia - sure, here and there you might find a land that attaches some meaning to a specific plant, but nothing to this extent.

by mollyscribbles


Neopian Nibbles: The Best of Neovia's Crumpetmonger
Ah, Neovia, an eerily quiet town home to a peculiar yet charming folk. Strolling through the cobblestone streets it is readily apparent that there is a rich history here.collab with ciarza

by riss_chan


Harker's Story
So that’s how we ended up here, Defender.” Harker leaned back in his chair and stretched his sore neck. It popped audibly, and the Wocky across the table made a face at the sound.

by tanikagillam


The River that Flows Eternal
"Tylix! Tylix! Wake up!" The young Kacheek sat up with a start.

by movie138music

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