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Spot the Difference Edition #7

Can you find the 10 differences? Also by Aritastic

by not_sporty
Nice to, uh, meet you!

drops down to stare

by aweber
Ink: Inversion - Part 3

It's my fault, it's been my fault all along.

by june_scarlet
Blossoms~ Games Night Part 2

I'll show you!

by twillieblossom
Random Oddness - Legends & Letters #1

Warning: The tablet doesn't work on all pirates.

by mistyqee
Cheese Biscuits

Does she thrive off of suffering or something?

by princessahoge
Happy Illusen Day!

Illusen the earth faerie makes a terrible pun...

by soeeos
An Alternative Cure?

are you sure...

by _gizmo_stern_
Head in the Clouds: Squishy

Whaddaya think?

by yoshisislandbandit
Balthazar Starter Pack

How to become Balthazar!

by _gizmo_stern_
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10 NC Essentials for Your Spring Customisation

pring always hangs light and sweet in the air. As the cold starts to ease up and the snow gradually melts away — the whole world seems to come alive again, awakening from their long winter slumber. Spring is filled with so many resolutions – little sprouts push out of the soil inch by inch, buds slowly start to bloom petal by petal. Just like spring, our wardrobe definitely needs a bit of freshening up! What would you be depicting in your customisations this spring?

Other Stories


Reginald Acorn's Case 3 : Treasure
Reginald's adventures as a detective !

by dtrg


Rohane's Adventures in Neopia
Rohane tried to mask his excitement as his mother pressed the sword into his hands. All his life he’d been safely harboured in the village, and now the time had come to venture forth and clear the land of the monsters that had made themselves far too comfortable.

by sarahnyy051


Luck Around the World
This month of Running, we are feeling extra (un)lucky! There are a number of games and luck-based activities you can try, free and at a cost. To help point you in the right direction, we breakdown some of the best-known activities and games, talk about the upside/prizes, and whether it’s worth playing or not.

Also by kiwigoddesskimmie

by trubiekatie


The Road to Become a NeoQuest! Champion
Is there sanity after NeoQuest InSaNe!?

(also by guik44)

by saudadesdagripe


Searching a place:Part Six
Chapter 6. New Plans, Shenkuu and The Virtupets Space Station.

by nacil30


The Scorned House:Part Three
Armin jumped, almost leaping out of the chair. A sudden loud racket caught him completely by surprise.

by shadowknight_72

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