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Smashing addition to any ensemble


by _gizmo_stern_
Spot the Difference Edition #4

Can you find the 10 differences? Also by Aritastic

by not_sporty
Green Chia and the magic cube

once upon a time

by famelik
The Real (Painful) Deal


by umbrex
Kissy Kissy

You only need 50 NPs.

by purplegirl_2012
Out to Lunch

Be careful what you send people, folks

by hauntinq
WHAT!?! Was not this the Kadoatery!?!

Strange things can happen when you feed small kittens... Are they kittens?

Collab with charliews

by hits

Half Baked

Get your baked goods right.

by eugenie247
Tombola Prizes

Are you really really sure?

by bobtehcat1
Lucky Day

I chose a good day to go outdoors

Also by grimlane.

by dianalovee

The Hungry Thief

Missing food? That's what I call a drama show!

by bojackh_
Personal Attack Pea: Part 1

wow...cuts deep

A collaboration with saiphami

by arkwright

Geli Talks

Gotta get those neopoints somehow my dude

by cyberpuppy33
Avatar collecting


by smilingpony
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"The Quest to 75" by lissiwciorka
Eroberi opened the door to her trophy case and looked at her trophies, fondly remembering the frustrations and triumphs they gave her. The Dice Escape trophy and her struggles to get the platform even working, let alone get enough for the avatar and the trophy. The Grand Theft Ummagine trophy, with its guards and water traps galore. She looked especially fondly at her gilded Kadoatie likeness, remembering how long it took her to learn about those hungry, baka kads…. ♡♡♡♡ Mewling Kadoaties called a young Eroberi as they begged for food. She frantically tried to find the Kadoatie Biscuits they wanted to be satisfied. She kept on going back to the Shop Wizard in vain until he refused to let her even peruse through the markets anymore. “Whoa there, too many searches!” he declared. “Try again at the top of the hour. ”The Fresh Foods shop always seemed to be empty or full of run of the mill items that she hated. Even the Trading Post never had the biscuits she needed, and if by chance one popped up, the user was asking an exorbitant price. Eroberi let out a frustrated sigh, wondering how she would ever feed 75 Kadoaties for the beautiful trophy and avatar.

Other Stories


The Quest to 75
Eroberi opened the door to her trophy case and looked at her trophies, fondly remembering the frustrations and triumphs they gave her.

written with noitalletsnoc

by lissiwciorka


The Parable of the Techo Master
We all have heard of the Techo Master. Over the years, many students have been in awe of his ability to levitate in addition to his seemingly infinite knowledge of the fighting arts. And in turn, many students have left the dojo out of frustration, even after having paid the codestones needed to train.

by nolsterbuckr


Brynettia's Book Reviews, Part Two
The long awaited sequel! (The first one was back in issue 684)

by golden1188


The 10 to 20% effective guide to pay your Neo Taxes
Basically I haven't found a guide about how to find those random events that give you a trophy, so I just made it myself

by calcious_lalo


The Treasure of Smuggler's Cove
Clyf, a pirate Krawk, laughed heartily, taking another swig of grog. His face was flushed with happiness. Him and his crew were sitting at The Golden Dubloon, basking in the glory of another day of piracy.

by unfogging


A Queen's Ascension - War:Part Six
Faerieland had once been a magical kingdom that hung far above the ground of Neopia, sitting atop white, fluffy clouds which held the weight of the pink and purple buildings that were elegant creations. After the events of war, Faerieland had come crashing to the ground and remained there ever since, with the Faeries having to rebuild their civilisation.

by dudeiloled

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