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Curly hair

This is based on my journey of learning how to handle my curly hair :D

by motherofpugs

i'm listening..

by _gizmo_stern_
EPC: Extreme Potato Confusion

Are you ready for this?

collab with fullyalive2

by xx_bleu_xx

There are two types of pets

my mind is focused on other things right now...

by aquarelar
Magic and Mahem- Avatars

Based on a true story.

by skittleskit09
Finders keepers, losers weepers

how can one truly know?

Also by tonyrichard

by dinha_reeves

Must... Keep... Smiling...


also by iggy___koopa

by kat_bus

A Grarrl Ponders: Candy Pets

Maybe one day this Grarrl will get his at a time I suppose.

by sk8zac
Outer Space


by hamster_z
Seven's Guide to Trick-or-Treat

how to halloween

by welikedots
Faellie Frenzy: The Jack-O'-Lantern

Making Halloween decorations can be really hard.

by puter809
Just mutant things vol. 7

Who do mutants support on Altador Cup? Some not the team you would imagine...

by jacquelineramrez
Costume Expectations


Also by grimlane.

by dianalovee

RE: Something has happened!

I'm scared

by orlovo
Good Day at the Bank

1 NP...really?

Idea by coolnish_azn101

by carrbot

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"Petpetpet Wars:Part Four" by herdygerdy
Captain Finnegan saw the smoke on the horizon long before the airbase came into view. The remains of the barracks and the air control tower smoldered in the early afternoon sun. Finnegan brought the Beekadoodle in low down the airstrip. The Petpet scrabbled madly across the grass and Finnegan leapt off, struggling to tether it to the ground before it shot off into the sky once more. Leaving the Beekadoodle twitching madly on the airstrip, Finnegan looked around the airbase. He kept his crossbow ready at his side, but the airbase seemed deserted. In the distance, he could see that the balloons had been deflated and lay crumpled in the grass. The Cootys had lost the airbase… but where were the Mootix? Finnegan's hand tightened around the trigger of his crossbow. So many of his friends were gone… he'd have his vengeance for this. A separate plume of smoke caught Finnegan's eyes. It was coming from the town, set away from the airbase.

Other Stories


Keen's Pirate Adventure
I’m gonna spoil the ending of this story right now: I die. But not really, or else I wouldn’t be writing this, right? And you don’t really die in Neopia, you’re brought back as someone else.

by hannahcreep


Conquering The Castle Of Eliv Thade
Are you whacky about words? Do you love the scarier side of Neopets? Do you dream of being locked away in the castle of an evil Kacheek, trying to solve anagrams to escape and save your own life? The Castle of Eliv Thade is the game for you!

by krawkedattitude


Stupendous Slorgs
In this article I will outline some of the reasons slorgs are amazing creatures, and perhaps persuade those with doubts about the slorg why you should give them a chance. It is my sincere hope that with time and facts you will come to love and appreciate the slorg.

In collab with xxnovey and liezelotte8

by seismicfury


The Heart of Spring
The magic of seasons is in more danger than anyone realises...

by ketchup547


Tor & Roberta's Halloween Misadventure:Part Two
About an hour had passed and the sky was completely black. A few wispy clouds floated in the sky, and a full moon’s bright glow had lit the cobblestone paths winding through Neovia. Neopets of all ages dressed head-to-toe in costume bustled the streets in search of tricks and treats.

by coco_chanaynay

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