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Malevolent Nightmare

oh dear

also by sthephanie

by neschulz

Costume Parties

A Kiko & a Jubjub walk into a halloween party..

by bloctopi
Trouble in Paradise: Dice-a-Roo

Work on your timing, fella. Work. On. Your timing.

by chasing_stars44
The Ghost of Halloween Past

wait a minute..

by aquarelar
Preparing for Halloween

Unsolved mysteries of Neopia..

by lunabeach
Magic and Mahem- Dice-a-Roo

Say that again and look me in the face.

by skittleskit09
Neopian Times: The Costume Contest

May the scariest costumes win!

by itsume_tao
Mundane Mysteries 2

Detective Spot learns a lesson on Neopian Economics.

by birthdaylockedout
Happy Month of Collecting

bring on the leaves!

by umbrex

It begins yet again

Also by neo_vovo

by djpedoca

Net Gain

And after all this time...nothing

by syzygy26
Haunted Food Hijinks

New avatars can be a good thing... Right?

Also by aephigaming

by annnoel

Dung Solidarity

They send each other recipes.

by eugenie247
Prize Pool

We've updated the prize pool for contests at your request...

by purplegirl_2012
A Bizarre Plot

well do you...?

by lucas_batista_7
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Trouble At The National Neopian?

NEOPIA CENTRAL -- The always-welcoming Bank Manager of the National Neopian Bank sits behind his well-worn desk, as he has for almost two full decades now. With the bank's 20-year anniversary coming up soon, preparations are already underway for a celebration; initially, I'd come to the bank to talk to the Manager about just that. However, upon my arrival, I found a lively throng of protestors outside the bank. Much to the Manager's dismay, "Now these protests are shaping the way people think about the National Neopian." A growing number of residents of Neopia are dissatisfied with the way the Manager and his customer service staff run the National Neopian. "A key part of the business of running a bank is keeping our customers' money safe," the Manager told me. He was, as ever, deeply serious. The Bank Manager has held his position for so long because he takes his job so seriously, and these latest calls for change are no different. "The staff here at the National Neopian are trained to welcome the public, of course, but they are also meant to prevent robberies. This means refusing to allow unsavory characters into the bank."

Other Stories


When Neopia Became A Home
When you first saw Neopia's Neopet Central you were excited and very nervous. All the pets and people and things to do.

Dedicated to Dewdropzz, who never gives up on me.

by harvestmoon66


Guide: How to Attach Your Petpetpet Easily
So you finally saved up millions of neopoints to buy the PERFECT petpetpet for your pet’s petpet, but it just won’t hop on your petpet? We all know this feeling. Sometimes a petpetpet do stuck in your backpack for days, and your eyes grow sore of checking. But don’t give up and sell it yet! All you need is some little tricks and you will get it attached in no time!

by 636636


Thrifty Living: Pets, Paints, and You
You! Yeah, you! I see you there, eyeing those paints. You ever feel like you absolutely have to have that Sloth awful expensive color on your pets, but maybe expensive paints, or more properly Paint Brushes are a bit out of your reach?

by fire_earth_aqua__77


The Princess and the Crook:Part Five
I was shaking like a leaf as I took shelter in an alveolus at the bottom of the pyramid.

by chlo26


Petpetpet Wars:Part Two
The weeks passed, as they had the tendency to do. The march of war continued at the same old pace, and Captain Finnegan was almost in a dream.

by herdygerdy

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