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Trouble in Paradise: Party

But it wouldn't be an NT party without my characters. D:

by chasing_stars44
Celebrating Fifteen Years

Fifteen years and still going strong

by _quartervirus_
Patience is a virtue!

I missed you...

by hunnybunnie
Wraithcon - Return

Two soldiers are reunited once again...

by krabbox
Reunion with TDMBGPOP

I've finally found you...

by miraday
A Neopet's Reunion


Collaboration with cloudypoogle.

by suixx

NeoPaper: Celebration Collab Celebration

Red's hosting the best celebration ever; check it out!

by mbredboy31
Who needs luck when you have cake?

Hands UP! Collab with sonsofan4rchy

by xox_hershy_xox
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"Doe's Explosive Reunion" by skutterbotched
I don’t particularly enjoy being alone in a silent, empty cavern, but here I am. I can hear Korbats in the very far reaches of the cavern doing… whatever Korbats do. I’m not familiar with their habits- as a big, Stealthy Uni, I avoid caves like this. I wouldn’t say I’m claustrophobic, but the enclosed spaces do typically trip up a primal anxiety that I’d rather not think about. As for why I’m in the cave? Well, someone needed an item retrieved and gave me a vague description of what it looks like, and then sent me into the general area it was lost. This one just so happens to be a magic-cancelling cave, so I can’t just cast a retrieval spell and let it come to me and collect my paycheck. I don’t even know how people lose items in these places. And if you lost it here, why don’t you go back in to get it yourself? And why couldn’t they ask someone smaller, like Amulatt? She’s like three feet tall at the shoulder. That’s way more doable than trying to get my frame, which is six foot at the shoulder, eight at my head, through these stupid narrow and low passages that seem to get narrower as I get deeper into the cave. I’ve hit my horn on the ceiling more times than I can count, and it’s not until I’m nearly crouching that I finally see the item I’ve been sent to retrieve. "Of course it’s a necklace," I say to myself.

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The Missing Celebration
King Skarl threw down the latest copy of the neo-news with a sigh. "Gelert day," he said with gritted teeth.

by laura_bellie


Bramble & Patches
Though it’s not common knowledge, there was a NeoPox outbreak that occurred a couple days before Lord Kass declared war on Meridell.

by butterflybandage


Bad Birthday Bites
Is your pet’s birthday just around the corner or perhaps in half a year? Either way, are you unsure of what to get for him/her when the time comes? Well, let me tell you that cake is a must on such a festive date!

by rurirawr


Celebrating Spring Break at Brightvale University
Spring break is just around the corner. Here's a few ways you can celebrate the occasion near BVU!

by parody_ham


TWELVE Tips to Help You Succeed in Life:Part Two

by downrightdude


A Reunion in Meridell:Part Three
“Home sweet home!” Illusen laughed as she threw open the door to her treehouse.

by rocksysmom

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