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Mystery Island Party

Why codestones shake and paintbrushes hum!

by stunningful
Petpet Show-and-Tell

What an uncanny resemblance!

by sgerbwd
I didn't come to talk... I came to fight!!!


Also by mortalia_da_noite_11

by naama_mikeas

Captcha Woes

Sometimes being a blumaroo can be hard...or weird

by neopiantownsman
How to make: Chokato crepes

Now you can cook delicious crepes with some ingredients that you have surely have in your Safety Deposite Box :D

by neko_purrr
A Lesson on Ghosts

Whatever you give them goes right through 'em!

by fluffy91614

Still not sure how to pronounce Weewoo..

by draggi_pi2
This Is Snow Fun

Where'd you go?

Also by_interrupted_

by she_chose_love

To Please my Master part 1

The Swamp Ghoul is given a task...

by krabbox
Dice-a-WHO? #3

So have you adopted a Blumaroo pet yet?

Also by forever_be_us

by rayoceanweaver

Conspiracy Fire-ist

Normal faerie by day, ardent theorist by night.

by tellmock
Not For Everyone - Dramatic

I mean, how dramatic could a banjo be?

by asyanica
That's not exactly what I meant...

Taking Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies to a whole nother level...

by khanhm666
Petition against petitions

There is always something to complain about *complains*

by paperjeans

When are we having dinner?

by ssjelitegirl
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"Are All People Deserving of Success?" by butterflybandage
"Are all people deserving of success?" The six, intimidating words hung in the air, heavy and overcast. Krell looked around the room, a sea of nameless faces appearing to be just as unsure as he felt. This only comforted him momentarily when the professor smacked her cane against the chalkboard, once again drawing attention to the question. "Are all people deserving of success?" Krell shifted in his seat, too muscular to fit comfortably, his shoulders hunched up by his ears and left leg dangling awkwardly to the side. This caught the attention of the ancient Draik, whose sudden jerk of excitement startled the monstrous Kyrii. "You had something to say?" she asked expectantly. Krell figured he’d have to answer anyway, even if he embarrassingly explained he was simply squished like a sardine with thighs stuck between the seat and desk. Instead, he attempted an answer. "Uh. I mean, yeah? No?" A shiver ran down his spine. "Well, which is it?" she laughed. "It can’t be both!" The rest of the class nervously joined in, watching him from the corners of their eyes, relief echoing in their laughs, thankful they hadn’t been the ones singled out. Krell silently cursed his physique—how much trouble had it gotten him in?—and muttered a final, "I don’t know." The Draik raised a wrinkled hand, but was serendipitously interrupted by a Weewoo, chirping loud and determined.

Other Stories


Winter's Wings
It was a cold day in Neopia Central, or so Winter supposed. The shops were decorated with a thin dusting of snow that only grew larger as more flakes continued falling.

by cruthmac


The Haunted Cave - Retold by Oira
As you walk into room number 292 at the Cheap Hotel - you would see a Regal Oak Wood Bed and a baby Kougra tucked in it - reading a book.

by alvissofcaldia


Wheeler’s Wild Ride – A Guide to Gold!
Wheeler rides his bike through various parts of the island and across a variety of treacherous terrain. Terrain includes a assortment of hills, bumps, jumps, pits, and ramps. Your job is to help guide Wheeler and his bicycle through each level...

by afoxy


All that Glows is not Gold
Everyone knows the good old saying ‘All that glitters is not gold’.

by water_park1993


Ballindalloch:Part Seven
Her dreams last night consisted of soccer, a thousand people thronging her backyard, cold lemonade and colder coffee, and Mr. Konishi. All the events of the previous day seemed to play over and over in Avery's head, as if they were a Neovision movie being rewound, fast-forwarded and rewound, and started over again.

by dewdropzz


A Hero's Journey:Part Four
The pirates had reached Rupert's tiny transport boat. There were about twenty other passengers on board, now all crammed and huddled together underneath the deck in a small chamber.

by jetaketa

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