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Petpetpet Stories

Slorg gets a new petpetpet!

by lepetitpoulet
Finally, we did it!


by ilovekylloenen
Recycled Jokes


by iskii
The Fairest of them All - Part 2

*sparkling intensifying*

by dtrg
Neopia at it's Best

I'm starting to think avatars aren't that important anymore.

by pumpkin_700
Kadders Nightmares

Oh no...

Also by amandpb4ever

by swimvixx

Random Oddness

One step forward, three steps back.

by mistyqee
Today I learned! Book 1

Learning is fun - book 1 of 9.

Also by fluffyluloo

by syariesx

Bad Fur Day

Well, actually...

by music_cake9
Home Part 1

Edhri the Tuskaninny arrives at her her new home.

by plushie_lover991
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Spend Brightvale Day Like a Pro

Brightvale is a city of extravagance and knowledge. Ruled by the sophisticated and astute King Hagan, it is home to many great scholars and intellectuals. Though, to most, Brightvale seems a bit uptight, perhaps a bit intimidating. As Brightvale Day corners us again, here is a list on how to spend Brightvale Day like a pro. This way, you won’t stand out—you might even enjoy it!

Other Stories


It's Snot So Bad
It was Friday, and Friday is judgement day.

by twiddle58


They Call Him Insidious
However, when the lights were off, things were not so pleasant. Hidden in the shadows among the cheerful toys was a malevolent presence.

Also by seluker406

by faeriemelly


The Worst Random Events
Something has happened! You just lost all your hard earned Neopoints!

by katietease


Blumaroo Tails: A Not So Happy Interview
And now I turn to Bipple to begin the interview, as he can give you a firsthand description of this horrific scene...

by danzgirl12


Young Jhudora and Queen Fyora: Part One
It was a cool Summer night in the outskirts of Faerieland. A young Jhudora curled up against the old dark faerie sitting beside her on the wooden bench....

by rocksysmom


The Princess of Flowers: Part Four
The Air Faeries had their own kingdom in the sky, high above the rest...

by downrightdude

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