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This is probably a little TOO exciting...

Just a tad

by sailorini_1
Help ... ?

I feel like I should do something...

by butterflybandage
Melvin the Swamp Ghoul


by daniecelpines
Smug as a Bug


by keeperbaby
Spot the Difference! Vol #5

Can your eyes spy the 10 differences in this new eyeball busting series?

by snwarren
Just so slow

You gotta be quicker than that!

Also by rabbits_forever

by o_babypet4me_o

Spoofle: Heroes

We should not have picked sixteen-year-olds to save the world.

by caylista
Dress up with LadyNibs: Part 2

Can you guess the character?

5-Part Series: 2 of 5

by flopalop

The Mystery Behind Fountain Faerie Quests

Ever wonder why you have yet to be visited by Naia?

Also by melovechias

by roxanna203

What A Coincidence

I don't see it...

by jjensen688
Kad logic

I will never understand..

by xxxfenice_neraxxx
Eyrie Eccentricities 4 - Solar Shield

The most economic solution improvising can offer.

by 360spinfish
Summer PSA

Stay cool!

by nikipinder
The Fairest of them All - Part 1

Being the most fabulous of all is serious business.

by dtrg
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"The Story of Broth-Boy" by pikapi20
Inside her cauldron-shaped home, the brunette chef was busy tidying up after the crowds and making mental preparations for the next mealtime. Mop in her hand, she was trying to work out just how many carrots she would need for her next batch whilst cleaning the floor at the same time. Multitasking as always. It was whilst reminding herself just how many slushies she needed to ask for the next time she decided to send Pets out for quests that she heard a faint knocking at her closed wooden door. "Come in!" the Soup Faerie called out with a friendly smile before putting her mop to one side. Turning around, the cook was greeted by a small group of young Pets dressed in ever so slightly ripped clothing. They looked a little awkward, clearly realising that they had seemingly missed their opportunity for breakfast that day, but otherwise seemed in good spirits. The eldest one, a Red Scorchio, had a cheeky glint in his eye. It was something that made the brunette's smile even wider. He spoke, "I... know we've missed the usual... breakfast batch but we've travelled an awful long way to get here and..." The youngster put on the biggest Baby Scorchio eyes that he could muster but it wasn't necessary. The Soup Faerie wasn't in the business of turning anypet away, let alone children. "Stop, stop," she laughed gently, waving her hands slowly in front of her light blue apron, "I give up!" The youngsters broke out in cheers, their leader looking somewhat pleased with himself. Rolling up her pink sleeves, the Soup Faerie elaborated, "I'll have to make a new batch from scratch though, so it may take a little time." Pausing, she thought for a moment. Before grinning. "Why don't all of you have a sit down and I'll tell you a story while I cook." The children began to gleefully whisper amongst themselves as they got down to sit cross-legged on the floor. Getting out her ingredients from her inbuilt cupboards, she mused, "How about the story of Broth-Boy..."

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The Story of Broth-Boy
As recommended by the Soup Faerie...

by pikapi20


Lula and the Stars
Weary, Lula slumped to the ground with relief, I have finally reached Altador.

by _interrupted_


Sky’s the Limit Customizations
Ever feel like your Neopet’s head is always in the clouds?

Also by salpal26

by blade0904


Talking Shop With Pizzaroo
Pizzaroo is a friendly green Blumaroo who sports a fancy mustache and a puffy chef's hat. He runs the pizza shop that sells a huge variety of crazy flavors such as Yummy Muddy Pizza and Banana and Kiwi Pizza. He's here today to share some tips with us about how to run the most successful shop possible.

by indebtedness


The Year 2123: Part Two
Letting out a sigh Motlay turned towards the right. "Dear Fyora protect me like you always have."

by ikomoki


The Princess of Flowers: Part Three

by downrightdude

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