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Blossoms~ Secrets pt.6

Lock the pantry!

by twillieblossom
Paint Brush Problem

Is he still relevant?

by xsugarush
Luck of the Irish

Today looks like a lucky day!

by earthiness
Head in the Clouds: Customize!

When you forget your wings are just for decoration.

by yoshisislandbandit
Glory Days: New Paint Job

Who knew a Rainbow Scroll could be so useful?

by darkpassage
Hero's Woes

Roberta and Tormund fondly remember the adventures they had.

by __midge__
Shellshock'd! REBORN - Ending

This world is under new...Management, so to speak.

by krabbox
An Unexpected Grey Day

Some grey side effects

by bobtehcat1
Never Insult a Gnorbu

Having regrets? Or perhaps...cold feet?

Also by paraxeno_daimonio

by bha288

Daily Hair

Some people take change great! And then there's Gelato.

by blixembot
Random Oddness

We're learning more about Chadley every day.

by mistyqee
Voracious appetite

Just a little bite?

by zusania
What am I? #1

Can you guess the species and color of this neopet using only a short riddle and a few pictures?

by pets_rock_8
One sunny day in Kiko Lake...

A Kiko goes on an unexpected adventure!

by ssmile_its_good_4_u
Meanwhile, at Uni's Clothing Shop...

Someone has too much free time on their hands.

by mucka33
Sloth Having Problems at Grey Day?

Always the 14th...

Also by ruben160

by teca_alvarenga

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"Boom Goes the Dynamite" by erroro
Now Jane has probably gone a little too far from the line of sanity, but she was a good Mum. With her coffee bean eyes and messy reddish brown hair, she always looked like she had just hopped out of bed, usually with a pencil stuck in it somewhere... it’s kinda hard to tell, actually. At least I know I can always count on her. But I also know I can count on her to drop a bomb on me at the last minute. And on a regular day, I like bombs. Only the ones that actually explode though. “Lysandrias!” Jane exclaimed as I entered. “I just had the most amazing idea!” “And what does it have to do with me?” I asked, arching an eyebrow. Mum was practically shining. “We’re going to enter the Pet Spotlight!” “No!” I immediately cried out. Me? In a contest? No way. No way in all of Neopia was I going to enter THAT contest. It was even worse than the beauty contest; especially so because you couldn’t just harass people into voting for you! My mother could have just drawn a potato with ears, and the rest could be history! The problem was that the spotlight had special judges. I also had no idea where they lived, so my tactic would be useless. “The Pet Spotlight?” my younger sister Ramsily echoed, poking her head in from the living room. “That sounds like so much fun!” “For you,” I growled. “I don’t do contests.”

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Boom Goes the Dynamite
My problems started when Jane called me into the kitchen.

Also by Princesspesa98

by erroro


A Little Lutari's Birthday
Downstairs, Mother is prepping breakfast. His favorite: Tigerbuggle Fruit Pancakes. She traveled all the way to Mystery Island last week to get the ingredients. Mother sighs, she can’t believe little Zoltan is three, these years have flown by so fast.

by spukl1


7 Hidden NC Gems for Your Next Grey Customization!
Today, we’re here to help bring your attention to some of the most appropriately dreary grey wearables that you might otherwise not have known about!

Also by gameboyknight

by ilovemykitties12


How the Grey Faerie Celebrates Grey Day
Before the Grey Faerie, named Baelia, was locked up, she was a completely different faerie! Thousands and thousands of years ago, Baelia was actually Baelia, the Happy Faerie!

Also by dissiechrissie

by theyellowrose


Return to Lynwood: Part Eight
Isengrim and his pack used to be largely nocturnal, but over the past few years had eased into being more active during the day, to better facilitate relations between them and their non-Werelupe allies.

by cosmicfire918


The Magic in Being Lost: Part One
She would not flee. She’d come too far to flee. She flattened both sets of ears to her head and grabbed the longer set, one in each paw. Her spine crawled. She squeezed her eyes shut as she mouthed a quiet mantra.

by drifbilim

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