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Head in the Clouds: The Perfect Petpet Pt. 7

What the-

by yoshisislandbandit
Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Hijinks part 12

It's not exactly what you wanted...

by blackaavar

Is there any fruitcake left?

by ssjelitegirl
A Very Merry Telethon (4 of 4)

You can be pretty nice when you're being evil.

Also by tmarks

by izzywizard

Cavities: Tree Wars: Part 3

And the Winner is...

by thegoddesofxweetok1
The Gift of Patience

So that's why we don't open presents early...

Also by miss_cinny

by alyseth

Snow Pet Problems

When you become tomorrow's weather forecast.

Also by fatefulwings

by sacados

Angels and Pirates

Happy Day of Giving, everybody!!

by _quartervirus_
Tails of Justice - All I Want for Christmas

The Beginning - The Wishes of one determined Lenny...

by renegade_kitty
Mundo says "brrrr"

Does he live in the snow?

by _m_a_e
Random Oddness

It's definitely the thought that counts with this one.

by mistyqee
Shearing Day

Gnorbu Shearing Day

by ellipses4k
Snowed In

I guess there's always tomorrow...

Also by spurstrap

by suixx

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New Year's Outfit Options

It’s almost that time of year again! Time to rustle through your closets to find the perfect ensemble for that exclusive New Year’s Eve bash. Does your pet have their look ready? From their hat to their shoes? If not, this article may be able to help out! Here you will find top-notch suggestions that are perfect for any type of pet and any kind of gathering they are attending

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The Most Significant Gifts We Never Give
With your eyes half shut it looks like stars, flames in a forest sky, scintillating like candles warm in a window. Some are close to one another, nearly overlapping, while some are father apart, forming neat rows that are never perfect, but almost; horizontal and vertical. They form many constellations, if you look hard enough.

by dewdropzz


The Greatest Gift
In the Season of Giving, a disheartened Wocky receives the best gift she could have ever asked for.

by butteredwings


3 Great Themed Neopet Account Ideas
Have you ever looked at your User Lookup and just thought to yourself, “I love all my Neopets separately, but together, they just don’t seem to match!” Well then, this list is perfect for you, because now you can finally find pets that are not just perfect by themselves, but also as a set. Yes, I’m talking about doing themed Neopet accounts!

by kahlen369


Breaking Your NeoQuest Addiction
Wise. Crazy. Powerful. All adjectives that imminently describe you. You wanted that avatar, the one with the weird squinty Cybunny on it.

by mianaai


The Holly and the Ivy
A powerful smell, acrid and rich, filled Nan’s sinuses. She sneezed—and her eyes flew open. The world around her was bright and unfocused, but pungent aromas filled the air and something crackled and popped nearby. And she was warm, positively hot, wrapped in an enormous fur blanket. The blanket removed a pawful of leaves from under Nan’s nose. “Ah, there you are,” it said in a deep, husky voice.

by cosmicfire918


One Way Out
Akali the white Lupe straightened up and dusted the light coating of white snow dust that gathered on his dingy coat. It gathered on just about everything here, and Merida was used to it. What she wasn’t used to was the idea that this enigmatic stranger had a compass in his possession that, when followed, could take her directly to her long-lost brother.

by the_wingless_unknown

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