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Paint Brush Problem #221

Glowing Neopets should approach sleepovers with caution.

Also by waning.

by sophieauditore

Blossoms~ Snowball Effect Part 4

Well then, I feel better already!

by twillieblossom
Happenstance #2

The Black Pteri sits on a fence post...

by chakpool
Powered By Asparagus...Or Not?

He looks like asparagus, so he MUST be allergic to them...oh!

by starsbc
Royal Pain

We can't continue like this!

by winner19955
PC Adventures I: A Matter of Paints

Let's see what amazingly diverse colors and paints Neopia's Pound Chat (PC) has to offer! Well, we'll see about that.

by mandy_wong
Balloons for Sale!

Only 5,000 NP!

by pinkcrown123
Too Much of Sarcasm?

What you say is what you get!

by icygirl2005
NeoPaper: Making Petpages

Notice how the name is slightly inaccurate?

by mbredboy31
(IN)SANE - Isn't it Obvious?

Hey, at least Jub's hair keeps getting more and more fabulous!

by _under_scores_
Results May Vary: Junk Food

...with a diet Neocola, please.

by return_of_itsy
Look On The Bright Side

Is that really a bright side?

by goldensif
The Perks of Having Petpets: Cold in Happy Valley

A petpet jumps into action when his owner admits to being cold - it's the thought that counts!

by xirco
Forever Frozen

The trivia begins...

by pie_man_aa
A Ghoul's Infatuation

When my Neopets ask for help...

by innosently
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What Your Favourite Faerie Says About You

Welcome to the long-awaited part II of "What Does Your Favourite Faerie Say About You!" There are many different faeries in Neopia, and they all have unique, distinct personalities. How does your own favourite faerie reflect your own personality? Do you have a lot in common, or are you nothing alike? Read on to find out!

Other Stories


Before the Fall: A Dark Faerie Story
“Aethia, please see me after class.” My heart thudded unevenly as I slunk down a little further in my seat. I was surely in trouble, and not academically. Yesterday I’d had my fourth fight of the week… and it was only Wednesday.

by darigankat


The Mutant Conspiracy
Junior Reporter Kyra Talehunter, hot on the trail of a scorching story, goes in search of a mysterious Mutant.

by fleurdust


Rocks Rock! A Guide To The Most Versatile Petpet
There really is a petpet for each occasion and each Neopet! If you're short of time - let's face it, who isn't? (That Ice Cream Machine avatar isn't going to win itself, you know) - take my advice and buy your Neopet a Rock. "A rock?!" I hear you cry, incredulously. "My Neopet won't thank me for getting him a rock!"

by tallydepp


Cards on the Table
It’s recently come to my attention that people simply might not know what they’re missing in this oft-overlooked section, especially now that KeyQuest is on hiatus. Today, I’d like to examine some points in favor of these lesser-loved Neopian games.

by lunarchronicles


Orlitz and the Search for the Emerald Crown: Part Seven
They had been rattling dice and moving tiny figurines over a cardboard path for nearly half an hour now. Iskeen enjoyed board games as much as the next Neopet, but her tolerance did have a limit. Besides, it didn’t help that Julian had a competitive streak larger than the Snowager.

by josephinefarine


Undead Rising: Part Two
Bernard and the Lenny stared at each other for a few moments before either of them reacted. The Lenny was not much to look at: tattered clothing and a ghostly tail replacing his legs, similar to most ghosts that wandered around. The amulet was the one thing that stood out on him…

by yoshisislandbandit

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