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Paint Brush Problem #221

Glowing Neopets should approach sleepovers with caution.

Also by waning.

by sophieauditore

Blossoms~ Snowball Effect Part 4

Well then, I feel better already!

by twillieblossom
Happenstance #2

The Black Pteri sits on a fence post...

by chakpool
Powered By Asparagus...Or Not?

He looks like asparagus, so he MUST be allergic to them...oh!

by starsbc
Royal Pain

We can't continue like this!

by winner19955
PC Adventures I: A Matter of Paints

Let's see what amazingly diverse colors and paints Neopia's Pound Chat (PC) has to offer! Well, we'll see about that.

by mandy_wong
Balloons for Sale!

Only 5,000 NP!

by pinkcrown123
Too Much of Sarcasm?

What you say is what you get!

by icygirl2005
NeoPaper: Making Petpages

Notice how the name is slightly inaccurate?

by mbredboy31
(IN)SANE - Isn't it Obvious?

Hey, at least Jub's hair keeps getting more and more fabulous!

by _under_scores_
Results May Vary: Junk Food

...with a diet Neocola, please.

by return_of_itsy
Look On The Bright Side

Is that really a bright side?

by goldensif
The Perks of Having Petpets: Cold in Happy Valley

A petpet jumps into action when his owner admits to being cold - it's the thought that counts!

by xirco
Forever Frozen

The trivia begins...

by pie_man_aa
A Ghoul's Infatuation

When my Neopets ask for help...

by innosently
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How to Make the Most Out of Usukicon Y18

The best day of the year is upon us yet again! It’s Usuki Day! A day filled with celebrating one of Neopia’s fondest pastimes: all things Usuki! Our article will share with you a few different ways to celebrate this joyous tradition in Neopian history! It will cover all kinds of things inspired by Usuki.

Other Stories


Usuki Singing Stars #35: Lola Saves the Day
“Lola, you’re a lifesaver!” Patricia exclaimed, tying a ribbon around the end of a balloon. The faerie Shoyru picked up another balloon and ribbon. “If you didn’t come over today, then I would have been swamped with all the decorating. But are you sure you don’t want any compensation?”

by downrightdude


The Mutant Conspiracy
Junior Reporter Kyra Talehunter, hot on the trail of a scorching story, goes in search of a mysterious Mutant.

by fleurdust


If the Forgotten Shore Really Forgotten?
If you’re an avid adventurer you’ve probably know about the Forgotten Shore. It’s that lonely stretch of beach on Krawk Island that presents Neopians with the chance to pick up items of considerable worth. But all this begs the question; if there is a cache of hidden wealth on this shore, is it really forgotten?

by trixietrotter


Erin’s Extreme Game Avatar Guide: Volcano Run II
Volcano Run II is an incredibly difficult avatar that requires a lot of practice and skill. Even the most determined of gamers have struggled with this one. Here are some tips to help you on your quest to collect this fiery avatar and get one step closer to your avatar goals.

by krazypinkgurl


Orlitz and the Search for the Emerald Crown: Part Seven
They had been rattling dice and moving tiny figurines over a cardboard path for nearly half an hour now. Iskeen enjoyed board games as much as the next Neopet, but her tolerance did have a limit. Besides, it didn’t help that Julian had a competitive streak larger than the Snowager.

by josephinefarine


The Price of Greatness: Part 1
You remember hearing once that Mystery Island was a luxurious tourist destination. The beaches were said to be sprawling affairs of silky white sand, with water iridescent enough to rival Neopia's finest gemstones. The locals were supposed to welcome you with garlands of flowers and fresh coconut milk. Sure, the sweltering temperatures might be considered something of a deterrent, but no one books a tropical holiday with the expectation of snow.

by xxskyisfallingxx

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