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The AAA's Revenge

Also by icygal2310

by shennyyy

Fly High: Kadoaties

Don't you wish we ate as well as the kadoaties?

by linkxzelda666tingle
Totally Random Random Contest

Always read the rules...

by carrotbreath
The Life of an UC Pet

It's not all it's cracked up to be...

by littlest_wiley
A Cheaper Alternative

Well that's one way to do it.

by littledude61394
The Evolution of the Hoagie Kadoatie

If I fits, I sits.

Also by mapthesoul

by brooklyn3223

NeoPaper: Budget Cuts

Are you sure there aren't... erm... better things to cut first?

by mbredboy31
The Distraction Strategy

Now that's a foolproof plan.

Also by hottie_2004_67_888.

by bittersweet52

AC Woes

I did not think my position through...

by _starryeyedsurprise_
Just Kidding

Not cool, kid.

by cria_sherwood
How Not to Journalism

Tobias is gonna cut his losses and ignore that.

Also by minnesotan

by rooftopchicken

Just Another Day

In which the artist tries to draw with a mouse.

by miacirclegirl
Head in the Clouds: Souvenir!

That's a souvenir you don't want to keep.

by yoshisislandbandit
Don't Hug ALL the Quiggles!

I know, it's hard to contain your enthusiasm for Quiggle Day, but please try ^_^

by elipsis4k
Lame Pun: Altador Cup start

Now with 100% more beef

by blackaavar
Press Conference

Make Some Noise Techo is the tip of a very weird iceberg.

by porcelaincerberus
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"Nice Guys Finish First" by extreme_butterfly
Aero the Faerie Ixi was a bookworm. He loved learning about new things and how they worked. He was interested in reading about all the lands of Neopia and what it would be like to one day visit them all. Aero was the top of his class at Neoschool and was on his way to being valedictorian. If the other pets needed a tutor, he was the first the teachers would ask. Aero was also the first to be asked to complete the lazy pets homework in exchange for 2k neopoints, which he never agreed to. One day Aero was glancing at his calendar and saw that Summer had officially began. Hot days,relaxing by the pool with a good book, and also the Altador Cup. Neopians from all lands compete to become the Altador Champion. Although, Aero knew all about the cup, he never really thought of participating. Everyone was excited, they couldn't wait to choose their teams. Aero, couldn't wait to read the article in the Neopian Times about it. Then the thought crossed his mind, "What if I played this year?" After much consideration he decided that he could learn a lot from it. Also, maybe his name would appear in one of those articles! Aero quickly flew out the door to where sign ups where happening. When he arrived, the line was really long and full of athletic pets.

Other Stories


Tangor's Assistant
The line for his workshop is far out the door and from morning to night he has lots of customers galore. They love his imagination and what he can do, just with a few extra pieces or two. He was always busy, and not much time to snooze. Tangor was even a bit lonely too, even though he saw customers every day, they never stay very long.

by theoriginaltali


A Hot Heist
“The Ice Crystal Shop could make a fortune down here,” Inhi muttered to himself as he wiped another coating of sweat from his brow. He hadn’t even entered Moltara proper, he was still waiting in the elevator queue on the surface. But it was insufferably hot—even for a Hissi like himself.

by drifbilim


Freezer Burn: 10 Hot and Cold Foods For The Season
Although we all know summer's fast approaching, what people forget is that winter's also coming. In celebration of the diversity of the seasons, here are a few of my favorite 'fiery' and 'freezing' foods to enjoy no matter the season.

by eyrieze


The 7 Yooyus
It is finally here and it is hotter than ever before this season. Neopians from all over the globe, far and wide, gather together for a full month of their absolute favorite game, none other than Yooyuball of course. In order to really enjoy a game of Yooyuball though, and to have the chance to rack up lots points for your favorite team, one needs to truly know how each unique Yooyu really works while out on the field during a fun game of Yooyuball.

by jmo7692


The Sleeper of Altador: Part Two
A desert Aisha and a faerie Ixi landed in the Lost Desert a few hours after they received the emergency neomail from Jerdana, Altador's famed sorceress. Biscuit, the desert Aisha, had spent the Virtupets ship ride concocting the best plan to apprehend their villain, and she delegated the task of contacting Torikor, their blue Grarrl commander, to Ciebatta, her faerie Ixi partner.

by amarettoball


Clouds Over Cogham: Part Four
Squire Tormund redirects his disdainful glare to the old Lupe knight who has just appeared beside him, though the fury is obviously misplaced. For a few seconds before responding, he looks back down the castle hallway towards the dining room where the lazy Sir Harlag sits feasting, and the squire gives a frustrated grunt.

by theschizophrenicpunk

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