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Scroll Of The Wise: Part 5

Stand and deliver!

by fourin
Eclectic Antics: Hollow's Eve

She's not your stereotypical witch...

by amarettoball
Janet and Jane: Halloween

You should see what she did the the Fresh Food shop!

by chasing_stars44
Ink: As Black as Ink - Part 4

He set me up! You should have seen his smug smile! You know I didn't take them! (I really like the Times, it's great.)

by june_scarlet
The Sloth Faerie

Oh no no no...

Also by stephsie

by tarake_7_7_7

Anniversary - Part 6

Tch, peasants.

by caylista
The Adventures of Kad and Drooly: Part 2

Ugh, the drool machine is back

by iciclefaerie05
Accident Prone

Frozen apple.

by hauntedbywonderland
Fuzzeh Logic: Halloween

Plushies can be scary too!

by jackjack1234
The Perfect Costume

It's perfect!

by icanhaskaila
A Spooky Halloween: Part 4

Komo had a lot of free time...

by ghostkomorichu
You're Never Safe

Told you so.

by queen_potema
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles on Halloween

KC and Xag try to prepare for Halloween!

by pikemaster1
A Tie for First

Did you see Susy and Martha? That was so awkward!

Also by tizzlestix

by msjanny

A Hungry Halloween


Also by bha288

by chai7705

The Evil-ution of Edna

They all start somewhere

Artwork by lucifael.

by iluminescent

Neocity - Halloween

There ain't no rest for the painted.

by wiley1080
Stay Strong with Team Brawn: Forever Spooky

Uh, a little help here?

Also by Tex707

by alexise1998

The Halloween Whack A Sloth Party

Step right up!

Art by sophieauditore

by mustikeuh121

Freak-out - Everybody's a Critic

Trick or Treat!

by ichigostars
An Unexpected Appearance

Wow, that's all it takes?

by fooshfuush
Royal Pain: Halloween

One of us is gonna have to change.

by winner19955
Peanut Butter Spiders

.... just how?

by roxanna203



by placebo_533

Or Something Like It: Wrap Battle

Have a pun-tastic Halloween!

Written by Sarika_Ambrielle

by kittie_orion

Two Of A Kind!

At least you dont have to worry about a Halloween costume!

by halloweenkomoris
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Halloween Costume Ideas: 11 Spooky Characters

It's that time of year again: the night seems a little bit darker, the air seems a little bit colder, and pets are dressing up in costumes to celebrate Halloween. While you are trick-or-treating this year, keep an eye out for one of these Neopian figures who are wicked, dark, or just plain evil. Without further ado, here are 12 famous spooky characters that make some of the trendiest Halloween costumes this year.

Other Stories


I feel weird. Sometimes I hold a book like a child. Sometimes I wonder why I have never gotten used to my own appearance. I wonder why I can’t socialize. Why nothing worked out for me. Sometimes I stare down at my hands, wondering where I went wrong.

by ellbot1998


Like Clockwork
Frequenting haunted houses is not your idea of fun. Yet, for reasons you cannot fathom, you find yourself creeping up the rickety stairs and slipping inside before the door creaks shut. The darkness is pressing; almost suffocating. You shuffle forward a little, arms outstretched to prevent any potential collisions. Even once your eyes have adjusted to the gloom, it's nearly impossible to see anything further away than a few paces.

by xxskyisfallingxx


Neopian Dining: “Trick-or-Treat” Edition
Welcome to an extra-spooky installment of Neopian Dining, where I take you around Neopia in search of its most amazing foods! Tonight, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the homes of Neopia’s best candy: the places where you can get the most for your Neopoint and ensure all your trick-or-treaters leave your porch happy!

by lycheeprincess


Your Evil Wishes!
Tis the season for spooks and scares, for tricks and treats! I thought it would be appropriate to write an article for the Neopian Times all about the "evil" wishes we might have, wishes that we hope will come true despite their negative nature.

by indulgences


Fire-Born: Part Five
“That’s right, you understand now, don’t you?” Eithne said. She brought the hand with the stick backwards, and then whipped it forward. Vineti flinched, bracing herself for impact, but it never came. She opened her eyes again and saw that the stick was now lit, Eithne looking Smug. “Just as I thought.”

by goodsigns


A Queen's Ascension - Justice: Part Six
Nabile, Tomos, Vyssa and a group of six Eyrie guards reached the well early in the morning. Passing the nearby village (with all in disguise as a group of peasants) had not been difficult, as only the shepherds were awake, so they slipped past largely unnoticed. The well seemed more imposing than before, with everything now knowing what was beneath it.

by dudeiloled

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