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Blossoms~ Retry Part 5

Marketable magic comes from the object. Natural magic comes from the person. Some have it, some don't.

by twillieblossom
You Break It, You Buy It

He seems so nice, until...

Also by azienskieth

by roxanna203

Edible Escapades: Part Two

Comparing these cakes is like apples to oranges!

Also by priscent

by msjanny

An Unsootable Pair

Oh no...

by khanhm666
Scorto's Adventures: Blumarescue, Part 3

After a very long absence, Scorto's Adventures returns with a new friend and a new "solution" to Blumu's problem!

by john3637881
It's a Hard Summer for a Brucicle

Why can't it always be cold?

by jhudora96
Edible Sand

Some things you just don't learn in Neoschool...

by goodsigns
Island Mystic

1.. 2.. 3!

by fourin
The Rickety Ship: Gone Fishing

Get a new hobby.

by dimartedi
Zeesh: Kacheek Seek

You guys are just jealous of my seeking skills!

by the_princess_z
The Age Old Question

Which is it?

Also by 69uglygreenwhale

by sarah2396

A New Weapon in the Battledome

They really solve everything...

by vesus10
A Surprise Gift? More Like A Scary One!

Wha-What? Why?!

by kjjdavid
Gears for Fears

He'll make a great heavy metal vocalist, though.

by kreaturepheture
Snazzy-ish: Haven't Seen Her Around...

Is anyone else guilty of always forgetting their petpet in Grave Danger?

by volx
The Knight Shift - Adorable Edition

Drawn by Preshus_8 the baby kougra for her big sister the "Bestest knight ever!"

by shakespeareghurl
Why Kadoaties Make Bad Goalies

Maybe we should fine a different goalie next year...

Also by industrial

by praline01

I Didn't Mean That, Fires!

I just wanted to... Nevermind!

by gold_23771__95

It's a crazy Neopian world out there.

by globetrekker
Just Let Him Be

He can't, but he wishes he could.

by supertualet
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"More Important Things..." by olivia_lucien
S It was an absolutely beautiful day on Mystery Island. Well... it was usually quite beautiful, except during storm season. Today was exceptionally fine, though. Three Neopets were in their home, relaxing. It was still early in the morning, so none of them would go out to the beach yet. A red Zafara was whistling as she bustled about the house, searching endlessly for any Neopoints that their owner might have dropped in the couch or in one of the armchairs. Another pet, a green Eyrie was following her around with a frown on his face. “Come on, Kan. You promised we'd go to the beach today!” He cried out to his older sister. The Zafara frowned and looked to him. “Kel. I told you. I'm looking for the last few Neopoints that I need.”

Other Stories


Peril in Brightvale's Beryl Meadows
The sisters treaded through lush green meadows, enjoying the vibrant voices of the birds as they approached their new home in Brightvale. The comforting breeze loosened leaves from their branches and danced upon the ladies' skin. Their hair twirled in the wind, reflecting bright sunshine. The grass was slightly dewy from the previous night's rainfall. When they reached their beautiful abode, they gazed in awe at its contents.

by _brainchild_


The Unexpected Friend
For many years there have been rumours about the Haunted Woods. It’s said to give a home to many monsters, ghosts and other creatures that pets are afraid to talk about. The fear of the people living close to the Haunted Woods has only become worse, when a young Kougra disappeared. The little girl was playing outside the house. Her parents lost her out of sight for a few seconds, and the next moment she was gone.

by golvenzee


Owning an Edible Pet
There’s a lot you want to keep in mind when you choose the huge undertaking of food-based pets. There’s some care rules that vary greatly from your regularly pets. And, these rules also vary slightly from one food-based pet to the other! But, don’t worry. Here’s some base rules and tips for caring for you newest dream pet.

by i_love_cute_neos


Backpacking On A Budget - Part 1
This series of articles is for all those who wish to see as much of Neopia as possible – but on a shoestring budget. This first part sets out the preparations you’ll need to make and gives a useful starting point.

by equinewhispers


The Legacy of the Black Pawkeet: Part Three
As I cut some vegetables to add to the omelets, my sharp ears picked up the sound of footsteps approaching my house. Who could that be? None of the other villagers were usually up at this hour. It couldn’t be a group of young’uns trying to play a prank either; these footsteps belonged to adult men. I bit my lip nervously and headed toward the backdoor, keeping a tight grip on the knife I’d been using.

Also by medit92

by teamchao466


Mother's Balloon: Part Eleven
"Meat pie, meat pie! We're having meat pie! Ma's having meat pie, Pa's having meat pie! Caleb, Medis and I are all having meat pie!"

"Bettina, have I ever told you I know a surefire way for you to bring world peace?"

"Aw, don't say it." Caleb chastened Hannah, who was holding her ears and groaning. "It's her birthday, she should be able to sing if she wants to."

by dewdropzz

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