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Poor Coltzan

Not even ghosts who 'live' in a desert are spared!

by oddmavis
Attic Attack

Neopians learn that all good things must come to an end.

Idea by kbbob

by l_like_animals

Pucker Up!

Many Mortogs were asploded in the making of this comic.

by msjanny
The Flycatcher

How hard can it be to catch a fly?

by leites
Plushie Pun

Time for some cake?

by hazardragon
Avatar Problems: Brightvale

So close...

by khakio_21
Bread and Butter


by _epiphany_
What Owner?

I'm short for jokes on this one...

by riurisu
Heroes Have Got Style

They can be fabulous too!

by saudadesdagripe
Tasty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

How can you eat that?

by ypput
Odd Logic: Yes Food :D

This is why pets are so eager to battledome.

by catt315

Shut up and take my dubloon!

by winner19955
Creepy Voice, Loving Friend

Just cause you you look scary doesn't mean you have to be.

by xweetok2430
Fishing Tips

Dough you find this funny?

by classicmess
133984: Let Them Eat Cake, part 4


by lycaonpictus77
Adventures in Wheels Pt. 1

Wheel of Extravagance

Also by taz_241590

by pandorasiohma


What the Neopet sees:

by reayla
Random Oddness

Dartenne, master detective.

by mistyqee
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A Million In A Month?

You know all those "30k A Day Guides!", "Make A Million In A Month!", "50k For Fifty Days" guides that litter petpages and offsite fansites? I decided to try them. One, all, I wanted to see if the premise was flawed, or whether it actually was possible to make a million neopoints in one month. As the last days of the month...

Other Stories


A Lost Bruce in the Lost Desert
It was a scorching hot day in the Lost Desert, a sacred land filled with ancient cities and heaps of sand. The sun blazed mercilessly in the clear sky...

by magicmango33


A Day in the Life of an Aisha
"One round-trip Uni to the Lost Desert, please," she asked the Gelert at the Transportation Desk.

by goodsigns


A Small World: Winning World Challenges
For a select few, those who take full advantage of these hourly contests, the World Challenges are not simply a pastime, but instead a massive profit engine, continuously chugging along, depositing piles of Neopoints into their bank accounts...

by daenerys__equestrian


Welcome to Neopets: A Guide to Success!
Welcome to Neopets! I'm sorry you got sucked in. It's okay, though: Time to make your account pretty!

Also by choquis

by hideri


Agent of the Sway: Resistance - Part Seven
The Cyodrake's Gaze was already in the air and flying to Mystery Island - there was no way back.

by herdygerdy


Children of the Lonely Stars: Part Three
"I've got arti-grav – artificial gravity – once we're in flight. You'll want to stay strapped in until I say, though."

by saphira_27

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