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Mauwee and The Mysterious Egg Part 8

Dejected, Mauqee slowly walked away...

by reantimate
Paint Brush Problems: Plushie (4/9)

So close, yet so far away.

Written by usasoccr

by msjanny

Mysterious Treasure Part 3

Good thing I can float.

Drawing by tehcannoned

by a13xl

Secret of the Petpet Laboratory

3, 2, 1...

by junis19
Moltaran Meltdown

Why does Moltara never win the Altador Cup? They just can't take the heat.

Also by fooshfuush

by l_like_animals

Oh Em Gee, I'm M.S.P: Hear no Evil

Begone, ye foul creature!

by shamaela

Weub wishes for a friend...

Idea by spirochetes

by linnipooh

Jellyworld for the Cup!


by ladyailsa
Tea Time: Time To Train?

Random Events

by actinia
Slush: Inside a Balloon


by _torchic__
Plain Awkward

Lesson of the day. Do not trust Technology.

by becky31220
Story of my Life ~ Koi

How do they float?

by aquaventusterra
Fashion Problem

Um... Nice design?

by happy_things
Circuits & Wires

Don't play dumb!

by age109
Pea Chia Woes - "Sling Me A Slushie"

The Altador Cup is here, Ookie!

Also by bittersweet52

by krazybabeh

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's time for the Altador Cup!

by trivialarzt
Slushie Slinger Secrets

Just how does that thing work, anyway?

by amelia_124
Meridell Style!

Darigan Citadel vs Meridell

by camille7078
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"Miscalculations" by psychedelicreature
There were two things that Nibs Alabaster never left his neohome without: a working retractable pen, and a small notepad that he kept in his jacket's pocket. Ever since he had first been assigned the task of buying food for his guild, he carried...

Other Stories


Embracing Change (Nervously)
Elevenna had never seen so many neopets in one place.

by mintacia


The Plushie
The first moments of a plushie's life are a scattered, confused thing --- or at least this particular plushie's memories are.

by quantumphysicist


Altador Cup Kindness
Respect is a vital part to everyone's enjoyment of this year's Altador Cup.

by _xx_dusty_xx_


Wrathful Wraith Welcomed to the Woods
After last year's ninth place finish, the surprise shakeup of the roster might just be what the Haunted Woods needs to claw their way back to the podium.

by daisygirl88_5


Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Seven
Setarian spun away at the last second and held the sword as he normally would have: "Too high." With all the force he could muster, the former Darigan swatted away Jeran's sword.

by parody_ham


Agent of the Sway: Recovery - Part Two
Clayton read through the documents he had been supplied with as the carriage made its way to the Haunted Woods. Neovia, it seemed, had once been a relatively peaceful and normal town...

by herdygerdy

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