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A Wee Bit Too Strong

Give it a good go...

by invalid

At the Rainbow Fountain...

by flying_tree
Reality of REs: An Unintentional Prank

Jhudora's a natural trickster, isn't she?

Also by oracle419

by ribbonpig

The Goofers - Night Guest

Those must be some really bad scones...

by lintsuf
Overfeeding At The Kadoatery

Will those Kadoaties ever learn?

by piefly2
The Power of Teamwork

Jessica underestimated the plumpies' ability to work together when they were properly motivated.

Also by sarah2396

by bha288


Are you ready for breakfast?

by astronomi
Aisha Hair

And thus we see why Cheat is so easy...

by fuzzykit12
A Petpetpet's Dream Come True

"I knew I should've filled my Inventory with dung instead!"

by supremity
Brilliant Scientist or Shrewd Businessman?

So that's what Dr. Landlebrot has been doing with our junk...

by fanlia
Shopping Troubles

Stay in school, kids!

by 43456
Neopia Cosplay Contest

Maybe a new Chia color?

by madelania
It's For a Good Cause

Pretty sure snowballs have no use here.

by irasshai
Pteri Wings: A Mad Scientist?

Would you like to help me?

by _torchic__
The Dark Star: Part I

Introducing Sin, the mechanic and Vamon, the captain.

by the_shii
Dinner with the Scarlets: Chaos

Both sides have a pretty good point.

by june_scarlet
Fosters for Everyone!!!

24 hours of absolute joy!

by maeruu
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Customisation Tips

Although customisation has been around for quite some time, many people are just beginning to dive into idea of clothing their pets. However, there are some who have been customising their pets for some time and would still like to get a little extra help to make their pets as perfect as possible. Here, I've compiled...

Other Stories


That Great Hunger
Isengrim pawed through the undergrowth, the scent lingering in his nostrils.

by cosmicfire918


They came in the night. Like shadows – invisible and silent...

by nanakagi


Petpetsitter: The Game Guide
Your job as a professional Petpetsitter is to provide Mrs. Williams's petpets with proper care and attention whenever they require it.

Also by trashindustrial

by drobit


Why Play HTML?
There are many advantages to playing HTML games! Here's just a few...

by logic_fail


Hanso, Jazan, and Kanrik and the We Hate Hanso Club: Part Three
"Where do you think you're going?" Jazan asked.

"Where do you think? Grave Danger. If that's where Brynn is, that's where I'm going," Hanso said.

by kristykimmy


Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Stagnation - Part Two
It was decidedly unsettling for Gary to look in the mirror and find a stranger's face staring back. After seventeen years of looking in the mirror and seeing a yellow furred face, he knew it would be a long time before he stopped being startled by the blue one...

by shinkoryu14

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