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Gadgadsgame on the Brain

Gadgadsgame is the worst!

Story by bha288

by mandypandy667

Not For Eating

I don't feel so good...

by invalid
The Zaf Girls: Comedy Gold

That is not how you make friends.

by thesovietivan
Kyrrune's Comic

The only joke here was that tchea's attempt at a flip.

by candyplague
Slorgclops Parade: Snowy Fortune p.1

Well, how else did you expect him to get all that loot?

by leedit5
The Goofers

The writer was bribed... don't ask.

by lintsuf
Pteri Wings: Artist's Favorite Color

Eclair is planning on painting me...

by _torchic__
Dinner with the Scarlets: Mysterious Message

It's too soon to tell, but that never stopped anyone.

by june_scarlet
Generosity Fit for a King

The real joke is the prize.

Also by spelt

by l_like_animals

Wheel of Excitement!


by mili61580_2_0_8
Avatar Hunters

Two avatars... at the same time

by flying_tree
Fountain Faerie Fun

It used to be her fun, before Faerieland fell.

by madelania
Served with Tea

Well, what else are you supposed to bring?

by princessahoge
Sketch Parade!

Don't get carried away.

by glitt_
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"Another Round" by liouchan
Hanso could not tell how long ago he had woken up on this forsaken island, his chest covered in glowing yellow runes. Time was not measured in days anymore, but in rounds and challenges, and in how often the light appeared to give instructions or punishments...

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Not a Happy Holiday
This was Alana's favorite time of year. The island Xweetok enjoyed the celebrations.

by rabbit_girl_2013


A wave of water crashed from nowhere to hit Elyse full in the face. Where had that come from? She blinked droplets from her vision to see two figures bent over in laughter...

by fairyxhearts


Nine Most Creative Uses of Gadgadsbogen Fruits
Every year in the month of Running, Mystery Islanders (and Neopian tourists, too) gather to celebrate the festival of Gadgadsbogen...

by blessed_faerie


The Oracle Games: Guide to Open Mic Night
As you've no doubt learned by now, The Oracle Games have hit Neopia by storm.

by tj_wagner


Hanso, Jazan, and Kanrik and the We Hate Hanso Club: Part Two
"As much fun as it would be to watch you maim Hanso, I need him for the moment, and I have already reserved the right to end him," Jazan said.

by kristykimmy


The Battle of Akram: Part Three
Kyriirun shifted in the back of the caravan as the wagon lurched over a rock. They had been travelling for hours...

by fuzzballjesse

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