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As You Were - Part 11

Are you sure it's safe?

by crainwater
Recipe for Disaster: The Visitor (part 9)

Words fail me.

by prismfire
The Perfect Halloween 4/4

Hero? Oh please, don't make me scream in terror...

by djudju22_8
Spooky Food

Do you know what I like most about Halloween?

by anoesy
Shades and Hues 35

This comic just got 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat!

by mstr_dark
A Spooky Halloween, part 4

Trick-or-treating is profitable!

by ghostkomorichu
Bread and Butter: Halloween Special

Zombies are great judges of intelligence.

by _epiphany_
Living with a Zombie!, Again!

The Eyes have it! More about living with Cremano!

by tweakley
Just Crazy - Halloween!

This is the real reason JubJubs don't like Halloween.

Script by genta1111

by empoleon07

Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Happenstance (part 3)

Will The Real Gnorbu Please Shut Up?

by blackaavar
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles: Halloween Issue

An ever so subtle method to Trick or Treating.

Written by deblob5521

by pikemaster1


Getting the avatar isn't just stressful for you.

by lunascape
Blah Blah -Halloween Special-

Flameball, Flameball, He is on fire.

by highwind20
Month of Collecting Brings Good Things

Isn't the Month of Collecting great?

Also by dweezy

by dehoot

Spooky Contest

Face pulling can be pretty freaky!

by muggley
Meepit VS Feepit...?


Story by sixsamuari

by sk390

3 Royals plus 1 - three

Happy Halloween... I guess?

by white_tiger0226
Furs Place

Wood those pranksters just leaf them alone?

by pichu_pikachu_raichu
Mad as a Hatter - Halloween Edition

Feepits 1, Meepits 0.

by kookiekimme
Heroic Mischief

A whole other reason to look before you leap.

Also by matiassr_43

by noobynewt

sanity ltd 2

In which Drovic is discovered and candy is exploited.

by thunderlight314
Such's Diary: Halloween

Give a Kyrii an Apple...

by invalid_character
Literally ~ The Meepits, FINAL

Happy Halloween, Neopia. =D

by pirate_cove
The floating islanders- Halloween havoc pt 2

Thank goodness for cartoon logic!

by yankeesrule244444456
Just Don't Ask - What's On Gogarath's Head

A hat... right?

by raynbow_light
Happy Halloween!

One way or another they always get what they want.

Art by cena_girl_619

by alternative

Palette - Halloween Special

The many uses of pumpkins.

by _fluffyfeathers_
In the Name of Science

That's what you get for leaving your porch candles lit on Halloween!

by lombre
Negg Sandwich Halloween

Don't know what to be for Halloween? Ren has a solution.

by bubblegoldfish
The Trail to Woe

Traversing Neovia at night is dangerous.

by _couch_puncher_
The Labray Knows

and it tries to help. O-o

by lucas4429
Unexpected Assault

This will never come to an end.

by sheik_93
Aisha Aisha


by sparklingneptune
Apple Bobbing

Meepits = money.

by pauluna4
Trick or Shriek

Ghost paint brushes are really unhelpful when it comes to passing out candy.

by akierasu
Peppered Reality: Halloween Special

Shovels are just so useful!

Idea by tatewhitenoise

by rivliex

Just Sit

Ew, they're both wearing wings over their wings...

by katopia12
Talk About a Random Halloween

Finally! We get to go trick-or-treating this year!

by buizelmaniac
Fuzzeh Logic: Halloween Special

I haven't seen a single pet all night!

by jackjack1234
Awk Sauce - Halloween Edition!

When a situation or person is beyond awkward... you have awk sauce.

by toffeedatepudding
Something's Not Right Here...

There's something different about you, but I can't put my finger on it. Did you get a haircut?

by belowzerokelvin
Random Oddness

Trick or treat!

by mistyqee
Apple Bobbing... Desks?

How... just... how?

by mudiikip
Neopups Halloween

You're not the only one hunting here.

by coshi_dragonite
Still Neo: Apple Bobbing

That's... Snot right.

by digidigi41
Bee Afraid

You promised I'd get to be something scary this year.

by odalisq
A Scary Disguise

Can you make it more terrifying?

Also by shayn_

by analogie

Cukkerka's first Halloween


by pilicaracer
Behind The Scenes: Quick Thinking

Some things are best left to the professionals...

by elyk442
Floating on a tin can... on Halloween

Just be creative.

by zojo_rocamadour
I love Halloween!

Trick or Treat please :)

by chak_chak
The Unfortunate Reality of Test Your Strength

Happy Halloween!

by qelato
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Candy Corn: Versatile

The Halloween season is upon us again, and nothing says Halloween better than that little yellow, orange and white candy we all start to crave once the leaves begin to fall. That's right, Candy Corn! The candy with no expiration date, as TNT calls it, is a favorite among Neopians and Neopets alike, and lucky for all you candy corn fans out there, there's more ways to enjoy this triangular treat than by continually filling your inventory with 50 pieces of Candy Corn Classic...

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You were never meant to be a hero, boy. Stay on the dark side. The winning side. You'll be happier.

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14 Petpets to Avoid Being Tricked By On Halloween
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Cloud Flute: Part Three
Laerya's household had settled at the table to enjoy a wholesome breakfast, prepared by the 'chef' Elora. Unfortunately, plans for a tasty breakfast were now out of the question.

by aquadaika


Visions III: Revealed - Part Three
Jazan turned his head back towards the ceiling and sighed heavily. There was a crazed Wocky somewhere in his city and he was helpless to stop him.

by yotoll

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