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Yeah, I Like Borovan

Do you like borovan?

by strawberry_honey
Blah Blah Christmas - Part Three

Have a Merry Christmas!!! Love Grievy~

by highwind20
Alien Aisha Ears - Day of Giving

A present!

by seahorsepond
A Colour-Blind Christmas 2 of 2

Once more with colour~

by subzeroace
Common Sense

Discussing colours with a temperamental Christmas Aisha probably isn't the best idea...

by supergirl_lazergirl
Affording Christmas: Part Four

You mean all we needed was hot cocoa and good cheer? Merry Christmas!

Story by starluff

by yampuff

The First Stuffed Chronicles

Presenting Zane, Stick and Wala, at their finest! Concept by np_faeries

by umbreon133
Peppered Reality: Xmas Special

Wish lists can really tell a lot about a character's personality...

by rivliex
Caution: May Bite - Christmas Special

Dude, it's that time of year again.

by beastybas
Merry Christmas from the Land of Pacman!

Nature isn't perfect.

by pacmanite
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles: Holiday Edition

All I want for the holidays is you (and your avatar)

by pikemaster1
The Hardships of... Habitarium P3s Part 4

It's not easy being a P3 in a Habitarium...

by alagfalaswen
Arohk + May

A not so innocent gift after all.

by rynn191
The Roleplay Cafe: Christmas

What's wrong with you, PC?

by purrfect_cookie
Talk About a Random Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas...

by buizelmaniac
Shades and Hues 03

Shadow Battles, Part 3/4

by mstr_dark
Somewhat Presentable - A Darblat Holiday

Wait! I didn't hit him yet!

Idea by fish_grenades

by crk524

The Art of Gifting

Uhm... guys?

by arrizae
Tis The Season - Part 3

It's all relative, isn't it?

by saro_the_legendaerie
Taelia's Christmas

"Oh wow. Taelia!"

by djudju22_8
The Off Season: Gift

It's the thought that counts.

by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
Furs Place - White Christmas

Looks more like a blue Christmas for Zapphire Sky.

by pichu_pikachu_raichu
Christmas Day - part 2

Merry Christmas :)

by chak_chak
Christmas Presents

Running low on neopoints this year? Here's an idea...

by fleurly
The Floating Islanders - Christmas

We've got a bit of a mixup.

by yankeesrule244444456
Elderly Pets Gone Wild

What would you like?

by wallaroo42
A Paraphernalic Christmas

Fooled by the evil hat!

by hidden_sapphire
Weekly Random

Of course I knew it was a gift box!

by petalshine_3
In the Name of Science

Virtupets Inc. recommends skim milk as your beverage of choice this holiday season!

by lombre
Who's the Boss?

Wrapping Christmas presents

by mhchristine
Make the Holiday Yours

Apple fanatic Kliarin takes charge of decorating...

by twilightdestinymai

hey... u mad?

by lachtaube

With love in every stitch.

Also by chagrins

by dangercrow

Some Serious Disappointment- The Holidays

What did you get this year?

by xlovelyxlollipopx
Inevitable Plotting Christmas Special


by chicken_dancer4444
When They Were Kids

We saw it coming.

by mudiikip
A Neo Look at Christmas

Deck the halls with boughs of holly!

by jewelia52

"The cute little Antwerph loves to snack on Petpetpets..."

by ilarvitar
Christmas in Shenkuu

It's not that we don't believe you, Xemuy, it's just that you've got crumbs in your face. Of the cookie's colour.

by yumerumenifelheim
Lukaeris Tales on Christmas - Sneak Attack

Pranks can be unexpected.

by endester
Neopups Christmas

Snowball Kougra Kid strikes again.

by coshi_dragonite
A Spooky Christmas

Time to open presents!

by ghostkomorichu
Hoopla: Giving

It's not all about receiving. :)

by _pokemon12_63
Behind The Scenes: Garage Sale

Yes, the... "attic".

by elyk442
What Could It Be?

Open your present first, Hanso.

by ginnchi
A Me'o - Neo Christmas

Happy Christmas

by montoran
Alternate Faerie's Ruin Ending

I just think the person with the best reason to hate the faeries is the poor discarded plushie.

by zenwe
Christmas Present From TNT?

What do you think?

Idea by carrbot

by bananerr

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"Jingle Bells" by cloudy__skyes
"It's Christmas Eve! There just have to be carolers!" He stood up defiantly, crossing his arms and staring almost longingly at the door. "Y'know... holiday cheer? There just have to be carolers..." His trailed off and became noticeably softer. "This is my first Christmas off of the island... it's understandable to not carol when it's summer year round, but it's different, now!"

Other Stories


Hearth and Home
"Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle. No one celebrates Christmas at home anymore."

by khirstal123


Celebrating the Day of Giving With Nobody
The Draik beamed and licked the melting crystal off of her nose with one swipe of her long purple tongue and thought, That's it. The Day of Giving is tomorrow and I should host a party.

by mamasimios


Finding The Right Gift for Your Evil Pet
Five easy steps that'll help you find the perfectly evil gift for your evil pet.

by jaredneo100


Holiday Treats!
A list of the most mouthwatering and delicious baked goods, and holiday drinks you can serve at your holiday celebrating!

by xoxkar


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...?: Part Three
It was the day before Christmas Eve when Phersephi was taking a snowy afternoon stroll around the Neopia Central Park.

by thediractor


A Very Hunter Christmas: Part Two
"Something's got to be up," said Annabel. "I mean, you should have at least got a supporting part or something. Definitely not the chorus."

by capricornhunter

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