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Neopian Neophyte - Usukis

They're what's for dinner.

by leedom111
The Off Season: Fangirls

Tandrak Shaye

by desert_gp_dragon2oo5
Baby Parasol?

It would certainly be an interesting customisation item...

Also by pizzakitty

by xx_wolf_xx_cub_xx

Behind The Scenes: Root of All Evil

...Who owns that greedy Kadoatie, anyway?

by elyk442
The Comic comic

A very existential comic hiatus.

by caterait
Tornado in a Bottle

It's impossible... Right???

by veih
A Straw Short

Better hiding spot needed.

by solcana64
Neopet Complaints

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

by glittergirl7000
The Wacky World of Ezel68

He's got a point, Edna...

by ezel68
Woodland Despair

Scarabs eat...

by kuraimizuki
The Roleplay Cafe: How Insulting

Sticks and stones ain't got nothing on Veronica. XO

by purrfect_cookie

Quite a sense of humor.

by joesephluff
Kacheek Stink

*wobble wobble*

by angelusdeletum
Confusion and Lipstick: Snow Pets

Places to Avoid

by x_love_song_x
Talk About Random

Every loss is a small win.

by buizelmaniac
Unlikeable Sort

Day 1...

by keese_bat
Defective Paint Brush

How shameful.

by bluemeows
The Most Important Things

When the chat board is about to explode, you save what matters most!

by hellehond
For the Lulz - The Joke

We hereby apologize for the puns.

by mooseydoom101
Funtime at the Kadchat

This is how it always goes for me...

by blumenelfe
Usually Not Funny - OOGA BOOGA

And the pumpkin was never heard of again.

by girlthehero
The Meepit - Pure Evil

Even a birthday isn't safe from the wrath of meepits...

by kitteh_love_forever
Obvious Lurker

Word to the wise: avoid flaming eyes if you're trying to be sneaky.

by umbreon133
Chaos Around Every Corner

Where we discover that yes, your younger sibling CAN beat you...

by sailor_midnightmist
Dr. Sloth's Birthday Surprise

Aww, this is so nice of you.

Concept by ravemuch

by 1992jk1995

To the Tune: Tick... Tick...

A few minutes left!

Also by metakitsune

by xstarfrost

Don't Save the Pie Part 1

The pie does not want to be saved.

by bedbugz
Smelly Halloween!

Rots and rots of fun!

by frosted_fires
Neon Light

Yes, Key Quest Faerie. We are ALL watching you. o.o

by kirenaia
Dr. Evil Sweet-tooth

Happy Birthday, Neopets!

Concept by sarcasticdeath

by vampirebunny18

Never Gonna Shut You Up

Seal your cake receptacle, you conniving mountebank!

by mudiikip
Daily Dose Of AWESOME


by leeeeemon39
Eleven Years?

11x365+11/4=4018 xD

by soccagal45
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"The Times of Omen" by outsyder
Ever wondered if we were all placed in Neopia for a purpose? No matter how great or small, everyone has a purpose. However, with what happened with me, I'd rather have as my purpose to raise Slorgs for a living. It was a sunny day in the Month of Collecting. I was walking down Aisha Avenue without a care. I then heard a sweet voice...

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The Outward Appearance
Lying to protect her reputation wasn't something that would make her proud, she knew. But she had to do it. No one could know that...

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Adventures in Money
A fire was roaring in the fireplace; nearby, a large silver Skeith was sitting in an armchair, sipping a cup of hot tea.

by kevin_7894


Roo Island Needs A Makeover!
No wonder the king was so glum. The island he ruled over had been left out, and his pride was wounded.

by _toffey_


What Kind Of Neopet Owner Are You?
We all love our neopets but we care for them in different ways and sometimes, this is shown by how we prioritize and decide on things in relation to our pet.

by akitera


Genesis: Part One
Perfect, the computer is finally operational again after the crash. If more proof were ever needed for the incompetence of those engineers - there it is!

by d_morton


Flowlight: Sun - Echoes of Pride - Part One
None of the occupants of this particular inn were going to bother getting up because of something as petty as daytime.

by antiaircraft_3

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