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Warning- Choking is a hazard to your health.

by pyro_wyvern1
Toxic Talking Cookies


by sunasune
Diary of a Mad Neopian: Bait & Tackle

Baby Wockies tend to interpret life differently than the rest of us...

by strangeperky
Neozxc Nonsense

At the Drawing Board

by neozxc20
Secret Hideout

(insert secret spy music here)

by summerchristmas838
Talk About Manly Pride

Excuse me, miss?

by spooky_cookie
Breezy: Instant S'mores

You already are, buddy!

by breeze_chaser
Four is Too Many

Two is company, three is a crowd, but four is far too many. Introducing Buddy and Queen at Sahkmet.

by dragons_rulz797
The Mind of Max


by 0omythical_dragono0
Sketchy Situations

School's about to start.

by _finnavair_
Progressive Stupidity

Hold still.

by invader_chloemew
Acts of Kindness

It's the littlest things that count the most.

by x__chewee
Fish Negg Revenge

Just when you couldn't get enough Fish Neggs...

by periodicage
Neon (#4)

Everyone loves a Brucicle treat on a cold wintery day... right?

by zzanniezz
Akhmin's Antics #5: Why isn't Akhmin Sketch?

Oh, the inhumanity of it all!

Story by cougars8888

by akhmin

The Numnums: Conceited much?

#1 Coolest Neopet EVER!

Idea by ridiculer

by korked

Drama Queens

I just love the NC Mall!

by noobspeak
Talk About Random - "The Lookout"


by buizelmaniac
Define Idiocy

Oh the weather outside is still frightful.

by darkness1300
Freaked #2

Poor Maxterrz... Oh well!

by fricha
That's Weird...

You really think I'll believe that?

by __cuti3patooti3__
Poor Pant Devil

What happens when you ask your neopet to get you an avatar....

by appyrodeo
A Little Taste of Achyfi

Makes me think...

by ikea1994
Click Here

Warning: This comic does not contain any Meepits, Kads, Random Events, Sloth references, or baked goods.

by me_like_juice
computer freaks:// something has happened!!! -again-

Oi... the Pant Devil has some serious issues apparently...

by kaykay355
Crazy Berry

Berry is too crazy for you! xP

by fantasticdora
Whack Me to Extinction

Hmmm, maybe faeries shouldn't be that small?

by jirehtrenton
The Gallion Ranch

"Mediocrity has never been this much pain."

Script by hakuryu_86

by pacmanite

Customisation Fun

Aww... Sweet!

by bernice_dao
Home Sweet Shenkuu #1

Aren't Jelly Neohome Rooms supposed to be purple?

by desert_gp_dragon2oo5

A normal day at the Garden Centre.

by tzintzuntzan
Shoyru Adventures: Chronicles of the Poor pt.1

Saving up for a paint brush?

by lawrence_189
Purple Cybunny Blues

Doesn't everyone just want to be a purple Cybunny?!

by blinkin_sprog
Over Reacting

When your pet is bent on protecting the world from evil, sometimes they can be a little over zealous...

by danceswithmeepits
Is not a good idea!


by piitanga
Comic Relief (Episode 1.1 - Unloaded)

Join Puck, Zu and Tod in their (mis)adventures through the world of Neopia.

by hoeiva
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Feed Picky Meepits

The meepits come in six colors. There are the simpler red, yellow, and blue corresponding to the machine, but there are also the more complicated orange, purple, and pink. Now, if you just want to play Meepit Juice Break, that's all you need to know, but if you REALLY want that avatar, stay tuned! Meepits are picky little creatures! They will drink anything, but they really love the juice that matches their own color. That is relatively easy when it comes to the red, yellow, and blue meepits, but the orange, purple, and pink can...

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"Dude, look inside your lunch. You must be like, the luckiest Lupe in the world..."

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Appearances Aren't Everything
"Oh yum," she thought. "More soggy Omelettes. If only Jelly World existed. Then I could at least have a dessert..."

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Meepits - World Conquerors with "Adorable Buckteeth"
Meepits are indeed dangerous creatures.

by serissa98


Perplexing Puzzles: A Guide
Puzzles just never get the recognition they deserve. Often, they are seen as too easy or too hard. Here is a showcase of the Top Ten puzzles to play...

by lizzex8


The Young Dr_Death: Part Seven
"She might start a Gallery just like Shaun and stick Mipsy in there," Dr_Death said to himself. He paced back and forth like a madman, full of energy and unable to sit still...

by fudge_rabbit22


Karina, the Math Wiz: Part One
A little red Mynci squealed with excitement. "I... I... I got a perfect score?"

by sweetie_me274

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