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Neopian Neophyte

Fractions? Pfft, try taking calculus! :P

by leedom111
You Do Realize...

Begin the fight!

by glowing_banana

But there was this nice man named Adam...

by sunset_midnight

A special kind of love.

by white_draigon
No N00bs is Good N00bs

It's the latest fashion, I tell you.

by summerschilde

WARNING : Chatspeak ahead!

Also by idb

by the_space_faerie

Random Encounters

... ^_^'

by isatura

Hey, this one is cute.

by cleoannie
Anthro Antics

Lions, Tigers, and Fangirls....oh my!

by mekimoki
A New Hobby

I'll get the fire extinguisher.

by ssj4saturnduo
The Misadventures of a Pink Lenny


Drawn by articuno_neo

by immortalmina

Uni's Scorn

Aww! You are so cute!!

by jjuulliiee43
Rainy Sleepover

Okay, what was the point of that?

by linds4y
Fruity Famille

Lurking Shadow Creature?

by faeriegurl4lyfe
The Yarn- Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, Earwigs and other things that go bump in the night.

by pieieieie
Simply Sane

Mwahahaha! ... ahem.

by lament_of_solitude

Something has happened!

by scamhunter4ever
Petpet Mania

Intelligence matters. O_o

by hallonglass
A Dangerous Game of Dice-A-Roo

Find out the REAL risks of avatar-collecting!

by __brunette__shorty__

Guess what I bought!!

by crow213
Ultimate Cork Gun

Missed. Try again.

by ssjelitegirl
Aishas Pwn!

Where's my Candy Vampire...?

by chelsey2713
Comic Thing

Neohomes are getting rather hazardous...

by murderous_pikachu
The Misadventures of Konig

It's a lovely day for a kite...

Story by liger_zero3123

by beaslays


Simple pleasures, eh?

by flying_hiii

What's up with you?

by scribble
Hard-Learned Lessons

Some things have to be learned the hard way...

by o0little_tiger0o
An Involuntary Spasm

Ever wondered what a Mutant Faellie with the hiccups looked like?

by moonlit_sparkle
Chemical Reactions

No one ever said teaching Chemistry would be easy...

Written by Laurelinden

by faeriestories

Snowager Challenge #2

Snowager is so cool.

by firefree_girl
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"Faerie Storm" by just_waiting
Strident voices surrounded the palace in Faerieland, echoing off the towers and making their way through the clouds. Earth Faeries were arguing with Water Faeries because the grass and flowers were browning from a lack of water. Fire Faeries were angry with Air Faeries because of the winds that disrupted their flames...

Other Stories


Secrets of Geraptiku
In a sudden gust of energy despite her draining energy Mera broke into a run. Today, she whispered to herself. Today, I'll step inside that tomb...

by angelpuss_muddskippy


Faerie Storm
A thought glimmered in the Faerie Queen's mind. A smile played about her lips as she murmured to herself...

by just_waiting


25 Things to Do with an Unwanted Plushie Gallery
Save them for the next gift-giving holiday. Give them for birthday presents, for Christmas, and for the day that has been cancelled due to lack of interest! What? That's not a gift-giving holiday?

by puppy200010


Trouble in Faerieland?
It has been said that the Faeries have just become complacent, while others believe that they have lost their love for Neopians. What are we to believe?

by buttafromdaghetto


Echoes||Betrayal: Part One
We stood in ranks ten deep and ten wide, the Syrokian recruits, awaiting orders from our commanders...

by freakogamer91


Ancient Neopia: Part Four
"Is this my end? No way!" Hero said to himself. "I can survive…"

by articuno_neo

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