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A Pirate's Life - Buried Treasure

You pull out a ticket...

by piratesy
Why the Kadoaties loved this year's Charity Corner?

You have no excuse now..


by prada_prince

Just mutant things vol. 5

Job hunting can be hard for mutants, don't desist! eventually they'll find the right place.

by jacquelineramrez
Fruit Machine Flounder

One day...

Also By: earthlingdreamz

by roxanna203

Bad Joke Hissi (Part One)

You've heard of dad jokes; well now we have Bad Hissi Jokes!

by dukula
The Floating Islanders: Ultimate Weapon

I think someone threw a pea at her too if you can believe that.

by yankeesrule244444456
Safe and sound


by lighters_
Spyders' legs

They have six legs...

by ketchup547
When You're Bad at Kass Basher

Can you just not..please...thanks...

by snikkeler_doodle
The mysterious Aisha Myriad!!!

This strange alien device can be transformed into a random Current Hidden Tower Item!

by daniel_santos09
But we don't want to...

He is so scary!

by valokki

Was it worth it?

by ssjelitegirl
Naiahtin's Doodles: Antigravity Tulip

No hands, no problem for this little tadpole!

by _kate_e_did_
Daily Confusion

Do those red pteris know where they are?

by havocandchaos
Recycled Jokes

fashion over comfort.

by iskii
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"The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Five" by cosmicfire918
Wai Ren was obviously not supposed to be anywhere but the fortress, but thankfully the relic Kougra’s own colouring provided a convenient solution. He created an animated clay replica of himself and ordered it to pretend to be ill. With this effigy of himself huddled under several blankets, by the time the servants discovered the real Wai Ren was gone, he would be too far away. Having done that, the general hid his ornate armour under a travelling cloak and donned a wide bamboo hat, and then he and his three companions stole away to a side gate to watch the wagons leave. "You couldn’t have just changed armour?" Ganzorig asked as they leaned against the cool earthen walls. "This armour is expertly made and enchanted with several protective spells," Wai Ren said. "I would not exchange it for a lesser set. I am sure Miss Min understands well what the value of proper armour is to one who wields a blade."Min flinched, fidgeting with the strap that kept her pudao fastened to her back. "S-sure," she said. "Oh, there are the wagons," Eunji said, pointing to the distance.

Other Stories


Spyders, Seafoam, and Slow Rainy Days
There were muffled voices in a room far down the hall. Rain droned on the roof and the room was a bit too warm. The afternoon was flat grey and time was in no hurry to pass.

by rrooaarrrr


Seven Easy Ways to Reach All-Star in the Altador Cup
Written while considering which team to join this year.

by karlynne1964


Guide to Planting Neopian Flowers
April showers bring May flowers! We have already suffered through last month’s rain (although if you ask any Koi, they’ll say it was quite pleasant, actually), and now is the time to reap the beautiful rewards.

Written in collaboration with sunshine482

by k3l26


The Found CIty:Part Three
This was a disaster.

by unfogging


TWELVE Tips to Help You Succeed in Life:Part Eleven

by downrightdude

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