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Spot the Difference Edition #5

Can you find the 10 differences? Also by Aritastic

by not_sporty
Valentine's Petpet Compatibility Quiz

Answer the questions about your pet to find them the most compatible Valentine's petpet!

by _espy_
Unchanging Love

nothing has changed :)

by linework

Think before you say...

by kosserdragon
Kadding Moods

As new Kadoatie feeders, most of us have experienced these moods.

by kiwigoddesskimmie
Random Oddness: Valentines

don't worry

by mistyqee
Chia Love

A Happy Valentine's Day Pun!

by grandeshop
Neo Pun Intended? - Volume 1

Would you do a quest for me?

(Idea by Xoro)

by benrina

Aishas Rise Up

we must

by lime_in_da_coconut
Pets Who Sweat

Because it’s still summer in parts of Neopia.

by greyorangegrey
I Love Mess

must spark

by umbrex


by smilingpony
Geli Talks 2

Time to move to Terror Mountain!

by cyberpuppy33
Zork the Dork

is this a joke?

Collaboration with brother_red (:

by mexxyyy

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"Shadow Play" by cosmicfire918
Terra loved Neopia Central at night. The bustling metropolis was already fascinating enough during the day, but at night it turned into a symphony of light and motion. Faerie-dust lamps set down a rhythm of soft light on endless sidewalks, magic signs blinked a syncopated beat above shops and restaurants, and a choir of Eyrie cabs and Uni-drawn lorries streamed along city blocks like a grid-shaped river. A chilly spring wind picked up and the pale-skinned, blue-eyed human woman zipped her jacket closed. Her long copper hair was tied back in a braid, and she carefully wadded it against the back of her neck before throwing the hood of her jacket over her head, pushing her glasses up her nose, and putting her hands in her pockets. Low clouds hung overhead, illuminated by the collective glow of uncountable city lights. It had rained earlier that day, and it looked poised to do so again tonight. Not that Terra would mind—she loved rain, too. Visits to Neopia Central were always a wonderful experience.

Other Stories


Green Neggs and Cheese
Sophie the blue Shoyru was lonely. Her sister had recently morphed pirate and was running with a new crowd of all-pirate pets.

by stellajoy_


The Hunt for the Perfect Pearl
A wide-eyed Maraquan Jubjub with a look of determination on her face paddles through the coral reef. She is surrounded by marvelous corals of so many colors – blue with orange swirls, brilliant greens, red and pink tree-like formations, and even purple – but these are not what she is after.

by fire_faerie167349


Valentine Petpets to Help Show Your Love!
Valentine’s Day has long carried a tradition of being a time to show our Neopets love, affection, and appreciation. As the date approaches each year, many Neopians scramble to find the *perfect* gifts for their favorite Neopets.

Also by breakeven and Lookidontcare3

by ilovemykitties12


Top Neopian Valentine's Vacation Destinations
Welcome to the first annual edition of the Neopian Vacation Planning Committee’s list of Valentine’s Vacation Destinations! We have compiled this brief list so that you can stop stressing about where to take your special someone and instead focus on the good times you will have together.

by catchinglights


Searching a place:Part Three
Chapter 3. A Refreshing Environment, The Island of Mystery and The Island of Lutari.

Also by acespades1, charliews & hits

by nacil30


The Treasure of Smuggler's Cove:Part Two
“Oy, Sammy, wake up!”

by unfogging

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