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How to Earn at Least 50,000 Neopoints a Day!

Here’s a little guide for new or returning users that might help you build up those bank accounts a bit faster than usual!

by _celesteroids_
Failing Foods of Brightvale University

When in doubt, don't eat it.

by parody_ham
Cosying this Winter with the Xweetoks

As Christmas draws near, let us take a moment to appreciate the family and friends around us! collab with masters_united & _arkham_asylum_

by breakeven
A Sonnet of Samrin: Extreme Herder

So, you want the Extreme Herder avatar, Eh?

by honorrolle
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"The Endless Night" by ichiruto0
King Altador was already awake when he heard the resounding jingle of the Altadorian Palace’s bells. He gently got up from his wooden bed and opened the windows of his chambers. The affable breeze promptly touched his face, and something different could be noticed about the view. “Am I sleeping yet?”, the King thought. He rubbed his eyes for a few seconds and then looked again. “What is happening right now?”, the King pondered. King Altador dressed hastily and left the Palace, expecting to see more clearly what was going on. Despite the fact it was already 6 AM, the altadorian skies were completely black. In fact, the sky was not only utterly dark, but it had lots of greyish and stormy clouds on it.

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