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A Scarab's Guide to Travelling Neopia

Many Neopians have written about travelling throughout Neopia, and you can find many brochures, guides, and books about all the lands in Neopia. However, what about from a Scarab’s point of view?

by nnpower888
The Neopian Times Series Spotlight — The Music Box

Hello Neopians, and welcome to the first-ever Neopian Times Series Spotlight! With eracina

by the__reporter
Required Reading: Booktastic Books

In this article, we’ll be chronicling some of the most interesting Booktastic Books out there!

by cherry_icee12
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"Ndomi's Secret Lost Desert Mission" by drgnswor
The sun was beating down relentless, casting the entirety of The Lost Desert in glimmering gold. Flat sand plains stretched as far as the eye could see with no respite in sight. The horizon seemed endless to poor Ndomi who wiped the two droplets of sweat that were making their way down either side of her head. She had spent four arduous days trekking in the outer skirts of The Lost Desert. Surely it wasn’t far off now? What she wouldn’t do for an oasis to just appear before her. She checked her satchel and picked up her almost empty water bottle. “I know what I’d be wishing for,” the Green Gelert muttered between laboured breaths as she took a tiny little sip.Why on Neopia did I agree to help Sankara, Ndomi thought ruefully. She didn’t even like going outside Sakhmet City, let alone the barren and hostile desert beyond it yet she had agreed to this difficult task.

Other Stories


A cacophony of live music, excited chatter, enthusiastic laughs, and clashing dishes filled the Cascade Ballroom, the largest that Altador had to offer... Authors note: Special thanks to yuysister01 and lemongirl0 for your feedback!

by malisha9


Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Sekhegal snorts. Showed what these Neopians knew. All this good dung for the taking and everyone thought it was trash!

by aliceinwonderland18


Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library
This week we explore The Thieves Code - Otherwise Known as the Mysterious Book

by herdygerdy


Quarry Life
Monazite shares her discovery with Agate while things heat up at Obsidian Quarry!

by blueys45


Blossoms~ A Day Out Part 4
How do I get out of this?

by twillieblossom


Stop playing with your food!

by xxautumnxx

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