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Time Sensitive Avatars

Most Neopians are aware of the elusive seasonal avatars only after they pass, causing sadness and tears. Hopefully this guide to different time sensitive avatars can help alleviate some of the heartbreak associated with missing such coveted avatars.

Also by djleclair

by blackroseofwisdom

Shenkuu River Rush: Rush To The Trophy!

Shenkuu River Rush is one of the 3D games available in Neopia, it's an immersive journey down the wild rivers of Shenkuu. With this guide, you'll become one of the top river surfers in Shenkuu, hopefully earning yourself a shiny new trophy! With this guide, you'll become one of the top river surfers in Shenkuu, hopefully earning yourself a shiny new trophy!

by alyseth
The Conflict On Kreludor

I'm going to be breaking down the multiple sections of history of this planet to give a greater understanding of Neopia's outer world and how it plays into the politics happening down on the ground.

Also by erai

by alienigenosidad

What To Do When You’ve Done It All

What do you do in Neopets when you feel like you’ve accomplished all you want to do? For me the answer came not when I was looking for it actively, but just as I was coming on daily

by hey_choking_hazard
Chias: A Lupe’s Perspective

I thought long and hard about one peculiar thing: what makes these Chias so doggone popular with Lupes?

by butterflybandage
Which Neopian Land is the Wealthiest?

Have you ever stop for a moment and think… Which Neopian land is the wealthiest and which one is the poorest? Which one has the biggest tourism industry and which one is the best to retire to after a life of hard work? Now it’s the time to find out.

by abinorm05
Fleur's Guide to creating Neopets Characters

Obviously characters are born in many creative ways, but this article will give you the stepping stones to beginning your character and some things you should consider when developing personalities, personal attributes and potential storylines.

by gloomrain
Crafting With Delina

I was able to maneuver around all the spools of thread and yards of fabric to be able to chat with Delina herself! I prepared a few questions for her to try and get the real scoop on how she designs her excellent outfits.

by auraphic
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"Country Cousin" by 77thbigby
Uncle Vance, Aunt Louise and cousin Ellie were all thrilled to have them. Much to Reggie’s disgust, he received three hugs from his family in greeting. “Ellie has finished her chores so she’s free to spend the day with you two, showing you around,” Uncle Vance said. Ellie, a rainbow Gelert, could hardly stay still in her excitement. “What do you guys want to do first? Visit the Turmaculus? Illusen? Or see the castle?” “Sometime during the summer, we’ll all take a day to visit Brightvale,” Aunt Louise put in. How about no to all, Reggie thought with a roll of his eyes and a bored sigh. Lucy, however, was ready for all of it. “I want to see the farm!” “OK! You’re going to love it!” Ellie said, leading the way. Reggie trudged behind the girls. They saw the various crops growing. The orange Gelert had never walked so much in his life. Yet, Ellie and Lucy were still raring to go. The tour only ended when the triangle called them back for supper. Reggie was relieved. He got to sit down and the food was really good! Though, he would hardly admit that. Aunt Louise smiled as she watched her teenaged nephew clear his plate; his words weren’t necessary. They all went to bed early since Uncle Vance, Aunt Louise and Ellie, being the country folk that they were, rose with the sun. Ellie and Lucy would be sharing a room for the summer while Reggie had the guest room. He didn’t know about the girls but he could only lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. It was too quiet and it was so dark. Reggie tossed and turned, thumping his pillow until he finally fell asleep.

Other Stories


Country Cousin
Reggie had just gotten there and he already wanted to go home. He hadn’t wanted to come to Meridell in the first place but Mother had insisted. So here the orange Gelert was.

by 77thbigby


Somehow, in some way, you have to get through until you can curl up in bed and lose yourself from the world. You can do it, you tell yourself. You did it yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before. You have to do it.

by meadows_lark


Welcome to White River: Part Three
She breathed in slowly, steeling herself as she entered. She could feel the change in the air as she entered, as heads slowly began to turn and stare. She spotted Enid, wearing a kilt and a dark brown shirt, a long swath of tartan fabric draping down her shoulder across her chest. She smiled, and gave Portia a thumbs up.

by hzoo_26


Return to Lynwood: Part One
Of course Terra was a grown owner, but Isengrim could not help but dote on her. She had saved him from himself, showed him the utmost kindness and patience when he was at his worst, and inspired him to have the strength to change, and for that he owed her the world. But he had yet to figure out a way to obtain the world for her, so for now he would make do with being the best Neopet he could be for her.

by cosmicfire918


Goodbye, Lucye ~ Part 1
The history of a loyal Petpet

by arijuka


Never Insult the Obvious

by littlegirlydude

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