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What Does Your Favourite Faerie Say About You II

There are many different faeries in Neopia, and they all have unique, distinct personalities. How does your own favourite faerie reflect your own personality? Do you have a lot in common, or are you nothing alike? Read on to find out!

by aleu1986
Erin’s Extreme Game Avatar Guide: Volcano Run II

Volcano Run II is an incredibly difficult avatar that requires a lot of practice and skill. Even the most determined of gamers have struggled with this one. Here are some tips to help you on your quest to collect this fiery avatar and get one step closer to your avatar goals.

by krazypinkgurl
So Neurotic, You're Willing To Lose Money!

I've written about Neopets neuroses in the past, but never about something as odd as losing money! My past articles were full of positivity and enthusiasm. I thought that this time, it would be interesting to write about neuroses that we have that are rather negative, yet we continue to harbor them.

by indulgences
How to Make the Most Out of Usukicon Y18

The best day of the year is upon us yet again! It’s Usuki Day! A day filled with celebrating one of Neopia’s fondest pastimes: all things Usuki! Our article will share with you a few different ways to celebrate this joyous tradition in Neopian history!

Also by lifeguard1993

by suspensiion

Rocks Rock! A Guide To The Most Versatile Petpet

There really is a petpet for each occasion and each Neopet! If you're short of time - let's face it, who isn't? (That Ice Cream Machine avatar isn't going to win itself, you know) - take my advice and buy your Neopet a Rock. "A rock?!" I hear you cry, incredulously. "My Neopet won't thank me for getting him a rock!"

by tallydepp
Cards on the Table

It’s recently come to my attention that people simply might not know what they’re missing in this oft-overlooked section, especially now that KeyQuest is on hiatus. Today, I’d like to examine some points in favor of these lesser-loved Neopian games.

by lunarchronicles
If the Forgotten Shore Really Forgotten?

If you’re an avid adventurer you’ve probably know about the Forgotten Shore. It’s that lonely stretch of beach on Krawk Island that presents Neopians with the chance to pick up items of considerable worth. But all this begs the question; if there is a cache of hidden wealth on this shore, is it really forgotten?

by trixietrotter
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"Usuki Singing Stars #35: Lola Saves the Day" by downrightdude
"Lola, you’re a lifesaver!” Patricia exclaimed, tying a ribbon around the end of a balloon. The faerie Shoyru picked up another balloon and ribbon. “If you didn’t come over today, then I would have been swamped with all the decorating. But are you sure you don’t want any compensation?” Lola shook her head. “I don’t mind helping at all,” said the yellow Cybunny. She placed a tray of Chomby-shaped cookies on the picnic table and looked around the backyard. “While you finish up with the balloons, I’ll begin taping the streamers around the fence.” “Can you also unpack the party hats?” asked Patricia. “I’ll attach the balloons to the fence you.” “Sure.” Lola picked up the box of streamers and walked toward the fence. She weaved the blue, green and yellow streamers together and taped them in wide crescents across the fence. After finishing, she retrieved a box of party hats from the kitchen and unpacked them at the picnic table. “Your mother says the cake is almost done,” Lola reported to Patricia. “She just needs to frost it.” “Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!” Alan chanted as she ran past the girls, blowing his noisemaker loudly. “I’m going to have the best party ever,” the blue Shoyru gloated, “and Mommy said I can have two slices of cake!” Brayden, who was crawling behind Alan, shook his rattle enthusiastically. “Ablooha!” cried the baby Shoyru. Patricia rolled her eyes, but Lola giggled. Today, the nineteenth day of the Month of Hiding, was Alan’s birthday. The girls were prepping the party decorations while Mrs. Winston worked on the party snacks and Alan’s birthday cake. “Do you know when your friends will be arriving?” asked Lola.

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Before the Fall: A Dark Faerie Story
“Aethia, please see me after class.” My heart thudded unevenly as I slunk down a little further in my seat. I was surely in trouble, and not academically. Yesterday I’d had my fourth fight of the week… and it was only Wednesday.

by darigankat


The Mutant Conspiracy
Junior Reporter Kyra Talehunter, hot on the trail of a scorching story, goes in search of a mysterious Mutant.

by fleurdust


Orlitz and the Search for the Emerald Crown: Part Seven
They had been rattling dice and moving tiny figurines over a cardboard path for nearly half an hour now. Iskeen enjoyed board games as much as the next Neopet, but her tolerance did have a limit. Besides, it didn’t help that Julian had a competitive streak larger than the Snowager.

by josephinefarine


The Spirit of Black Keep: Part Three
The augurs were right—the next day was still overcast and cold, but the clouds looked much less likely to rain as Celice rented a carriage to take them to Market Town.

by cosmicfire918


Blossoms~ Snowball Effect Part 4
Well then, I feel better already!

by twillieblossom


Powered By Asparagus...Or Not?
He looks like asparagus, so he MUST be allergic to them...oh!

by starsbc

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