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Autumnal: Top Five Autumn Items Guide - Petpets

Get to know about the top five Autumn items in Neopia!

Also by morifoy

by sosunub

Five Avatar Collecting Pitfalls

In this article, I will take you through the five most common problems I have seen collectors face—problems that I have run into multiple times along my journey, and that I continue to face. For each problem, I will offer a solution that I have found to be consistently successful. If you keep these points in mind, you too can achieve the Avatar Collector Avatar!

by gumgum101230
The New Restocking System Explained

Shops used to keep the same old junk in stock forever, taking up the four rows so nothing good could restock. Therefore, people would spend their hard-earned Neopoints on garbage to deliberately make space so good items could stock. This was deemed a problem, and the auto-clear system was born.

by _brainchild_
Pyramid Scheme: A Guide to the Card Game

You have been travelling for days without water, with the sun beating down on your weary skin. You’ve already swatted the bugs away in Swarm, dragged your opponents across the ground Tug of War and in the distance you can finally see your destination ahead of you. A great golden pyramid rises up before your eyes… Alternatively, you typed ‘Pyramids’ in the games room search bar, either way – you made it here, and now you’re ready and raring to win yourself that golden trophy!

by luv4free
Guilds: A Matter of Size

Have you ever been in a guild before? If so, you will probably know that guilds have many different sizes, which is reflected by the amount of members currently in the guild. However, whether a guild is small, large or even medium is, for the most part, subjective. 

by vanillerrybeitje
The 100% Serious, Completely Factual, Not Satirical Guide!

Are you tired of watching all of your friends’ show of their cool dung? Are sad that you are not fast enough to grab that dung in the Money Tree? Are you too poor to buy dung off other lucky dung owners? If so, this 100% serious, completely factual, guide is right for you!

by rube_226
The Problems of Protesting Weewoos

There’s discontent brewing within the generally peaceful Weewoo community. The Coalition for Embitterment, a Weewoo-run group based in Krawk Island, organized public protests after filing a petition against the Neopian Times early last week.

Also by sasaki_kyomi

by agentm005

The Greatest Game Ever Played (Probably)

I feel like I owe you all something a bit personal, deeper—some sort of reflection on myself as your fellow Neopian, y'know?
* * *
Month of Hiding, Day 24, Y15, 9:20 AM. If I was ever awake this early, it was because I'd already been up all night and I still wasn't ready to surrender to my brain's aggressive melatonin assault.

by 4zure
Neopia's Most Beloved Trophies

Each game comes with a prize to the highest scorers – a unique trophy that captures the spirit and challenge of the game. We will be taking a look at the game trophies that best represent the games they are awarded for, as well as tips on how to add these lovely trophies to your collection!

Also by lute248

by sakurah_rabbit

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"Adventures in Lutari Island" by dunefurandlilypelt
Alyssa the Camouflage Uni stared out the window of the Neohome she lived in with her siblings. She longed to be outside, exploring the jungle like she always loved to do. That day, her mom was in Altador celebrating her cousins' birthdays, so Alyssa's oldest brother was in charge. The Uni was the youngest of her family, but she was also the sneakiest and most resourceful one. Grinning, Alyssa silently slid open her window. She dotted down a quick note that read, "Gone adventuring. I'll try to be back for dinner!", and flew out the window. She closed the window, took a deep breath, and smiled. Alyssa loved nature. And despite the rampant storms all around Lutari Island, where she lived, there was never a gloomy day. Alyssa figured she'd better head into the jungle soon or else Adam, her oldest brother, would catch her and send her into her room again. "Where to go today?" Alyssa whispered. She knew the land like the back of her hooves; she even had several hand-made maps of the island. "Ooh! I know, I'll go to the feather pools," she decided, and started to fly south. It took quite a while to get there, and Alyssa had to take quite a few stops, but finally she reached one of the most pristine places on the whole island: the feather pools.

Other Stories


You Had One Job
But what’s with the herbs? You literally eat out every night; the most I’ve seen you cook is toast, and it’s never even very good toast, and yet now you’re buying exotic herbs and- are you chopping those herbs, Jhudora? You have multiple greasy Shenkuuvian takeout boxes from that place with the peeling pink paint and yet here you are cooking. That doesn’t seem like you, Jhudora.

by quanticdreams


Like Falling Asleep
“Is she coming back?” Marya asked. “Of course she is,” Caden said. “She loves us.” “Then where is she?”

by esthers123


Fire-Born: Part Three
The group of Neopets and their owner stared at the Blue Peophin who had been caught trying to kidnap Vineti, a Chocolate Aisha. It was the middle of the night, and according to the Peophin, his boss would know if they went to the Chia Police.

“Should I still go?” Kata asked uncertainly. Lina looked at Vineti before answering.

by goodsigns


After ACX: Part Seven
Part Seven - Clockwork

It’s the last day of play. Finally, it’s day 28 and soon, oh, so very soon, we will be free. I’m not the only one feeling like this, I can tell. The Snow pen, nearest us, have the same feeling of ennui, they’re practically drowning in it.

Also by lil_em06

by swimmingstar01


Weewoo Woes
What's in a name?

by pirate_11


Anniversary - Part 4
And then I told him I was sorry, but he still insists on banishing me from my own kingdom.

by caylista

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