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Which Limited Edition Pet Are You?

A quiz to see which one of those elusive limited edition pets you are.

by chestnuttiger787
The Age Old Question

It is an age old question, almost a taboo, that no Neopet has ever dared to answer, or even question.

by chazer_rem
The Beauty of Krawks

Are Krawks the elite pets of Neopia?

by blackwater444
A Guide To Neopian Longevity

No one can say for sure what the future will hold for Neopia (though I think we all can easily imagine what we would want it to be like!), but there is one constant that is inevitable: getting older.

by lancebismine
A Beginner's Guide to Snack Safekeeping

Inspired by my life as a middle child.

by honshusan
Peas Don't Hurt Me!

A list of the ten best pea foods out there.

by poogleluver345
Unusual Foods: Sandwiches

What could be better than a sandwich on an ordinary day?

by ripplestream850
Stay Warm This Winter

A few tips on keeping your Neopet warm.

Also by pisces_babe_

by hotredfirefaerie

Ten Wonderful Winter Outfits!

Neopets as well as their owners need to bundle up to keep warm in winter, but who says you can't look super cute while doing it?

by kaylaftw
What to Do With a Pet That Hates Advent

We all either have that pet or know one who does; the pet that hates the month of advent, and more specifically, the day of giving.

by kita271
How to Create Your Own Neoboard Avatar

The first step is also the most important one. Think your avatar through.

by the_creator12345
Celebrating Borovan Day

After all, who wouldn't love to chow down on asparagus and hot chocolate-flavoured food and drink for a whole day?

by fire_mistress_101
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"We Truly Were" by nirette
Felicia collapsed beside me and stroked my hair. "Detective Alpini dug up some news; Dejordanii took himself to the pound. He is, and it's the law, with a new owner now." She sighed loudly. "I scheduled a visit with his new parent. We'll see him tomorrow." A tear fell down my pink fur. "Why did he leave?" I sobbed, tossing the rose petal away. It fluttered to the ground and landed in a pool of water, where it...

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We Truly Were
Leaves rustled in the cool fall air. A whisper of despair calling out into the openness.

by nirette


Another Day to Fish
Suddenly the shadow was no longer a shadow, but a titanic giant squid! Its eye came up and looked at me.

Also by icanhaskaila

by midnight_009


Ties That Bind: Part Nine
The Gelert frowned. "Now you're catching on."

by merlynia


Illusions of Grandeur: Part Eight
I coughed and croaked out, "Not what you expected?"

by kittengriffin


Kougra days
Not for kougras...?

by _sebis_


Not Thought Through
Not only is Xandra evil...

by ilia_twilight

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