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Insane Dreams of a Wacky Chocolate Factory

by blubblub317


Also by shadih_temporary

The stamps and marches of Ms. Wrinky's third-grade class could be perceived throughout the lively streets of the Neopian Bazaar. Many of the students were chattering excitedly with their friends, while others were simply enjoying the nature and looking around their surroundings. Latiny, a white Aisha, was in fact doing none of these things at the moment. Instead, she was scribbling in her personal journal about the events that were occurring at the moment.

      21st Day of Running, Y6 1:14 pm NST

     I can hardly contain any of the excitement that's bursting in my stomach right now. This field trip just seems too good to be true! I still can't believe Ms. Wrinky somehow managed to get us a tour of the Chocolate Factory. I mean, there are so many reservations held there, it's a wonder that she even got in the factory in the first place! But oh well, I'm just enormously happy that we'll be the-EEE! Oh my gosh, we're here! We're finally at the Chocolate Factory!

     With a smile full of glee on her face, Latiny quickly stuffed her journal in her backpack, and stared at her teacher who was now standing at the entrance of the Chocolate Factory.

     "Now, I want all of you to listen to me very well," the red Kyrii began, "I'm expecting each and everyone one of you to be on your best behavior here. This is a serious workplace, and I will not tolerate any fooling around. Do I make myself clear?"

     "Yes, Ms. Wrinky," the third-grade class replied monotonously.

     Their teacher nodded sternly, and then pushed the glass door of the Chocolate Factory open. Immediately, the students began weaving in through the building, streams of excitement and laughter escaping from their mouths. Latiny pushed her way to the front of the line, making sure that she had a clear view of whatever was in sight.

     Unfortunately, what Latiny saw was not exactly what she had been expecting. The class was scrunched up in a tight, small room. A door stood directly in front of them, and right above the door was a framed picture of the Chocolate Factory the first day it opened.

     Latiny quickly pulled out her notebook and jotted more down.

      21st day of Running, Y6 1:27 pm NST

     Well, we've entered the building. I see nothing chocolate-related except for a picture of the chocolate factory stuck up on the wall. I'm practically going CRAZY. I need to get to the best part of the factory!

     "Latiny," said Ms. Wrinky, glaring ominously at Latiny.

     Latiny laughed nervously as she closed her notebook, "Sorry,"

     Ms. Wrinky walked to the front of the room, where she was standing before all the students. The Neopets were chattering to one another, not paying attention to anything.

     "Silence!" Ms. Wrinky bellowed. The students suddenly bolted their mouths shut, not wanting to get their overly stern teacher too mad.

     "Apparently, they aren't ready for us," Ms. Wrinky said, "but I assure you that---"

     The door behind Ms. Wrinky suddenly creaked open. The students cheered as they zipped into the heart of the chocolate factory, practically running over Ms. Wrinky. Latiny giggled as she followed her peers. She couldn't believe she was actually going inside the chocolate factory.

     A Yellow Kiko with a brown goatee, a blue top hat, and a black cane stood in the center of the factory. The students packed together as they surrounded the Kiko. Latiny made her way through the crowd of Neopets until she was in front of all the other students.

     She flipped open her notebook and clicked on her pen.

      21st day of Running, Y6 1:35 pm NST

     I'm INSIDE the factory! I can't believe it! This Kiko, obviously our tour guide, is probably going to be taking us through the factory. Oh, I really hope we get to taste a lot of chocolate here. Oh my gosh, he's going to start speaking!

     "Enjoy," the Kiko said. He bowed down, and held out his arm.

     The students all carried surprised expressions on their faces. They glanced at one another, and after a few seconds, started cheering madly. One by one, the class began running and jumping around the machines, staring at them in absolute amazement. Heavy amounts of grey smoke piped up from long tubes, and others created odd honking noises. On each of the machines was a little yellow marking that read, 'Virtupets'.

     In general, the factory was simply breathtaking. The class witnessed incredible chocolates that were being created, some that they had thought would be impossible to make! Latiny continued to scribble down her thoughts in her journal, making sure to add every single detail that she thought was important.

     At last, after four complete hours of visiting and touring the factory, the class was ready to head back home. Each student felt exhausted, except for Latiny, who thought that she still hadn't seen everything that there was to be seen. Feeling a little bit a fussy at the time, Latiny decided to explore the rest of the factory while her classmates went to go get their jackets and backpacks.

      "We've only been here for four hours," Latiny said to herself, "that's nowhere near enough time to see, understand, and appreciate all the exquisite chocolates that lay scattered throughout this factory."

     Latiny walked around the whole entire factory, stopping after every couple steps to record the types of chocolate she encountered in her notebook. She even added a couple illustrations.

     Latiny turned to head back to the rest of her class when she stopped to look at a machine producing chocolate Dr. Sloth models.

     "Ooh…" Latiny stared at the chocolates in awe, "spiffy!"

     Meanwhile, the rest of Latiny's class remained at the front of the factory. The pets had each picked up all of their necessary supplies, and Ms. Wrinky was about to do a head-count.

     "Let's see…" the red Kyrii began, "oh, I don't really need to count heads. I know you're all here, right?"

     The students chattered to one another.

     "RIGHT?!" Ms. Wrinky bellowed.

     The students went dead silent and nodded their heads.

     "Take a moment to look around at your peers," Ms. Wrinky ordered, "nobody's missing, am I correct?"

     The students shrugged.

     "Well then," Ms. Wrinky said, "let's head back to school."

     And at that, Ms. Wrinky marched out of the Chocolate Factory, her students miserably following her, dragging their feet along the tiled floor of the factory.

     It wasn't until about fifteen minutes afterwards that Latiny showed up at the front of the factory. She looked around and noticed that all of her classmates' jackets, backpacks, lunchboxes, and all other related supplies were missing. Latiny looked around the area, and soon spotted the Yellow Kiko she had seen earlier.

     "Um, excuse me…?" Latiny began to speak to the Kiko.

     The Kiko was standing with his back to Latiny. He didn't bother to turn around and look at Latiny; he simply stood there facing away from her and smirked. "Ah… the Chocolate Factory. Nobody ever goes in… nobody ever comes out…"

     Latiny stared at the Kiko in confusion. The Kiko laughed maniacally as he exited the front of the factory and walked behind a machine.

     "Wait!" Latiny cried.

     She rushed towards the machine the Kiko walked behind, but only to find a couple boxes full of melted chocolate. Latiny turned around and made her way to the door that led into the "chocolate-less" room.

     "It's locked…" Latiny whispered.

     Inside Latiny's mind, the she only thing that was running through it was fear and panic. The White Aisha began frantically running around the factory, calling for a desperate need of help. Why had that maniacal Kiko locked her in the factory? Why had her class left her behind? These questions and more were swirling through Latiny's head. Unfortunately, Latiny didn't take the time to notice a large amount of boxes, in the far end of the factory, begin to collapse. Heavy amounts of dark chocolate began to trickle out, but for some reason, the chocolate seemed mushier then usual. It seemed as if…the chocolate was melting!

     The delicious concoction began traveling across the floors of the factory, its sweet scent growing stronger and stronger as time swiftly flew by.

     "HELP!" Latiny continued to cry as the other end of the factory, tears now forming in her eyes.

     Suddenly, Latiny started to smell something. Something to that smelled awfully good. In fact, it smelled so good her mouth immediately began to release a mass of sticky saliva!

     "Oh, what is that smell?" whispered Latiny. She started pacing across the halls of the factory, her eyes seeming rather zombie-like.

     Latiny felt like she wanted to faint with ever step she took. The mysterious smell was simply too marvelous to handle.

     All of a sudden, an uncanny rumbling began to shake the factory. Latiny's feet begin sliding across the flooring, and in no time, Latiny's whole body was flown to the ground.

     Melted chocolate began to fill the part of the factory Latiny stood in. She was so shocked that she couldn't budge an inch. The chocolate crashed against the walls of the factory as it formed magnificent waves that roared with pride.

     Latiny quickly grabbed hold of a pipe that suddenly jutted out of the wall when the chocolate filled the factory. The chocolate goo was so strong; Latiny was almost taken by the current.

     Suddenly, Latiny's notebook slipped out of her hands. It floated away with the chocolate, its stained pages simply staring at Latiny.

     "No!" cried the white Aisha as she began to lunge forward.

     And at that, a huge machine that stood only few feet in front of her exploded loudly and greatly, sending liquid chocolate everywhere. The notebook floated out of sight.

     "MY NOTEBOOK! NOOOO!!" Latiny yelled, grabbing hold of the pipe again.

     The notebook was not just full of selections about this particular fieldtrip. Latiny has had that notebook since pre-kindergarten. It held all of her memories from school. Her first entry ever was still fresh in her mind:

      Dear dairy,

     my mom got me this really cool notebook! guess what notebook it is! you!! yeah well today is my first day of school and im really scared well im inside the school now i gotta go meat my teacher bye!!

     The fact that she had written 'Dear dairy' instead of 'Dear diary' still made Latiny laugh. But she didn't have time to think about that right at the moment. Latiny's most prized possession had been swept away by the strong current of a river of chocolate.

     Without even having a single worry about her safety, Latiny released her grasp from the pipe, and was immediately pushed underneath the current of chocolate. Latiny instantly began to panic. She swam furiously, trying to reach the top for air. She couldn't open her eyes, for the chocolate would most likely blind her. At that moment, she could only trust her instincts.

     All of a sudden, Latiny felt her body being slammed against a wall. A sharp stab of pain cut through her side. Latiny opened her mouth, as if to yelp because of the pain. Instead, chocolate entered it and began choking her.

      Oh my gosh, this is it… Latiny thought, moving frantically around. This is the end.

     Then, the strangest thing occurred. The faint image of the maniacal Kiko appeared in Latiny's eyes. He was laughing wickedly at her, and then, after a slight pause, snapped his fingers like that.


     "Latiny! Pay attention!"

     Latiny suddenly opened her eyes, releasing sharp breaths. Her eyes frantically studied the view presently in front of her, and she gasped. She was standing in the Chocolate Factory, alongside her classmates. Ms. Wrinky was glaring at her, obviously a sign that she wanted Latiny to start listening.

     The white Aisha then felt the familiar feeling of her journal lying in her hand. Latiny closed her eyes at that moment, and released a sigh of deep relief. Nothing bad had happen. She had been simply daydreaming…

     The class began shuffling to the right, examining a machine that was making a 'Seven Headed Bearog' chocolate. Latiny wasn't particularly paying attention. Instead, she stared at the front of the journal, and started flipping through the pages.

     She grinned as she read what she had written so long ago. Memories flooded her mind; happy memories, sorrowful memories; enraged memories.

     But then, something appeared, causing a memory to flash in Latiny's mind. This was not a memory she wanted to remember.

     Dark, yet scrumptious-looking as ever, was melted chocolate smudged on the paper. The liquid spilled to the ground, and Latiny immediately dropped her journal. She stared in disbelief at the journal, her eyes wide as saucers. Then, that Kiko, that insane Kiko, slowly walked past her and winked, carrying a smile that was full of maniacal glee…

The End

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