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The Dim Highlight of Kira's Life II: Part One

by shadih_temporary


A/N: This is the sequel to The Dim Highlight of Kira's Life.

It was just a couple months ago when it happened. My Meepit, Sidney, hypnotized a group of petpets and forced them to take over the whole of Neopia. What a world that would be, a world controlled by a Meepit. What fun.

      My name is Kira. I am a Red Poogle, and I currently live in a simple NeoHome with my owner, Alicia. Alicia is and always has been the one and only highlight of my life. I made the mistake of thinking Sidney could share the spotlight with Alicia a while back, but boy, was I ever wrong.

      I had more than enough problems to deal with before Sidney attacked. Now, everyone at my school thinks I'm crazy because I say I saved Neopia from an evil Meepit. Eh, poo upon them!

      Well, it's been exactly three months since that incident occurred. I had always wondered what happened to Sidney after Alicia whacked him upside the head with a twig. Unfortunately, I found out.


      The wind howled eerily as the small, tired Meepit raced through the dead and decaying forest known as the Haunted Woods. Its name was Sidney, and it had been hiding out in the forest for quite some time now. Three months ago, when Kira's owner thwacked it with a stick, Sidney moved to an old, broken-down house deep within the woods.

      And that house was "Home Sweet Home" to the Meepit. It was the place where it next devious plan.


      Kira dropped her backpack right beside her desk and plopped into her seat. Ms. Owen, a red Pteri, sat at her own desk, grading papers.

      "Students," Ms. Owen said. The pets in her class quickly looked up at her. "I am going to be passing back your tests. You all did very well… er… most of you did."

      Ms. Owen glared ominously at Kira, signaling that she had failed yet another test. Kira sunk into her seat as her classmates turned to stare at her.

      Ms. Owen got up and started handing back test papers. She arrived at Kira's desk and placed the paper in front of her. A bold, red '27' was placed in the upper right-hand corner of the paper. It was circle… twice.

      "Ms. Owen," Kira called her teacher after looking over her test, "I spotted some errors you made. You marked number one wrong. But the word 'white' in the sentence 'The White Weewoo flew away.' is an adjective… isn't it? You marked on my paper that it's a verb, but it doesn't necessarily---"

      Ms. Owen slammed her hand down on Kira's desk, creating a loud BAM! Kira literally jumped up in her seat, staring wide-eyed at Ms. Owen who was looking down at her with the nastiest look ever glued to her face.

      "I have HAD it with you always correcting me, Kira," Ms. Owen snapped, "go to the principal's office… NOW!"

      Kira shrugged as she got out of her seat and grabbed her backpack. She head towards the door, but that's when her whole class made the most annoying noise all together.

      "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…" the class said as one, laughing their hearts out.

      Kira spun around to face the class, her eyes burning with rage. "Oh, shut up you barbaric Tyrannians!"

      She slammed the classroom door shut, but not before pleasingly witnessing the shocked, gaping faces of her classmates and Ms. Owen.

      Quietly, Kira strode down the school hallway. She arrived at the principal's door shortly after a good five minutes had gone by. She pushed open the door to find a stubby Brown Yurble sitting at a desk reading an issue of he Neopian Times.

      "Principal Davis?" Kira said, shutting the door behind her.

      The Brown Yurble looked up from the newspaper and took of his round, black spectacles. "Kira? You're here to see me again?"

      "Yup. Ms. Owen freaked out on me, again," Kira explained.

      Principal Davis tossed the Neopian Times to Kira. "You can read that while you wait in here. But when you go back to old Ms. Owen's class, make it look like you're in big trouble with me." He winked.

      Principal Davis and Kira were very good friends. He, along with Kira's owner, Alicia, and the pillows on Kira's bed, were the only ones who believed Kira stopped a crazy Meepit from taking over the world.

      "Thanks!" Kira smiled happily, "I don't know where I'd be in this terrible school without you, Principal Davis,"


      "MEEP!" Sidney the Meepit cried happily.

      A giant piece of paper lay before him. Sidney had just completed the finishing touches on his next devious plan.

      'I'll retry my last scheme! But this time, I'll do something a little bit different…' Sidney thought.

      He turned to look at a caged Plushie Mazzew. It shivered in fright as Sidney stared at it, chuckling evilly.


      "Well, it's been a half an hour," Principal Davis said to Kira, "why don't you head back to class?"

      Kira, who was reading a very intriguing article about how scientists predict cheese will take over Neopia, sighed.

      "Do I have to?" Kira asked, "Can't you say I'm sick or something so I can go home? I'd rather kiss Dr. Sloth than go back to Mrs. Owen's class!"

      "Believe me, Kira," Principal Davis said, "if it wouldn't get me fired, I'd GLADLY keep you here, but I can't. Now, quickly, go back to Ms. Owen's class before she gets suspicious!"

      Kira sighed once more, "Well, thanks Principal Davis,"

      "… for what?" said a confused Principal Davis.

      "For believing in me…" Kira replied, "… and for keeping me in your office while Ms. Owen was all crazy and stuff,"

      Principal Davis put his round spectacles back on and smiled, "My pleasure. And if you ever need me, I'll be willing to help."

      Kira smiled, showing her teeth. Principal Davis shut the door behind Kira as she exited his office. Kira put on her best miserable face and ran back to Ms. Owen's class.


      "Meep! Mee-meep meep!" Sidney babbled.

      Shortly after that, the same shaky Plushie Mazzew from before showed up, dragging a humongous, rotting oak tree behind him. The tree was probably ten times the Mazzew's weight!

      'Excellent', Sidney thought, 'transmitting orders mentally rather than vocally is MUCH better,'

      The Mazzew continued to drag the tree towards Sidney, staring blankly into space.

      'Okay, ya Mazzew', Sidney spoke to the Mazzew telepathically, 'back to normal!'

      Suddenly, the Mazzew's eyes returned to normal. The tree suddenly went from feeling like it weighed 5 pounds to 5 tons. The Mazzew couldn't support the weight, and the tree fell on top of it.

      "Gah!" cried the Mazzew.

      'Now that I think about it, why should I only hypnotize petpets? I can do much more damage if I hypnotize the Neopets…' Sidney thought, beginning to laugh maniacally.


      Kira kicked open the gate in her front yard. She walked up the front steps of her NeoHome and walked inside.

      "Mum? Ya home?" Kira called.

      "Hi Kira," came a voice from inside the kitchen, "how was school?"

      "Boring," Kira mumbled, slinging her backpack on the nearest table.

      "Boring, eh?" Alicia, Kira's owner, replied, "Well, if it's so boring, maybe you need to go on to the next grade so you'll have a bit of a challenge."

      "Ha ha ha, very funny," Kira said, sarcastically.

      "Pwahahahaha," Alicia laughed jokingly.


      'Now, if I'm going to be hypnotizing Neopets, I'll have to have a specimen to test on,' Sidney thought, 'and I know just who to use…'

      "Meep!" Sidney exclaimed, glaring at the Mazzew with hypnotic eyes. A bit of drool exited the Mazzew's mouth, and it picked the tree up off of its back and flung it halfway through the forest. It outstretched its arms and walked slowly towards the cage it was trapped in before. The Mazzew climbed inside the cage and shut the door, locking itself in.

      Sidney stopped staring hypnotically at the Mazzew. The Mazzew returned to normal in a split second, and then panicked with fright and anger when it found it was back in that horrible cage.

      Sidney chuckled a bit, and then scurried out of the old, abandoned house. It hopped logs and branches and ducked under twigs sticking out of the sides of trees. It wasn't long until that very clever Meepit found itself out of the Haunted Woods and in Neopia Central.

      The sun suddenly burned the Meepit's eyes and skin. "Meep!", Sidney cried, shielding his eyes and hiding under a nearby bush. Sidney had been locked up in that old house for three long months, and during that time period, he never saw or felt the sun once.

      The Meepit looked around frantically, searching for some way to protect himself from the sun. He then spotted a newbie to Neopia running a shop selling beach supplies. Sidney laughed evilly and silently as he slithered over towards the shop.

      A boy holding a Blue Acara Plushie stood behind a desk simply stood there when Sidney entered the shop.

      "Hi," said the boy, "OMG! If you buy an omelette for one million Neopoints here, I will give one million NP back to you!"

      He squeezed the Acara Plushie, causing its head to pop off. Sidney looked around the shop to find it was a very poor "beach gallery" indeed. The shelves were stacked with omelettes, jelly, and ripped plushies. Sidney turned around, planning to leave the store, when he found a bottle of Factor 15 Sun Tan Lotion sitting atop a table made of driftwood.

      Without a moment's hesitation, the Meepit grabbed the bottle and bolted out of the store, making his way towards the bush that shielded his skin from the evil that is the sun. He bit into the bottle with his razor-sharp teeth, causing the sun tan lotion to spurt all over the place.

      Sidney held the bottle above his head so that the lotion would get all over his body. Once the bottle was empty, Sidney (who was now covered in the white lotion) tossed it over his shoulder and emerged from the bush. The sun didn't hurt him as badly, but the paint didn't cease completely.

      "MEEP!" Sidney shouted, now officially starting his search for Kira.


      "I'm going to go out for a little walk, Mum!" Kira called to her owner, letting the front door to her home slam shut behind her.

      It was cold outside, that day. It was a little windier than it usually was, and the sky's clouds were darkening. Kira had a large, brown coat on, and it kept her warmer than ever. She pushed up the gate in her front yard, and soon after that, it began to snow.

      "Ugh," Kira groaned, "if I weren't so stressed out, I would SO go back inside right about now,"

      Kira walked slowly through Neopia Central, not stopping until she reached the Rainbow Pool. Its multicoloured waters glistened as the gentle snowflakes from above touched them, leaving a mere ripple in the water. Kira sat beside the Pool, pulling the hood on her coat up over her head.

      Sighing loudly, Kira looked up to see the clouds were about as grey as they could possibly get. "It was so sunny just about a minute ago," Kira said, confused.

      A twig snapped, and Kira spun around to see nothing but a small wooded area consisting of about ten trees.

      "Hullo?" she said, looking around the area.


      The wind speed picked up by about another ten miles per hour. "I think I better get home," Kira said, her teeth chattering. More and more snow poured from the grey skies above, and it just kept getting windier and windier.

      "Unh… ugh…" Kira stammered, trying to make her way through the snow, "…blizzard!"

To be continued...

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