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by samerraa


YOBARL’S DESK- *a yellow Ruki sits at a desk writing something* Carrots! Carrots! And more CARROTS! It seems all over Neopia, Neopians are celebrating carrots! Of course new items have appeared! What am I supposed to write now? Um... *looks at paper* Oh yes! The carrot items, I’m going to let you know what I think of the carrot items. Wait a minute... What carrot items? *looks at the list of the new carrot items* Oh these carrot items! Well anyway here is what they are and what I think of them...

Carrot Related Battle Items:

I was walking around Neopia when I spotted two new carrot battle items! I went to check them out in the Defense and Battle Magic shops.

Name: Carved Carrot Helmet

My Description: Eww... Smelly! And squishy!

Real Description: Rumored to have been carved from the largest carrot ever grown!

Thoughts: Interesting... Though I don’t think my sister Katqua will ever wear that thing! What happens when it goes bad? You know what forget that, I don’t even want to know!!!

Name: Mega Carrot Blaster

My Description: It’s a blaster with little carrot things shooting from it.

Real Description: This powerful blaster can be fire between anywhere from one to four carrots at a time.

Thoughts: Carrots coming out of a carrot blaster. Well duh! Where did they come up with these items?

Carrot Related Books:

I went to the book shop next to see what kind of books they had. I found the new carrot related books there.

Name: More Than Carrot Cake

My Description: Cake! Did somebody say cake? Me want cake!

Real Description: A fun recipe book that aims to prove you can make far more than just carrot cake with carrots!

Thoughts: Uh... I’m not into carrot cake. Though it does say more than carrot cake. Hmm... I guess I’d buy it! *mumble*At least it is not made of carrots... *mumbles*

Name: Picking The Perfect Carrot

My Description: More like picking a carrot. No such thing as perfect.

Real Description: How to tell if a carrot is right for eating.

Thoughts: *grabs book* Seems like a good read! I’ll take it! Now I will know when my carrot items go bad... Eww.

Name: Carrot Growing

My Description: How to grow a carrot.

Real Description: Superb tips to have carrots growing in your garden within weeks.

Thoughts: *sarcasm* Wow! I better buy this now! Or I’ll never know how to grow carrots! *sarcasm*

Name: Carrot Sculpture

My Description: How to make a sculpture from a ... CARROT!

Real Description: It is amazing what an artist can carve a carrot into, this book has some amazing photos and tips to recreate the art yourself.

Thoughts: Wonder if it tells you how the battle helmet was made.. Anyway, I guess I’d look at it. *looks inside, closes book, vanishes* Oops! Better get out of the store now!

Carrot Related Food... YUM!!!

As I went to the food shop after the book shop incident, I came upon a bunch of new carrot items on the shelves.

Name: Chocolate Covered Carrot

My Description: Chocolate? Me want!

Real Description: Simple yet oh so tasty!

Thoughts: Tasty?! You are kidding right? You’re not? *bites the carrot, spits it out* Ugh! I don’t know about this...

Name: Carrot on A Stick

My Description: YUMMY!

Real Description: A succulent roast carrot on a stick.

Thoughts: How interesting. Maybe its worth trying... *tries the carrot* YUM!!! That’s delicious. More!! *jumps around* MORE!!!

Name: Carrot Crown

My Description: A crown to wear on your head and to eat as well.

Real Description: A cute carrot crown on top of a bed of creamy mashed potato.

Thoughts: Cute? Call it small! Not cute. There is barely anything to eat! What’s up with that?

Name: Cheesy Carrot Chunks

My Description: CHEESE! I hate cheese.

Real Description: This delicious dish is garnished with a baby carrot on top.

Thoughts: Really? *tries it* It is actually not that bad. Though I’m still not a big fan of cheese.

Now that I’ve told you all the carrot items that are new, why did TNT make them? I don’t know. Though I guess I could ask around and ask what other people think why TNT made these new items. So let’s begin our interviewing...

Here are the replies I got from the Neopians I had talked to.

To keep the evil carrot people happy so they don’t INVADE! ~cherv1

Chet Flash forced the to, with White Weewoos and Evil Meepits that are ready to eat them. Not even Spyders with Almost-Gummy Rats could stop them...~ jerk_head

They made the carrot items to give to the Cybunnies in attempts to keep the Cybunnies-taking-over-Neopia conspiracy quiet. ~ meganium94

Arr, Donna did it so that the carrots could fight Adam’s asparagus. ~stace2000

A Cybunny chewed off Adam’s ear about adding more carrot items. As he was sick of eating diamond carrot gold hotdogs. ~plushieowner

It is quite obvious. The carrots are in league with the garden gnomes who are trying to take over the world. Using their amazing carrot like powers, they will distract citizens while the gnomes plow through the streets, pillaging and, well, doing bad stuff! Muaahaha! ~tahus_shade

The carrots and peas have been allied until the evil anchovies broke them apart. Now, they are resurrecting from the salad spinner to take over the kitchen! ~erileen

They made the carrot items because they want Neopets to eat their veggies so that when Sloth comes again (if ever) we’ll all be ready. ~ _lordofthefrogs_

Maybe the cybunnies wanted to have their own equivalent of Christmas in July... namely, a Cybunny Carnival in September. Or maybe Donna just likes carrots. ~ slamina83

So that no one could eat the carrot Chias for the “Do Not Eat” avatar... Before Carrot Day or whatever it was, there weren’t really many carrot-containing foods. ~ extreme_fj0rd

Very interesting ideas. Though lets hope that some of these aren’t true. I mean some of them are completely insane... No offense to the those people but I mean think about it. Though I like insane. Anyway, so yeah those are the possible solutions to why TNT made Carrot Day. Don’t ask me for any possible solution. I’m fresh out. Now lets see. I covered the items and possible way to why TNT made Carrot Day. Anything else? I don’t think so. So I will now end this article.

How am I supposed to end it? Um... How about a simple, I hope you enjoyed this article? Okay. Well then, I hoped you enjoyed my written article on carrots.

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