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Petpets: The Kadoatie

by neomaniac1603


There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of Petpets too choose from around Neopia. This guide will help you on your journey to finding the perfect Pet for your Neopet!

How can I obtain a Petpet? Well, buyable petpets can be bought VIA the Shop Wizard, Auctions or Trades. Unbuyable petpets can be bought VIA Trades or Auctions. You might want to try to find one in a price range of which you can afford. There are lots of cheap, cute looking ones, but there are also a lot of expensive, cute looking ones.

In this guide I will be examining the Kadoatie. A petpet so cute you would wish you could go through your Monitor and give it a huge hug!

* * * * * * *

The Anatomy of a Kadoatie

The Ears - The ears of a Kadoatie are very sensitive. They can pick up sound waves from Neopia Central to the south shores of Krawk Island. Scratching a Kadoatie behind its ears is a way to show your love. A perfect purr equals a happy kitty. A snarl or gentle growl equals don't go there sister!

The Head - The head of a Kadoatie is of course one of the important parts. It is a round oval shape which makes this petpet very unique!

The Eyes - Eyes that can tell you a hundred stories in one viewing. Many people do not know that you can tell the mood of a Kadoatie by the color of its pupils. If one is happy you will see a bright yellow. If one is sad a blue is inevitable. If one is angry a bright pinkish hue is sure too show. If one is depressed, lonely or feeling abandoned you will see a dark tint of grey with a soft blue on the bottom.

The Mouth - Although you may see a frown on many of the pictures floating around Neopia of Kadoaties this doesn’t mean they are sad. Kadoaties do not often smile, for what reason we may not ever know. So if you see a Kadoatie passing by, be sure to give it a quick scratch behind its ear, you may make ones day!

The Body - Kadoaties have somewhat of a long skinny neck while their lower torsos are what one may call chubby. Do not be fooled if you think Kadoaties are not athletic. They could outrun a Puppyblew any time, any place.

The Tail - The second most sensitive part on a Kadoatie is its tail. Since it is long and thin you'll have to watch out where you step. This is how many Kadoaties greet each other, by stroking ones head on the tip of another’s tail.

The Legs - Kadoaties have four stubby little legs. In pictures they do not look fully formed, well those pictures are wrong. These little legs can do amazing things! From climbing up trees and slinking across narrow, thin fence posts.

The Dots - On each Kadoatie you will find three dots on its forehead. One big one and two small ones that are on right and left side of it. Theses dots are VERY important to every Kadoatie, its how they smell! Yes you might have noticed Kadoaties do not have noses which is why every Kadoatie has these dots. Since there are three dots their sense of smell is heightened. They can smell a can of cat food opening from miles away, interesting eh?

* * * * * * *

Training your Kadoatie

Neopian's often associate Kadoatie's as a "Pain in the Neck" Petpet simply because at bedtime Kadoaties cannot sleep with the lights turned off. If indeed the lights are turned off they will cry until they are turned on. This doesn’t mean you cannot train them to sleep with the lights off.

Basic steps to training your Kadoatie are show below. Make sure you read thoroughly and take the proper care in each step that you read. We don’t want your Kadoatie hating you, now do we?

1. To train your Kadoatie to do its "business" in your Basic Litter Tray you must coax it kindly to and from the box and repeatedly tell it – "This is where you do your Number 1 and Number 2 and possibly Number 5" *cough* Just kidding about the Number 5 part. It will only take the average Kadoatie a 2-3 weeks to learn.

If you find your self in the predicament where your Kadoatie doesn’t seem to be catching on, ask your fellow Neofriend to bring their already-trained Kadoatie over. Your Kadoatie will be filed with rage and envy as it watches the other do its business with ease. Determination always makes a Kadoatie learn something, whether it wants to or not!

2. Teaching your Kadoatie to stop mewing when it is not needed is sometimes a difficult task. There are always devices that you can buy from Neopian Shops that you simply attach to your Kadoaties neck (it is a "special" kind of collar). With each unnecessary mew it will send a tiny electro shock to its brain. No, I repeat NO this does not hurt the Kadoatie in any way, its been tested and approved by the NPA (Neopian Petpet Administration). The tiny electro shock it sends to the brain tells the Kadoatie in a special "Kadoatie Language" that mewing when it's unneeded is bad.

3. Training your Kadoatie to sleep with the lights off is one of the hardest task's one will come by when training their Kadoatie.

First you must teach them that they will be safe in the dark. Make sure you make it very clear that you will always protect them and that they have nothing to worry about. You should also teach them there is no such thing as the Booger-Monster or any other imaginary creatures, all the bad creatures live in the Haunted Woods and don’t come into Neopia Central.

Another thing is having an up-to-date Neohome Security System. A Kadoatie that knows no matter how hard a Robber tries to break in they won’t succeed, is a less scared Kadoatie.

One of the main problems with people that I usually hear is that they ignore their Kadoaties cries - They manage to ignore it and fall asleep. This will corrupt your Kadoatie. Ignoring its cry of helplessness will make it loath you and possibly it may attack you. So DON'T ignore them!

* * * * * * *

Kadoaties around Neopia

In many parts around Neopia there is a Kadoatie to be seen. Whether it be a game,

Warf Rescue – Okay, sure the name has another Petpet's name in it, but the secondary main character in the game is none other then a Kadoatie.

In this game you will have to build up a line of Warf’s to get to the crying Kadoaties who seemed to have gotten themselves stuck up high in the tree branches. Once you are close enough to the Kadoatie you will get points and the Kadoatie will climb down.

The Kadoatery – The Kadoatery is the place where Kadoaties go when their owners are on holiday, but it doesn't take long for them to get very lonely. The purpose is to give the Kadoatie the type of food it asks for. If you have the food click on its cage. The highest rarity food one will ask for is Rarity 98. Not only will you have your name displayed until the next batch of Kadoaties appear, but you will get a cool trophy on your User Lookup. If your lucky you can also obtain a Kadoatie Avatar that was created just for this game. Some say you need to feed three Kadoaties with the name Mew but that could be just a rumor. It is always better to keep checking the Avatars/NeoSignatures Chat Board.

Also if your lucky and feed a very large amount of Kadoaties you could win one =) Neat eh?

There are also many Kadoatie Merchandise that you can buy offline including: Mini Pink Kadoatie Plushie, Blue Kadoatie Plushie, Kadoatie Cut Out Notepad and Kadoatie Jumbo Stickers.

Currently the only Kadoatie that can still be bought from Retail Stores is the Pink Kadoatie Plushie. The rest are no longer in circulation.

You can buy the Pink Kadoatie Plushie at participating Limited Too, Borders, and select Independent retailers.

* * * * * * *

Kadoatie Coloring

Besides the Kadoaties original coat you can also paint them in 21 different shades using that colors Petpet Paint Brush.

Currently Kadoaties come in: Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Halloween, Christmas, Cloud, Mutant, Spotted, Robot, Rainbow, Plushie, White, Ghost, Brown, Glowing, Purple, Island, Tyrannian, Pirate, Faerie and Disco.

The more expensive colors are Faerie, Pirate, Disco, Plushie and Island.

Color coordinating is always fun. If you want your whole Pet Set to match, give your Neopet a Kadoatie that is the same as its own color. Give a Pirate Chia a Pirate Kadoatie ect...

The Kadoatie that has the best color is none other then FAERIE! – This cute loveable looking creature would look perfect with any Faerie colored Neopet.

* * * * * * *

Giving your Kadoatie it's own Pet

Accessorizing your Kadoatie with its own Pet (usually referred as a petpetpet) is always a way to make your pet love you even more.

Petpetpet's that will always go great with a Kadoatie include: Mootix, Breebly, Veespa, Cooty, and Zytch.

The best matches I have come up with would be:

Kadoatie and a Breebly

Faerie Kadoatie and a Cooty

Pirate Kadoatie and a Zytch

Island Kadoatie and a Mootix

Yellow Kadoatie and a Veespa

But that choice is really up to you :)

* * * * * * *

Thank you for reading my article. Author’s note: If you have any questions or comments please feel free to Neomail me. I will be happy to answer them (that’s if I can :P)

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