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Scarblade - Really Evil?

by elizabeth_somerset


MARAQUA - Scarblade. Just speaking the name instils fear into the heart of any Neopian who has ever taken to the five seas. Some think he is the best pirate to ever sail, some the worst. But they all agree on one thing: he is the evilest.

But, before we condemn him completely as comparable to the likes of Sloth we must ask one thing: was it always so?

Many of the most feared Neopians have a sad story to tell, a personal heartache behind their wrath. Lord Darigan, feared by all only turned evil after Meridell stole an orb, plunging his land into poverty and famine, before the orb drove him mad and led him to plot the downfall of all Neopia.

And what about Scarblade being a Lupe? Lupe’s are known for their bravery, just look at Jeran. But once again you cry “What about Balthazar and the Ghost Lupe?” but it is as I said before: both have their own personal heartaches. Balthazar was abandoned and lost as a child and when he asked some dark faeries for help, suffering from hunger and thirst they threw stones at him, leading him to become the feared faerie hunter he is today. The Ghost Lupe was just a brave knight, killed by natives while trying to save his bride. So surely there must be some reason for Scarblade’s ruthlessness?

Look at his ship the Revenge. Even that suggests he is haunted by his past. Who is it he wants revenge on? How did he get the scar across his face? Why does he command the seas so ruthlessly? All these questions lead to the same mysterious figure in Scarblade’s past, the same life-changing event that led him to become the monster he is today.

Perhaps Scarblade was once like the young Usul “Garin the Foolish” in his ship the Black Pawkeet. Perhaps as a young pirate captain he was himself attacked just as he attacked Garin. Perhaps he was not lucky enough to have an Isca figure to save him and like Jacques was captured by “The Drenched” but was fortunate enough to escape. Perhaps that is why he holds a grudge against all that lies beneath the sea today. Perhaps that’s why he cursed Maraqua. As I said before one thing is certain – the thing Scarblade desires above all others is revenge. Perhaps his self-proclaimed rule over the five seas is his means of revenge. Perhaps he just wishes to make every sea faring Neopian suffer as he did. Who knows?

But before you start too feel too sorry for him I should explain what led to his reputation. Why he isn’t just a pirate captain using some of the less honest methods of acquiring wealth. Scarblade is feared for a reason. He is feared because he is the Cruellest, the most ruthless, and the Deadliest pirate that has sailed the five seas since before piracy begun.

There are so many crimes attached to his name I hardly know where to start. But there is one event that stands out above all others. One that means his name will be infamous for all time. The Curse on Maraqua. When the king of Maraqua told Scarblade he was not paying him the “protection money” Scarblade placed on Maraqua a curse that completely destroyed it. A whirlpool descended on Maraqua and left in uninhabitable and in ruins. There have been campaigns to rebuild it all over Neopia and many Neopians are still in shock about what happened there. Rumour has it that there is a new Maraqua beneath the waves, hiding away from Scarblade.

And then there are his attacks on other pirates, for example the Black Pawkeet. One ship stealing another’s plunder is one thing; Scarblade has stolen from them all. No ship is safe from his domination of the seas; whether you are a merchant or a pirate it makes no difference to him. Some join his crew, in awe of such a captain. Some take their chance overboard and retreat to land, waiting for the day when they see Scarblade overthrown and can go back to se in peace. Many try to overthrow him themselves but it never comes to anything; we are still waiting for the day when he will meet his match.

Ever heard about the angry giants that live by the coast, throwing boulders at passing ships, more often or not sinking to the bottom of the ocean? Did you ever wonder what made them so angry? Yes, once again it’s Scarblade. No one likes to be attacked, especially not giants. Especially not those giants. And after all, having cannons fired at you for fun would be enough to make anyone angry.

Scarblade sails with the deadliest crew ever known to Neopia – just take Benny his first mate – Even fellow pirates consider him to be dangerous and untrustworthy and fear him. His pirates are made up from the greediest, untrustworthiest, and unfortunately some of the most skilled swordsmen in Neopia. His ship the Revenge is the largest ever to sail the five seas, with cannons feared by all. If there were one word to describe him it would be beware.

“But if he is so evil, why is he so popular?” I hear you ask. And he is popular – just look at the tacky “I love Captain Scarblade” merchandise that people buy. It is beyond belief that any sane neopet would hold any affection for him. But there are many that do. He is thought to be the greatest pirate captain ever to sail the 5 seas. No other captain has ever been able to command the waves like he does; none who have stolen so much plunder. He is yet to be beaten with the sword. Some say that he could even beat Captain Threelegs' in a fight.

Whatever you think about Scarblade, someone to be pitied as a victim of his past or a monster and a demon, someone to be loved or someone to be despised, one thing is certain. He is to be feared.

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