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The JubJub's Soup Guide

by bulfunny


Hi! I am the Chef La JubJub, Neopia's soup chef! (Of course, other than the Soup Faerie, my inspiration.) Well, first of all, if you fancy cooking, you'll fancy this article almost as much! Do you have your cooking supplies? No? GET THEM QUICK! And put this newspaper somewhere where it will not be in peril.

Negg Soup- Negg Soup, my friend, requires a lot of Neopoints. First of all, you must have (these things may be found around Neopia, so if you need them look them up.)


Lava Bread Bowl (simply for better taste!)

Negg (Note: if you accidently put in a Chocolate Negg, don't be surprised when the soup is all chocolate.)

Either a Bottle of Water, a Cup of Water, Two Bottles of Water


Set of Spoons.

Silver Butter Knife

Jhuidah Cooking Pot

Faerie Kitchen Stove

Directions: Pour whatever water you have (a Bottle of Water, a Cup of Water, Two Bottles of Water) in the Jhuidah Cooking Pot. Our the Jhuidah Cooking Pot on a Faerie Kitchen Stove. Heat it at least 50 degrees Celsius, and wait for the water to boil. After you know the water is ready (it's boiled) turn off the stove and let the water cool down a bit, while you use a Silver Butter Knife to cut the Negg into thin slices. Add the Negg into the water. Use your Set of Spoons to make sure the water and Negg have mixed well. Then, pour the soup into the Lava Bread Bowl.

Chicken and Vegetable- I know we all have tried this delicious soup. My picky-eating sister, the biggest one in our family, Mindifor la Elephante, even has. You will need:




Pickled Peppers

Organic Olives

Bottle of Water

Plain Negg Neggnog (optional)


Jhuidah Cooking Pot

Faerie Kitchen Stove

Silver Butter Knife

Directions: Use your Silver Butter Knife to dice the Carrot. Put the pieces of diced Carrot into the Jhuidah Cooking Pot. Slice the Tomato and put that into the cooking pot. Take the Pickled Peppers and wash them. Do the same with the Organic Olives. In the Jhuidah Cooking Pot, mix the Plain Negg Neggnog and Bottle of Water. Add the Organic Olives and Pickled Peppers. Head the Faerie Kitchen Stove at 50 degrees Celsius and wait for the soup to boil.

Rotten Soup- Now, this is a soup I incidentally created. It's really simple, but is better than it sounds. The ingredients may not appeal to you, but after they are mixed, you get a yummy soup! Warning: Only feed to pets capable of tolerating garbage!


Rotten Wormy Apple

Rotten Artichoke

Rotten Radish

Rotten Egg Grarrl Gobstopper

Rotten Parsnip

Very Rotten Tomato

Rotten Carrot

Rotten Onion

Rotten Beetroot

Bottle of Water

Rotten Negg


Jhuidah Cooking Pot

Faerie Kitchen Stove


Pour the Bottle of Water into the Jhuidah Cooking Pot. Add all the ingredients to the Jhuidah Cooking Pot. Heat the Faerie Kitchen Stove to at least 50 degrees Celsius.

About the Author/Journalist- Chef La JubJub's real name is Coofle III. His owner, Bulfunny Bob, was a broker living in a tiny house with no insurance, lighting, wallpaper, carpeting. After he was born, Coofle III dedicated his life to helping brokers and cooking. He now lives in Neopia Central with his three siblings, Harleot, Mindifor, and Kalalzee.

About Kalalzee- Kalalzee the Kougra was found by Coofle III in a dark forest. She dedicated his life to Battledome and magic, two hobbies his siblings find "really, really, really dumb. Even weird."

About Mindifor- Mindifor the Elephante is a happy and heavy inhabitant in Neopia. He loves eating, Neggs, and food! He would very much like to be a member of the Food Club, and if he were, he would win.

About Harleot- Harleot the Quiggle is the youngest of the family. He is the only boy, and that is very hard for him. Sometimes, though, he doesn't mind going on trips with his family. He considers himself a "greenie."

History of Soup

Here is how soup first came to be!

It was an early time in Tyrannia, and everyone had yet to come out of the dark. There was time to be spent. Inventions to be discovered. But no one thought of this.

Except for one.

A Tyrannian Usul claims to have spotted the Soup Faerie after a long a liquid dinner. At first no one believed this. It was crazy! But little did they know, the Usul was right.

"She was there, I tell you!" a Kacheek from Neopia Central tells his friend, "and if you don't believe me, you are foolish."

The next day, Neopians crowded along the Marketplace, where the Soup Faerie lives, reporters watch closely. Someone has called everyone up for a celebration. It was someone unknown. Well, not to everybody.

A figure comes out of a cottage with a pleased smile. "My fellow Neopians," a faerie announces, " I have incidentally discovered a liquid food. A food I call 'soup'"!

The Tyrannian

Usul stands in the crowd with a stuck-up smile. "I knew it!" He begins to laugh.

The Kacheek from Neopia Central looks at his friend. "See! See! I told you you are crazy! There was no other explanation!"

The Soup Faerie smiles. "You two must have seem my work. Well then, why do not you get to try soup first? It is only fair. You two wanted to warn the world of my creation. It would have saved me a lot of time."

Everyone began to cheer, and happiness came abroad. There was not a single soul in Neopia who disliked all of the Soup Faerie's soups because there was nothing better. As I said, people cared not for inventions and discoveries in those days. Although not everyone may seem that way, because the Soup Faerie was not.

Well, that is it. I hope the recipe was delicious and you liked it. There are more, of course, secrets to soup you have to uncover. Can you?

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