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Sick of Being Sick?

by daehder


As the month of Hunting begins, energy seems to be building among Neopians and Neopets alike. Not only are many new activities surfacing, but growing tension of an upcoming war is causing quite a stir. With all the excitement, people are buying weapons, and training their Neopets excessively. The consequence? Many Neopets are finding themselves overly exerted and ill. Due to over exertion, Neopets’ immune systems are too weak to fight off nasty infections.

The result of the astronomical growth in ailments is the scarcity of proper treatment. Neopians desperately await the new shipments of treatment, only to discover the great difference in the amount of supply versus demand.

A young Chia reports, “I came down with Neopox two weeks ago, and have yet to receive treatment. The prices in the privatized shops are sadly not within my owner’s price range.”

Many Neopets are feeling victimized with the lack of responsibility the Neopian Hospital is taking on. A Gelert of Medicine argues, “There are no ways for us to open clinics or provide treatment. We only offer diagnosis.”

Expert of medicine, The Water Faerie, says, “My Healing Springs has a line as long as the Employment Agency. I can’t keep up! I can only provide what my body lets me, and it’s obviously not enough.”

There are things that can be done to correct the problem. “Steps can be taken to prevent Neopets from becoming ill,” the Water Faerie says.

Step One: Starvation/Diet

Without proper nutrients, Neopets can become weak and susceptible to viruses and bacteria. This also means that feeding your neopet too many rich and heavy foods could cause them to become slower, and larger. A common disease caused from overeating is Bloaty Belly. This can easily be prevented. As for humans, it is always a good idea to make sure you get a variety of healthy foods. Not sure where to go? The Health Food shop is always a safe bet. The content of your Neopets food can be affecting your neopet more than you know. Grumbles can be result of eating food that react with your Neopets negatively. Try to avoid feeding the same food to your neopet. This means lay off the Jelly and Omelette! Although continuously feeding your neopet apples sounds like a great plan, they are missing out on all the goodies other food groups have to offer their bodies. Ailments caused by continuously feeding your pet a certain food is Neggitus. This is caused by eating too many Neggs.

Step Two: Training/When to Stop

Again, just like us, exercise is a great way to keep us healthy and feeling great. If affordable, try to train your pet! It keeps their muscles, bones, and joints strong. If training is not an option for you, playing with your pets can also keep them in shape. We never trained as babies, but through curiosity and play, we grew to have healthy bones and muscles. Jitters can be a result of a neopet in need of exercise. As with anything, however, sometimes enough is enough. If your pet is continuously tired and fatigued it may be a sign you are training your pet too much and it needs some rest to recuperate. These can also be sign of an upcoming case of Cricky Neck.

Step Three: Mental Health

Words of encouragement and play are good ways to make sure your pet will remain healthy. Stress and depression can wreak havoc on the immune system, so be good to your pet! Pets tend to not be very picky, so you can buy a plushie and still not break the bank! Grooming your pets is a great way to show affection. Simple things like brushing your neopet or applying lipstick can make a pet feel adored and worthy of it. Remember to respect and care for all your Neopets equally. I can not stress this enough. Much like children, Neopets need to know that they are equally as loved and valued as their brothers and sisters! Health problems such as Doldrums and NeoBlues are both problems that effect the mental part of the neopet. Another disease called NeoPhobia is caused from fear of leaving the Neohome, also another reaction to improper treatment and mental processes. All of these conditions can be avoided by simply creating a stable, fulfilling, and loving environment. As you are probably now aware of, mental health is vital to enjoying and really experiencing life! I’m sure it will make you happier to know you created such an environment for your pets too!

Final Step: Supervise

Watch your neopet! Supervision can be a great way to bond with your neopet while doing activities together. Your neopet’s self esteem will be boosted from joint activities you both can take part in together, and you will earn a little Neopoints in the process! Your neopet will feel great from knowing it helped support the family you’ve created! Keeping a close eye on your pet can also prevent them from being bitten by awful cold-blooded monsters like Spyders and Reptilliors!

Prevention is the key to solving the problem. If these steps are followed diligently, you are well on your way to having a healthier and happier neopet. Not only will your neopet thank you for all the time and care you put into raising it, you too will reap the benefits. No longer will you be spending countless amounts of Neopoints on medicines! No more time spent waiting for the Pharmacy to restock and more time spent on your shop restocks! If Neopoints are your fancy, this will definitely be a step in the right direction. You will also come to care a great deal about your neopet. You will begin to feel pride for raising such a happy and healthy neopet and others will notice, too! With regular exercise and a good self-image, your neopet will also be a force to be reckoned with in the Battledome! Remember, steps to prevent ailment can also be used on yourself too! Please take care of yourself and your neopet!

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