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Sifting Through the Shadows

by sunwillow66


The Truly Forgotten

Soon, another year of Neopets will begin again, and what a year this has been! A moon and a new world have been found, and another war won. But as I look back through Neopia’s past, I see one figure constantly forgotten. Yes, the one and only Battle Faerie.

As we all know, the Battle Faerie’s name is Valeane. In the few stories about her, Aethia is mentioned. Aethia just seems like a novice faerie, one searching for the true and only faerie warrior queen. What could have happened to this warrior of Neopets? I find her lack of recognition alarmingly low.

First off she only has two shopkeepers, and they are not even named after her. The newest one is beautiful, but the older version of the battle faerie shopkeeper is very out dated.

Second, she doesn’t get to give quests! Oh sure Illusen and Jhudora, get to. Even the queen and space faerie have quests. The quest faeries and fountain faeries also get to give out quests. Why not Valeane?

As for items here is what she has. Four books, 3 weapons, I TCG card, where she is just pictured not even mentioned, one collectable card, two toys a doll and a snow globe. That’s it. No food or furniture, no shield or school item. Not even a hairbrush or potion! The weapons that were given out by her don’t even do much damage. Swords from the battle faerie should be dangerous battle items, not pricey collectables.

Fourth, Valeane or even Aethia do not have a day or avatars. Out of the 14 plus faerie avatars, the battle faerie does not have one. And from the four plus faerie days do the battle faeries have one? NO!

Valeane founded the battle dome, yet she is never mentioned! She is supposed to become a challenger when one gets 100 referrals, but she isn’t even activated! In the game faerie cloud racers, she is just on character, but not once is she in any other games! She doesn’t even have a Neogreeting! Valeane is the leader of the Faerie Queen’s army, but one cannot find a mention of her in Faerieland! She isn’t even on the how to draw page!

Hardly any recognizes that The Battle Faerie is the mystical guardian of the Battle Dome. She was involved in

its creation, and is aided by the great war unit Legacy, her battle steed.

What happened to Valeane?

Who is she related to? Like the dark faeries and faerie queen, Valeane has purple hair. She has green eyes, so she could be tied with the dark faeries, but fought against them in the past.

Theories of who she is:

1. She is the sister of the Faerie Queen.

2. She is the Darkest Faerie.

In response to these:

1. It might be possible for her to be the Faerie Queen’s kin, for she leads the armies. But Valeane is one of a kind, and just because they share the same hair color does not mean they are related.

2. Not very likely. She doesn’t even look like her.

Ideas of what happened to her:

1. She died.

2. Neopets forgot about her.

3. She was banished by the queen.


1. I believe Valeane is still alive, biding her time. She will return when needed most.

2. This is the most likely theory. Hopefully she won’t be forgotten for much longer!

3. She could have been banished by the queen, but no evidence exists supporting this claim.

Digging through the depths of Neopia scrolls, I found other faerie’s comments on Valeane.

Nereid: Valeane…Oh I see her around sometimes. She only stops by the healing fountain when injured, or in need of supplies. I hardly ever see her badly hurt, but one time she came in on the verge of death. Her wings were torn, and she was bruised and bleeding all over. Myself, and other water faeries used our powers to heal her. She left after we healed her, and thanked us. She never spoke much at all. In thanks, she promised to protect our fountain always. I believe she always will.

Psellia: Oh that Valeane. She believes she was always better than us. Although, some of my kind do respect her greatly for winning the great faerie wars of the past. I however don’t see why. She is unlike the rest of us, preferring battles to dips in the rainbow fountain. She is so untalkative and cold! I wonder how the others tolerate her. She is the opposite of what a real faerie should be!

Fuhnah: Valeane? We call her the inferno. She has a greater temper than all the fire faeries combined. I have never seen such anger on the battlefields. She helped end a feud once between the fire faeries and water faeries. As a symbol of this peace, the fire and ice blade was formed, a joining of her two deadly blades.

The Tooth Faerie: I don’t know much about Valeane, but I met Legacy. Legacy is a massive white unit. He is her war steed, and has been with her since his birth. He one time took a blow to the mouth, and I helped him replace his lost teeth. I tell you I would not want to get on the wrong side of his bite! Legacy is just as fierce as his mistress.

Taelia: The Battle Faerie…ah yes I remember. I was out one day in the caves of Terror Mountain. I came upon her, pinned down by the wing by an avalanche. Her steed, Legacy was covering her trying to keep her alive. I freed her, and brought them both back to my Igloo. The frost beast was a constant enemy of mine, but during her stay, Valeane took care of him for me. When I give out rewards to my questors, she gave the battle items they receive to me long ago.

The Soup Faerie: Lady Valeane! What an amazing Faerie! I met her once during the war against Raitorn. Her troops were beaten back. I am a lover not a fighter, but the dark faeries wickedness drove me to help. I gave soup to Valeane and her warriors, and we won. She thanked me, and used to stop by my kitchen quite a bit. I haven’t seen her though in ages.

The Space Faerie: Valeane is a far greater warrior than I. She helped me defeat Sloth. She herself was far away, but she sent weapons and ideas of how to defeat him. I have always wondered why she never enters the wars of the present. She could have defeated Darigan with the sweep of a hand. She is more distant than I am, but a good friend and a kind faerie.

Fyora: The Lady Valeane has helped me on more than on occasion. It saddens me that she is so distant. I respect her greatly, but she rarely shows others respect. I believe that if were not the Queen, she would not have as much honor for me as she does now. But Valeane is my good friend, and loyal servant.

Maelstra: Valeane? Oh her.. She has foiled many of my sisters’ attempts to take the throne. Yet I bore no ill will to her. She is just another faerie convinced that she can make Neopia a better place. She will soon learn otherwise.

Iyana: She always is nice to my kin. She roams our forests, defending them against those who seek to harm us. Valeane is proud, but we embrace her as one of our own.

The Negg Faerie: Her? Valeane helped me out once... As much as I hate to say, I was once almost killed by snow beasts. She fought them off, clearing out this cave. I later turned the cave into my Neggery. She is welcome here anytime.

Illusen: Lady Valeane is a great warrior. I respect her, but she should be wary of her pride. One day it will be her ruin. She and I have a mutual respect for each other, but are not what one would call friends.

Jhudora: Yes, I know Valeane. She is very beautiful. We share the same wild purple hair, and green/purple eyes. Her eyes are colder than my heart. Her temper a million times more deadly than mine. We both understand each other, and share respect. I do feel pity for her. Something I rarely feel. She is always by herself, fighting for others. It will be her undoing when she sees how evil the world can be.

Siyana of Talador: Valeane has always helped us light faeries. But now as darkness engulfs my land, she is nowhere to be found. If any faerie can save us it is she. But no, I have heard rumors of her own fall into darkness. Others believe she is dead to us now. I believe she will come back, but changed from her past self.

Jhuidah: Valeane is an odd faerie. She travels alone, except for that Uni, Legacy. I have met her a few times; she brings me new items from her journeys for me to see. I have not seen her since the day she wandered off to find who she was. She always has been searching for her identity, she is different that any other faerie. Her curse is to be the only one of her kind, forever different from the rest of us.

Where did Valeane and Legacy go? When will they return?

These are the questions I ask and the requests I wish for, and hope that soon the great Neopets team will answer. I hope that one day the Battle Faerie will be recognized.

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