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Dice Escape: A Guide to Success

by zancs242


GAMES ROOM - So, you want that elusive Dice Escape avatar, or a trophy, or even just a score to be proud of. This guide will help you achieve your Dice Escape goal!

1. Basic Overview

A wicked Ruki has stolen all of the dice in Neopia from all of the board games in Neopia, and it is your job to get them back! Don’t let the swirly green backgrounds deceive you into thinking that this quest is impossible as it is really quite simple. Just follow this simple guide.

2. The Controls

The controls of the game are fairly easy. Press the up arrow to move up, press the left arrow to move left, press the down arrow to move down and press the right arrow to move right. Fairly simple, huh. However, if you are struggling with the controls, play around on the first level a bit, watching the effects of pressing each arrow.

3. The Game

The aim of the game is to have your dice land on the finishing space with the number on top of the dice matching the number on the finishing space. The finishing space is a holographic dice. Another tile to watch out for is the green ‘flaming’ tile. You will encounter this firstly on the second level. This tile transports you to another green ‘flaming’ tile on the map. The third tile you will encounter is a blue tile, also with a number on top. When you land on this correctly, it will lower some blue blocks on the map. The last two tiles you will encounter are the fire tiles and the falling away tiles, both on level five. The fire tiles kill you instantly, and the fall away tiles fall away after one use, and you cannot use that square again.

4. The Guide

Now this is a basic plan of each level. The route you should take, how many round points you will score and approximately how many time points you will score. U stands for up, R stands for right, L stand for left, D stands for down and x 2/3/4/5/6 stands for how many times you press that key. Just press the keys in the order I have written and you should pass easily. For you avatar collectors, you should get the avatar by about round 13/14.

Level Route Round Bonus Time Bonus

1 U x 5 80 18-19

2 U, R 92 18-19

3 U x 4, R, U x 2, L 68 17, 18

4 L x 2, U x 6, L x 4 52 17, 18

5 U, L x 2, U x 2, R, U x 3, L, R, L x 2 48 17, 18

6 L x 5, U, L, D, U, D, R x 2,

U x 2, R x 3, U, R, U x 3, L 8 16, 17

7 U, R, D, R, L, R, U, L 68 17, 18

8 D, R, D x 2, L x 2, D x 6, R 48 17, 18

9 L x 2, U, L, U, L, U, L, U x 3 56 17, 18

10 U, R x 3, D x 2, R, D x 4, R x 6 32 18-19

11 U x 3, L x 2 80 18-19

12 U, D 92 18-19

13 U, L x 2, U x 2, L, U x 2, R x 3, D 52 18-19

14 U, L, U x 2, R, U, L, D x 3, L x 5, D,

R x 3, U x 4, R x 3, U x 2, L x 4, D, L,

U, L 0 15, 16

15 L x 3, U, R x 4, U, R, U x 3, D, L x 2,

U 32 16, 17

16 U x 2, L x 6, U x 4, R x 4 36 17, 18

17 L x 2, U, L x 3, D, L, R, U, R, U, R, U 44 17, 18

18 R, L, U x 2, L x 3, R, D, L x 2 56 17, 18

19 R x 3, U, L x 2, U, D, R, D, L, U x 2,

L x 2, R, D x 2, L x 3, U x 4, R, U x 2,

D, L, U 0 15, 16

20 L x 3, U, L x 2, U, D, R x 3, U, R,

L x 3, U x 4, L x 2 12 15, 16

21 U, L x 5, D, L 68 18-19

22 U, L, U, L, U 80 18-19

23 R, U x 2, L, U x 4 68 17, 18

24 U x 5, L, D, L, U, L 60 18-19

5. Disclaimer

Now you may have noticed I have not mentioned coins till now. You can get 5 point, 10 point or 25 point coins. The paths I have written are essentially the highest amount of round points you can receive, not the highest you can receive overall. But for your first few games, stick to the basic plan. Also, the time points I have listed were when I did it, and I probably have a lot more experience at the game than most of you. So your time may be a little bit slower than the time I stated. You may even be faster than me if you have an uber fast computer :P

6. For the Pro Player

These are some tips and tricks if you are really working hard for that trophy. The first trick is getting more points through coins. If for instance there is a 25 point coin, and it will only cost 8 points to get it, then go for it. Don’t be a fool, though, sometimes it will take 40 points to get the 25 point coin! Also do this when the round point bonus will be 0 or the coin is larger than the round point bonus. Another trick is for the player who knows they won’t die no matter what. On a level where there is a 25 point coin, you should retrieve the coin and then click retry level button and you’ll get to do the level again, with 25 extra points. This should get you at least 50 extra points in the game.

7. Conclusion

Well, that’s all I have to say about the game. I hope this guide helps all of you to achieve your Dice Escape goals! Peace out!

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